Paul McCartney’s new album will probably be called ‘Egypt Station’

As Neil Finn once sang… now we’re getting somewhere! For the last week, Paul McCartney has been posting rather annoying ‘tease’ images on his instagram and twitter accounts, which appear to be to do with his long-awaited new album. Today at 5pm (BST) the apparent title was made clear. Macca’s new album will (almost certainly) be called Egypt Station!

Seems like a weird title but if you do a bit of digging, you will see that McCartney painted a picture called Egypt Station many years ago and signed lithographs were offered for sale.

A previous artwork of Paul’s called ‘Egypt Station’.

But that’s all we know… for now. I’m not sure anything else will ‘happen’ today, but if it does, SDE readers will be amongst the first to know. Check out the twitter animation below which has a ‘soundtrack’ too.


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[…] has so far been a bit of a shambles. A week of tedious teases on social media, ended up with a ‘reveal’ of the album name on Monday. But rather than then doing the sensible thing and announcing the album, the very next day […]


It’s all on Macca’s website, just don’t look at the vinyl prices…. £50 for the “deluxe edition” on coloured vinyl! Or £40 if you want the black vinyl deluxe, or £30 each for the peasants edition on black or coloured double vinyl. What is it with Macca, EMI and coloured vinyls? I so wanted to pre-order it but not at those prices. (These are for his own webstore, and don’t include P&P).

Adam Shaw

Listening to him on bbc radio 2 , usual type songs , IMO I think his voice is shot .
I’ve followed him from a child with my family but my era was the beginning of Wings , it’s enough now .


So if the new album is going to come out in the fall, then we have little chance of the next Archive releases coming this year. I would like to bet that more coloured vinyl/CD reissues will plug the gap, maybe prior to Christmas. I reckon they could be Memory Almost Full, Run Devil Run, Kisses on the Bottom (ones unlikely to get an Archive release) and the already Concord Archived Wings Over America. I think a single disc of the mono version of Ram is also a possibility, given them breaking out Thrillington from the Ram Superdeluxe. If mini-LPs of any of theses are produced in Japan, I can live with the delay.


One week ago on SDE fb,in response to a doodle, I said :”The Great Pyramid force field is active.”

Please, only doing my job…

Carl Myerscough

Paul McCartney will be speaking to Jo Whiley and Simon Mayo on their BBC Radio 2 show tomorrow (Wednesday 20th June) at some point between 5pm and 8pm. They teased it today but didn’t give any more info – so it might only be a couple of seconds and it might be recorded rather than live. Their show website for tomorrow states:- Sir Paul chats to Jo and Simon about his just announced new material, including songs ‘I Don’t Know’ and ‘Come On To Me’.


¿Who is producing the album?

Chris Brown

Greg Kurstin, except one track by Ryan Tedder (according to Paul McCartney.com)


At least Joni Mitchell and Tony Bennett can actually paint— ;->

Actually, glad to hear (see?) new music from the birthday boy -but would really like to see the album series continued too -we’ve spent a long time waiting….


Please re-read my last week message : Double A-Side single on the 20th of June.
Got it right !

Ben Williams

Two new songs tomorrow then, great stuff!

I see the single artwork is the picture, Egypt Station. Wonder what the album will be called?

Nick Love

It always kind of irks me when people use what the perceive as an exotic locale out of context because they think it seems cool. Was Paul inspired by the rich culture or people of Egypt while recording his new album? Probably not. I wonder if the Marrakech Express stops there?
There is an actual Egypt Station in Mississippi which had an important victory for the North in the US Civil War, but I’m going to guess by the logo that Paul was not referencing this.


It’s always exciting to get new (that is, original) music from Paul McCartney. The same goes for Bob Dylan (except he may have been lost forever to covering oldies).

Oliver Rose

I really love this site but I have noticed a massively heavy Macca bias :)

Richard Starkey

Well, that’s simply because the President & Chief Executive Officer of this blog loves The Beatles, as do 99% of us on here. But he loves many other great artists just as deeply and covers them all in depth with fairness and affection..!


I’m almost sure a double A-side single will be released/annonced tomorrow !

gary oliver

pyramid logo looks like an obvious T – shirt in waiting


Please note this album will be streaming only. A deluxe version will be released with a download code, a digital booklet and a reproduction of the painting on a cd sized card (no physical music content). The superdeluxe version will contain everything mentioned before, and in addition a one-sided seven inch with a 2 minute instrumental demo version of the title track. The seven inch will be available in 9 colours. You will not know which colour until you open the box. In Japan an alternative version of the demo will appear on limited edition shellac 78rpm disc. This is limited to 50 copies.


As I’m not on Twatter or Friendface I simply rely on being on Maccas email list for all my Macca related goodness.
Have I heard anything about this new album from the official source?
Of course not.



Same here Rik – guess we’re too old for this game ;-)


Today I have an eMail from Paul McCartney.com about the new album – yay!
Roll on the release!



It’s amazing how my clean opinion is more dangerous than the above comment, which clearly indicating vile, scummy language. My comments are censored and the one above gets through? I suppose it’s all about what you relate to… Solid opinions and evidenced debates, or a potty-mouthed, ill-educated idiot. Let’s see what happens…


Chitter… Happy memories of the final episode of The IT Crowd.

Steven Roberts

I do hope that painting isn’t the album cover!

Wonder how many lithographs he sold of that !?!


So let’s see. Album comes out in the summer or fall. Standard CD, double CD and an LP. Fast forward about 8 months and a new double CD release. Fast forward a further couple of years and another release with additional tracks.


Well you’ll know to wait then won’t you.


Referring to Gisabun there and not Paul.


The last album Mr Paul released that really thrilled me was Flowers In The Dirty which the deluxe box set I refused to buy for the reasons every Macca fan know about. Whatever he releases do not move me to spend my money anymore. This guessing game its just a big wast of time!

Ben Williams

You’re missing out on Flaming Pie, Chaos And Creation and NEW then because they are up there with his best work. Plus Electric Arguments has some really interesting things on it, you should check it out.


Exactly. Four really good albums there. Probably his best ones since Band on the Run.

Paul Mac

I think Flowers In The Dirty is a much better album name…. :)


Egypt? They looked shite in their first game. What about Tunisia or Morocco?



I wonder whether he has ever been to Iceland (the shop)?

Ben Williams

I was so sure Macca would release something today, especially as its his birthday!
But we are getting somewhere and I do like the title “Egypt Station”, it’s a bit like “Rubber Soul” or “Flaming Pie” in it’s seemingly random title.


Happy Birthday Macca.


Hmmm, back when we saw McCartney at Madison Square Garden in September 2017 our ticket purchase was supposed to include a CD copy of his new album. Wonder if they will still honor that with the new album on the horizon?


That is my hope too!