Paul Young Remixes and Rarities collection coming from Cherry Pop

Paul Young / Remixes and Rarities
Paul Young / Remixes and Rarities (Click to enlarge)

Cherry Red Records will issue a new Paul Young collection titled Remixes and Rarities, via their Cherry Pop imprint on 17 June 2013.

As the name suggests, this new 2CD collection will feature a selection many of Paul Young’s best-loved singles in their full length, extended remix form, along with other rarities such as B-sides and cassette-only long versions.

Highlights include, the full extended mix of US number one Every Time You Go Away (unreleased on CD outside Japan), the ‘US Dance Floor Smash’ version of I’m Gonna Tear Your Playhouse Down (remixed by John ‘Tokes’ Potoker) and other CD debuts such as the near-nine minute extended mix of album track I Was In Chains (previously only available on the cassette of The Secret Of Association) and the epic live version of No Parlez album cut, Oh Women (from the Love Of The Common People seven-inch double-pack and The Live Edition Japanese LP).

All in all, every 45 Paul Young released as a solo artist in the 1980s is featured on this set in remixed form. So while fans will delight at the rarities, it also doubles as a fantastic ‘hits’ collection representing the pop-soul singer’s most successful era.

At this point we need to hold our hands up and and declare an interest, since this compilation was conceived and compiled by SuperDeluxeEdition editor Paul Sinclair, for Cherry Red. This involvement will allow us to bring you the inside line on this set with some exclusive updates coming on this release between now and 17 June!

Paul Young’s Remixes and Rarities will come complete with a Japanese style collector’s ‘OBI’ strip and cover art true to the era.

Paul Young / Remixes and Rarities track listing:

CD 1

  1. Every Time You Go Away [Extended Mix]
  2. Wonderland [Milan Mix]
  3. Come Back And Stay [Scratch Mix]
  4. I’m Gonna Tear Your Playhouse Down [U.S. Dance Floor Smash]
  5. Why Does A Man Have To Be Strong [Extended Mix]
  6. Man In The Iron Mask
  7. Iron Out The Rough Spots [Extended Remix]
  8. Yours [Extended Club Mix]
  9. It’s Better To Have And Don’t Need [Live]
  10. Hot Fun [Extended Mix]
  11. I’m Gonna Tear Your Playhouse Down [Extended Remix]
  12. Everything Must Change [Instrumental Version]

CD 2

  1. Wherever I Lay My Hat (That’s My Home) [Extended Club Mix]
  2. Some People [Dub]
  3. Heaven Can Wait [12″ Version]
  4. Love Will Tear Us Apart [Full Length Version]
  5. Behind Your Smile [Live]
  6. Oh Women [Live]
  7. Tomb Of Memories [12″ Mix]
  8. Love Of The Common People [Extended Mix]
  9. Softly Whispering I Love You [Extended Mix]
  10. Sex [Extended Club Mix]
  11. Everything Must Change [Extended Remix]
  12. I Was In Chains (Extended Mix]

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[…] 1500 boxes come with a print SIGNED by Paul Young. After working with Cherry Red in 2013 on the Remixes and Rarities compilation, and then two years later with Sony on the Tomb of Memories anthology, in the last year […]

David McCallum

I think it’s just a case of a missing sticker – he sings about the same old infamous hotel lobby here and the lyric is printed. A censored version of this album would be a scandal.

[…] occasional ‘Remixes & Rarities’ releases (initiated by yours truly for the 2013 Paul Young set) this March with a two-CD collection featuring Liverpudlian new wave band A Flock Of Seagulls. […]


In anticipation of “Tomb Of Memories” which is still on the postal way to find me ;->, yesterday I also discovered the crackling noise on the Dub Mix when I was compressing the tracks to MP3.

I cut the affected samples out of the wav file and saved it again as mp3 -> issue solved.

It’s a pity that this was not discovered before the CDs were actually released, but if you read Paul’s “Behind the Scenes” feature to “Tomb Of Memories” you may become aware of some of the pitfalls when mastering and manufacturing a CD set like this.

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I just got the ‘Remixes and Rarities’ set (from Amazon UK) and must concur about a job well-done. My only regret is that I didn’t buy it sooner (due to an enjoyable backlog of music purchases) and missed out on the ‘obi’ strip. Had I known it would be removed so soon, I would have gladly added this to my music backlog back in the summer. Those of you who bought the compilation early on better hang on to those ‘obi’ strips as they’re probably collectible.

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I thought that it was a little damage on my cd with the shipping so yes a little crackling noise on the Dub but…. your cd is so perfect at 99.99%


There is an audio glitch on the dub of Some People at 3 minutes and 52 seconds like a crackling noise. Apart from that the rest of it sounds great.


