Pet Shop Boys / “Love Is A Bourgeois Construct”: 9-track CD single


The Pet Shop Boys release a second single from their well-received album Electric on 30 September 2013.

Love Is A Bourgeois Construct is being issued as a limited edition 9-track CD single, as Vocal was back in July. That CD is already hard to get hold, so these do seem to be genuinely limited.

Unlike Vocal, the Love Is A Bourgeois Construct CD single has a couple of new tracks – namely Entschuldigung! and Get It Online – to go with all the remixesThis comes in a gatefold CD wallet, and is likely to be consistent with Vocal and have an inner wallet too. The packaging is relatively lavish compared to the recent EMI releases.

Track listing: 

  • 1. Love Is A Bourgeois Construct (Nighttime Radio Edit)
  • 2. Entschuldigung!
  • 3. Get It Online
  • 4. Love Is A Bourgeois Construct (The Penelopes Remix)
  • 5. Love Is A Bourgeois Construct (Claptone Remix)
  • 6. Love Is A Bourgeois Construct (Little Boots Discothèque Edit)
  • 7. Love Is A Bourgeois Construct (Dave Audé Big Dirty Dub)
  • 8. Love Is A Bourgeois Construct (Claptone Instrumental)
  • 9. Love Is A Bourgeois Construct (Little Boots Discothèque Dub)


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Sorry Marko, gotta agree to disagree. For me “Thursday” is the worst track on the album. Blatant rewrite of “Love Comes Quickly”. Still, variety is good!


Yes, I know that a lot of people like LIABC. I don’t like that type of sound. Anyway, Electric is a pretty good album (except LIABC & Shouting In The Evening). ‘Elysium’ is also a very good album, but a lots of people hate this album. I think this is matter of taste. For me, best Pet Shop Boys album ever is ‘Please (especially Love Comes Quickly)’, second ‘Behaviour’ and on third place is ‘Actually’. But, everyone has the right not to agree with this my statement. This is only a matter of taste.


it’s great to see a band continuing to release CD singles with bonus tracks.

shame you can get the remixes of “axis” only on the Japanese album edition, though…


Great track, good choice fo a single. Too bad that the other single edit (daytime radio edit) is only ‘available’ on promo’s


Pre-order this single from amazon, but I cancelled my order when i hear these two new b-sides. Not happy with that single anyway. This is probably the worst track from new album and bad choice for new single (for me, better option is ‘Thursday’). This item will be cost around £50 in just a few weeks after release, because this is limited CD single. Just like ‘Vocal’ CD single. Great news is that these two b-sides is probably will be released on future compilaton of B-sides 15 years from now. We have ‘Alternative & Format’, so this compilation will be probably called ‘Remains’). There is always one new word in all PSB albums or compilations (Please, Actually, Behaviour,…)


A great track from a great album.
I’m glad there’s a bit more variety on this one. Even as a huge fan, I found the “Vocal” disc tough going.
Will be definitely attempting to get a hold of one of these.