Pet Shop Boys officially announce details of The Pop Kids single


Following the unfortunate previous misinformation about the Pet Shop Boys forthcoming single The Pop Kids, SDE is pleased to confirm the correct track listing, as published by the band this morning…

The single is due in March and the good news is that there will be a CD version (we got that right, at least…) with a digital bundle also available. The track listing is as follows:

  1. The Pop Kids (radio edit)
  2. In bits
  3. One-hit wonder
  4. The Pop Kids (PSB deep dub)
  5. The Pop Kids (The full story)

The Pop Kids was produced and mixed by Stuart Price. The ‘PSB deep dub’ and ‘The full story’ (echoing ‘The Full Horror’ title of the Suburbia single in ’86) are remixes by Pet Shop Boys including additional vocals and, in the case of “The full story”, an extra verse which brings the story of The Pop Kids up to the present.

In bits was produced and mixed by Stuart Price. One-hit wonder was produced by Pet Shop Boys and mixed by Pete Gleadall and is a new version of an instrumental track Tennant and Lowe originally wrote in late 1981. They remade it in 2014 as the theme for a Berlin online TV music show, The One-Hit Parade, and this is the first time the full track has been released.

A remix of The Pop Kids by MK (Marc Kinchen) will also be released on digital-only on March 18th with a vinyl 12” single following later in March.

The Pop Kids is released on 18 March and BBC Radio 2’s Ken Bruce will give it a first play on Tuesday 16 Feb. The SUPER album is released on 1 April 2016.


No pre-orders available yet for The Pop Kids, but the details for SUPER are below.


CD Edition


Vinyl LP


1. Happiness
2. The Pop Kids
3. Twenty-something
4. Groovy
5. The Dictator Decides
6. Pazzo!
7. Inner Sanctum
8. Undertow
9. Sad Robot World
10. Say It To Me
11. Burn
12. Into Thin Air

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Colonel Parker

@ jan burnett
JPC also offers it as a colored vinyl version:

Marcel Rijs

@Kauwgompie : the Japanese version of Electric featured two bonus tracks, two remixes of Axis. Still available on cdjapan and ebay, so you’re in luck. It’s a great album.

jan burnett

Amazon Italy had listed the vinyl album as coloured vjnyl, but I’ve not seen it listed anywhere else as this. mistake?


Glad to see there’s a CD single coming out. PSB will have to step it up to compete with New Order, though, as they are about to release their THIRD CD single from the Music Complete album.

Jakob Rehlinger

I’ve purchased the digital-only b-side mixes before and then burned them onto a CD-R that I filed with my regular CDs. For the grand total cost of $5 or whatever, not terrible but seemingly also pointless and a tad annoying. Not sure I’ll do it again unless the remix is astounding.

Not bothered there isn’t a bonus disc from the outset. Perhaps they’ll release a double CD version with a colour variant cover later on like they did with Yes. They may as well as they’re welcome to all my monies.


yes, jakob I do the same, when there are additional mixes (for example: thursday,winner..) better than nothing..

Jack the Lad

Deluxe editions with bonus discs are always nice but I much prefer a bunch of physical CD singles and vinyls with radio edits, mixes, proper B-sides. That’s how it was done in good old times and that’s how it should be in my opinion.


Track 12 of the album ‘Into Thin Air’ is unlikely for the UK pressing, since it is listed as japanese only bonus track for the release.


Glad to see that there will be a CD single, and that there will be two B-sides. But I still think that “digital exclusives” (like the Marc Kinchen remix) for an act like PSB is a bit silly. Just release a deluxe CD version of the album and include the stuff not on the physical formats there. I think most PSB fans want everything on physical formats – I know I would not even buy an exclusive B-side as a digital!


Looks like a nice tracklist – 2 additional mixes (version) by Neil + Chris themselves, a radio edit that should be different to the album version + 2 bonustracks. Should be money well spent.
Wish other bands would take a note of this (hello Depeche Mode, New Order,…) and reconsider their questionale release policies.


I doubt there will be since it hasn’t already been announced. The most recent bonus disc, Elysium instrumentals, was hardly worth paying more for – I’d rather have one of worthwhile content than just filler.


Yes I know it looks like there won’t be any bonus material which is a real shame. Agreed that the instrumentals on Elysium were hardly worth it. They really couldn’t come up with anything else? Looked like the PSB were happy to fulfill their obligation to the label and didn’t want to provide any B sides. But a couple of remixes would have been nice.


Most of the later PSB albums were released with a limited edition bonus disc (well, not always so limited but that’s a different story). In fact since Very, all their albums were released with a ltd ed. bonus disc except for Battleship Potemkin and The Most Incredible Thing. Later even the earlier albums were re-issued with a bonus disc through the “Further Listening” series. Since they switched to a new label and released “Electric”, for the first time there was no bonus disc. I found that very disappointing and decided not to buy the album. Now they are releasing their new album Super. Is there any indication that there will be a bonus disc provided Paul? I really do hope so. As a collector, I don’t like to buy regular releases without any additional tracks or bonus material.


@Kauwgompie: The japanese version of the electric album has 2 bonustracks: Axis (Boys Noize Remix+Dub) but yes, no bonus disc.