I would like to know why this was released in the US a full two weeks before the UK where it’s supposed to be being released this Monday yet i keep getting the message We thought you should know that we’re experiencing a delay with your order. We apologise for any inconvenience. Please take note of the revised dispatch and delivery estimates marked in red below. I don’t know who wrote the product description on Amazon but they aren’t very good at researching stuff claiming that I’m Gonna Tear Your Playhouse Down , as remixed for the U.S. by John ‘Tokes’ Potoker has not appeared on CD before when it did on the Oh Girl CD single.

Steven Roberts

Wow! Long thread – excuse me if I’ve missed your response to this, but I’d like to reinforce a comment made by someone earlier…why not include the ORIGINAL 7″ version of Love of the Common People – which has NEVER appeared on CD – rather than the extended version which HAS appeared digitally?


Paul, you did a great job on this — mine just came today. Excellent job. Great to hear some of these mixes again … from vinyl and my cherished original No Parlez UK issue CD, which suffered from 80s CD mastering :). Glad you were involved. Tell Cherry Red you have our vote for working on future reissues! A quality package, quality liner notes, quality sound. If there are any flaws I haven’t heard them! Cheers!


I have the vinyl 12″ versions of Some people US RECORD and the dub version was on the B side … but I can’t wait to hear it on CD !!


Can’t wait to receive the CD I ordered it with AMAZON UK but it seems to be longer …. Philippe from PARIS


Hi Mike and Paul,

So If I understand, I’m one of the first to have your CD ???!!!
It’s because I bought it directly at Cherry Red and send cd 8-10 days before the official date release
I did the same for Other Voices deluxe last year and it’ll be the same for the Qtips on July

I listen your CD again and again and again
Each song is an explosion of sensation!!! and the Dub and “I was in Chains”it is a double explosion
Very very thanks for this remastering

hope you’ll do a Volume 2 and more of Paul Young

Denis ( France near Paris)

SDE Hall of Fame

Hi Denis – great to hear that you’re enjoying the new CD. Obviously it was put together with the fans in mind, so it’s fantastic to get good, positive feedback. Best, Paul


Still not here in uk :(

SDE Hall of Fame

A week tomorrow!


Dub of Some People is just fabulous huge I love it


I’m listen at this moment the cd : (now at the beginning of rought spots)

The sound is with an incredible purity never never heard before the sound of paul young like that, more more better the originals
and the beginning of everytime with the plane….

Your remastering is a JEWEL !!!!! I’m falling down !!!!!

Paul Sinclair you’re the best of the best !!!!! thanks very much

It’s remember me the same feeling on 1983 and 1985 when I heard for the first time “come back” and “Secret of ”




I have receive this morning the awaiting cd Remixes Rarities very nice cover and OBI I’ll listen it this afternoon and I’ll tell you what I think
Very very happy to have it !!!!!! it’s now my 322 th cd of Paul Young !


I just see on your facebook that you make a competition for winning a signed cd by paul young but I don’t use facebook or another….
do you make a competition on this site ?
thanks for your answer


A very good news for all :

my order of Remixes Rarities with Cherry Red directly was dispatched yesterday
so it’s really available now
and I’m very exited to receive it…..


We regret to inform you that the following items have been delayed as we are still awaiting stock from our suppliers :

Paul Young “Remixes And Rarities”
Estimated arrival date: July 04 2013 – July 13 2013


It isn’t out on the 17th June the release date has changed to the 8th July typical cherry red.


We are sunday 16th June … The double CD of Remixes and Rarities is out TOMORROW …For all the fans of PY … New album in 2013 ? 2014 ? …


The Potoker version on the Oh Girl CD single isn’t edited. In fact it’s 9 seconds longer.


The John Potoker’s remix of IGTYPD was already released on the CD SINGLE of “Oh Girl” in 1990 Catalog number YOUNG C5 … Track 2


Edited though.


I’ve always loved John ‘Tokes’ Potoker’s mix of IGTYPD. Definitely the best version. Will be glad to have it in CD quality finally, after all these years. I will be buying the CD just for this mix alone!
Paul, you sound as if you know your onions… Caring enough to source the master or clone tape copies (rather than using vinyl rips – that some other compilers have been guilty of doing); researching what mixes have been issued and not. I have high hopes for the excellent mastering. This can be where a lot of labels go awry. Well done!

SDE Hall of Fame

Thanks Damien… hope you enjoy it when it finally comes out.


You’re right… the full length version starts with bass and drums …


The track “love will tear us apart” Full Length Version”in the double Cd to be released …. what’s the timing of the song … is it a remix ? Never heard before ? Is it the LP version ?

SDE Hall of Fame

The timing is 5 minutes exactly. The version on the 25th No Parlez anniversary and various recent issues is 4:17 if I remember correctly. The ‘Full Length Version’ has a longer intro.


It’s will be great to have the CD version of Paul Young LIVE EDITION from Japan … If a record company read these lines … who knows …

SDE Hall of Fame

Was trying to get all the remaining not-on-cd tracks onto this compilation… unfortunately that wasn’t possible :(


Hi ! I’m a french fan for 30 years now and I’m still excited when something’s new from Paul Young appears .. This double CD of great remixes is a good news !! Still waiting the day of a REAL new album of PAUL … Somebody knows something ? Let me know !!! Philippe from Paris FRANCE


Interesting the comments re the NY mix of Some People as the edsel 2007 issue has gone oop in the last few weeks and prices are climbing for the set. That maybe the only mix oop after the issue of this set!

Todd R.

Having just picked up the various label reissues of NO PARLEZ and OTHER VOICES, I’m hoping for great attention to detail (Although I have to ask, why not the actual “New York Mix” of “Some People” rather than a dub?)
No Parlez is really the winner, especially for the surprisingly good demo take on Tears For Fears failure single (the first time it was released!) “Pale Shelter” I had to pull over in my car! However I was shocked at the use of a photo from THE CROSSING era used as the interior tray image – even though the liner notes (including PY’s quick passes at each track) take you all the way through his heyday. Really – there are so many versions of the cover, or the single images they could have used… sigh…

OTHER VOICES is just a plethera of gems for me – I was familiar with all the b-sides and non-album tracks from this one, so it’s almost as a new album :) Nicely done, even if most of the album is ignored in the liner notes for another jaunt through all of PY’s Sony career.

Still have to find a copy of BETWEEN TWO FIRES to complete my collection – one of my favorites for “Wonderland” and even “War Games”.

Thrilled for the 12″ collection idea. Looking forward to it all…

SDE Hall of Fame

The New York Mix of Some People has already been on CD. Edsel mislabelled it as the 12″ Mix on their reissue. This mix was the standard UK mix and the one used in the US, there were no others. So the Dub mix was chosen simply because it’s never been issued on CD.

I agree about the tray card. In fact Sony’s No Parlez reissue is horribly sloppy as far as the artwork and correct remix labelling goes.

Le Baron

One more Paul Young track missing on CD.
The version of the track ‘Between two Fires” which appears on the ”Wonderland” 12” is almost one minute longer than the album version (4’38 instead of 3’48), although it is credited nowhere as being an extended version.
One more thank for this fantastic future release to come…can’t wait !!
Regards from Paris!


Pre-ordered this one and happy about the extensive track list and attention to detail and sound quality. Keep up the good work!


Wondered if that was true with some people, good detective work. Love dubs, so couldnt care if it has 20 minutes of outro, bring it on!


I’m very happy with your choice (Dub Mix)! Hihi, I’m a collector. So I like all the every mix/version of the songs I like! Of course original 80’s remixes, no live nor re-recording! Especially never released on CD ones :D If possible in the future releases vol2 or vol3 perhaps the other Dubs, better the unreleased mixes!


@Paul, thanks for your reply. I just can’t find a sample/preview of yours 3:51 version. I really hope it’s an early fade! Then i can edit it myself ;)

I’ve got I’m Gonna Tear Your Playhouse Down ya ya mix=us remix=us dance floor smash from oh girl uk cd single YOUNGC5 a few years back.

Now i strongly believe they had mislabelled some people new york mix as 12″ mix (according the sites like discogs.com there was no 12″ mix, only steve thompson & michael barbiero new york mix & dub) and the single mix/version probably mislabelled as new york mix on the demon/edsel reissue. So i’m happy with your choice: dub. I have to dig out my cd to relisten! Correct me if i’m wrong!

SDE Hall of Fame

That was the logic behind the dub version of “Some People” – it does seem like Esdel used the ‘New York Mix’ but labelled it the 12″ mix. As you say they then used the 7″ version and called it “New York Mix”. So the Dub mix definitely hasn’t been on CD. The only downside is that it IS a dub mix, so you don’t get that much vocal. And the last 90 seconds or so are extremely tedious, with little more than a rhythm track ‘playing’ out until the end. It is however RARE and a REMIX, so it pretty much fits the bill! :) Interestingly, we had the very original master tape for this (which we baked) and it was labelled “dub#3” which suggests a few different dub mixes were created at the time, but only one released.


So are all the cassette mixes from secret of association cd and is there a cd in existence of the cassette of secret, like no parlez?

SDE Hall of Fame

No. Secret of Association was never available on CD with the long versions. So “I Was In Chains” Extended Mix is unique to the cassette. “Hot Fun” (Extended Mix) did end up on the B-side of a 12″ (not labelled as the remix), but never on CD.


Great looking release!! Will be getting this for sure. Any chance we might one day get a proper release for Streetband? And does anyone know about new music from Paul? I had read he was in the studio (his website is poorly run with few updates)

SDE Hall of Fame

Thanks! I know Cherry Red are reissuing the first Q Tips record in July… I could see them doing Streetband, possibly. Paul told me this morning that he is revamping his website soon, so stay tuned for that! I believe he’s working on new stuff, but don’t know more than that.


Thank you for the info and time. Best of luck with the release!

Carina Ortengren

Hi Paul! Great job, still missing “Yours” 3:51 (single version) and “Broken Man” live from The Live Edition (Japan). Is Paul’s Christmas message included in the instrumental version of “Everything must Change” ?

Many thanks! Carina

SDE Hall of Fame

Hi there! Out of interest, the single version of “Yours” wasn’t released in the UK (the 7″ also had the long version). Tried to get all the tracks from The Live Edition that haven’t been on CD before on this release (“Wherever I Lay My Hat” from it has been on CD) but there were some licensing issues with Broken Man and I Close My Eyes and Count To Ten, which is why they didn’t make it. Paul’s Christmas message is indeed included, although not shouting about that because wanted it to be a bit of a surprise! Hope you enjoy it!

Eric Vernooij

Pleased to see the “Scratch mix” of Come Back And Stay is on there too. There is an extended version on the 2CD edition of No Parlez, but the scratching sound is inexplicably missing from that version.

I hope this will be huge, as I would like more artist compilations specifically dedicated to the 12″ versions I love so much. In my collection, greatest hits compilations with just some long versions tacked on invariably get shelved and used only as library discs, while comps with a whole bunch of long mixes get played and played and played.

Now that the Pet Shop Boys have left Parlophone this would be the perfect opportunity (heh) for their 12 inch back catalogue to be anthologized. Just a random thought that I hope will get read by someone who has the power to pull that off.

SDE Hall of Fame

I’m glad you’re pleased about the ‘Scratch Mix’ because quite a few people dislike that version. However because that mix wasn’t used on the 2008 reissue and because it was only released in the UK on the original CD almost 30 years ago, it would have been silly NOT to go with this version. The mixes are quite similar, although the Extended Club Mix is about 30 seconds shorter.

Thanks for your encouragement. I hope it will be huge too :) Would love to do more, as you suggest. PSB would be a dream.

Mark Thompson

Can’t wait to own this cd.The art work looks fantastic
complete with obi strip…brilliant ! Virtually every remix/extended version accounted for ..thank you very much Paul ….

SDE Hall of Fame

Thanks Mark! I can’t stop playing the US Mix of “Playhouse” on the reference CDs I have from the mastering session. Such a great remix. Hope you get much listening pleasure from this set!


There was an immediate buzz in the air upon hearing the news of this release. I am so looking forward to this. Plus, to learn of your involvement in this release is fantastic and and I take my hat off to you. May it be the first of many! :)

Propaganda’s “1234” on Virgin would be my personal suggestion for a future SDE.

Keep up the good work, Paul.


SDE Hall of Fame

Thanks Carty! (Apologies for the late reply). I’ve really appreciated all the positive vibes regarding this release. Talking to Paul Young for the booklet recently has been the icing on the cake. Seems an obvious thing to do, to try and get memories / opinions from the artist on their work as part of the package, but not that many reissues have this. best, Paul


Nice compilation. But do you have any additional info’s like tracks durations, whether tracks unreleased, first time on CD, etc

And how about Yours 3:51 (unreleased on CD)? Is it possible for you to put this on? Many thanks. I definitely will buy this only for the Cassette only Extended Mixes or first time on CD mixes :P live tracks I don’t care much ;)

SDE Hall of Fame

Thanks! I will add the durations to the post. Pretty sure “Yours” is just an early fade of the five minute version..so not really a high priority to be honest, but you’re right it is unreleased on CD. Maybe we’ll do a volume 2?


I’m a big fan from Melbourne Australia and would like to know how I can get a copy?

SDE Hall of Fame

I think you just have to order from amazon.co.uk – I believe they should ship to Australia… Thanks and good luck.


Got to agree about the fabulous sleeve. Always loved that cover, from its use in the 1980s…there was a full-page ad for it (probably Record Mirror) at the time, which looked very striking. Makes a change from the endless, soft-focus headshots we get on all the cheap PY compilations!