Pick of Record Store Day releases 2016


a-ha / Hits South America (12-inch vinyl)

Five previously unreleased live tracks: The Blood That Moves The Body (Live), Manhattan Skyline (Live), You Are The One (Live), Stay On these Roads (Live) and Hunting High And Low (Live).

Alanis Morissette / The Demos 1994-98 (coloured vinyl)

Ten Alanis Morissette demos (presumably disc two of the Jagged Little Pill reissue) on translucent spatter vinyl.


Alan Partridge / Knowing Me Knowing You (picture disc)

The early BBC radio shows were some of the funniest Alan Partridge material. This sees their debut on vinyl – picture disc no less. Back of the net!


Bryan Ferry / The Island Singles 1973-76 (seven-inch box set)

Six Bryan Ferry seven-inch singles taken from the albums These Foolish Things, Another Time, Another Place and Let’s Stick Together with replica European picture sleeves and on heavyweight vinyl.


David Bowie / TVC15 (seven-inch pic disc)

The Bowie 40th anniversary reissues continue with TVC15. This features the original single edit of the A-side and the 2010 Harry Maslin mix single edit of Wild Is The Wind on the B-side.


David Bowie / The Man Who Sold The World (12-inch pic disc)

Bowie‘s 1970 album as a 12-inch picture disc using the German sleeve design.


Creedence Clearwater Revival / Archive Box

1969 Archive Box (3LP+3CD+3×7” box set)


Fleetwood Mac / The Alternate Tusk (2LP)

The alternate version of the 1979 Fleetwood Mac album on double vinyl. This was debuted on CD on last year’s Tusk super deluxe edition.


Frankie Goes To Hollywood / Rage Hard (12-inch coloured vinyl)

The fifth single by Frankie Goes to Hollywood in its “The Making Of A 12-inch” on 12-inch purple vinyl. Limited Edition of 2500 numbered copies, with just 800 copies available in the UK.


Giant Sand / The Sun Set vol 1 (8x 12-inch vinyl box)

First of three vinyl boxes. This contains six albums across eight records set in hardboard slipcase with booklet, includes downloads. Includes: “Ballad Of A Thin Blue Man” (1986), “Blurry Blue Mountain’”(2010), “Center Of The Universe” (1992), “Chore Of Enchantment” (2000), “Glum” (1994) and “Goods And Services” (1995).


Grace Jones / Private Life + She’s Lost Control (12-inch vinyl)

Black vinyl 12-inch. Contains Private Life (Long & Dub Version) / She’s Lost Control (Long & Dub Version)


Jethro Tull – Too Old To Rock ‘n’ Roll: Too Young To Die! (12-inch vinyl)

The Steven Wilson Stereo Mix of the album on vinyl.


John Williams / Star Wars: The Force Awakens (10-inch pic disc)

Limited edition picture disc 10-inch picture disc of two tracks from the score of The Force Awakens.


Lush / Origami (5LP coloured vinyl box)

Contains Spooky (1992), Split (1994) and Lovelife (1996) as well as their compilations Gala (1990) and Topolino (1996). According to the RSD site (but not on the 4AD one) this will also include “a download album of previously unheard home demos”.


Madonna / Like A Virgin and Other Big Hits (12-inch coloured vinyl)

LP Reissue Madonna‘s 1984 Japanese EP with Obi Strip on pink vinyl. Track listing for this is Like A Virgin (Extended Dance Mix), Holiday, Lucky Star (Extended Dance Remix) and Borderline (Extended Dance Remix).


Manic Street Preachers / A Design For Life (12-inch vinyl)

This limited edition single with copper, mirrored sleeve features artwork by Mark Farrow. Side A features A Design for Life and the excellent Dead Trees and Traffic Islands, while on side B is Stealth Sonic Orchestra’s remix of A Design For Life along with Mr. Carbohydrate. This signals a 20th anniversary edition of Everything Must Go.


Matthew Sweet / Good Friend (2LP pink vinyl)

Sweet’s alternative take on Girlfriend is issued on just 1000 or 4000 numbered copies (depending on where you read about it) and pressed on pink vinyl. Just 300 copies will be available in the UK, apparently.

DEMREC148 Sweet&Hoffs vol 2 packshot

Matthew Sweet and Susanna Hoffs / Under The Covers vols 1,2,3 

Translucent blue, yellow and purple vinyl respectively


The Monkees / Classic Album Collection (10LP coloured vinyl box)

Massive 10LP coloured vinyl set (various Colours). Includes nine studio albums singles/rarities album.


The Monkees / Saturday’s Child – You Just May Be The One

This looks to be a US-only logo-shaped picture disc.


Neneh Cherry / Buffalo Stance (12-inch picture disc)

Issued on a picture disc 12″ with the extended version of Buffalo Stance, backed with the David Morales “A Little More Puerto Rican” mix of single Kisses On The Wind.

DEMREC159 Simple Minds 3D

Simple Minds / Big Music Tour 2015 (2LP coloured vinyl)

RSD double LP is pressed on red vinyl. Limited to 2,500 copies.


Soft Cell / Sex Dwarf (coloured vinyl 12-inch)

Pressed on pink vinyl, this 12-inch brings together the full-length album version plus the 1982 ‘Non Stop Ecstatic Dancing’ and 2007 The Grid remixes.


Squeeze / Goodbye Girl (seven-inch coloured vinyl)

A yellow-vinyl seven-inch of the 1978 single.


Thompson Twins / Set (2LP)

Red vinyl 2LP reissue. Bonus LP contains In The Name Of Love (12inch Dance Mix), Runaway (12inch Extended Mix), Bouncing (Extended Mix)
and In The Name Of Love (Big Value Version – Synthesized Version).

DEMRECBOX09-Pack Shot-web

UK Subs / The GEM Singles Box (8 x 7-inch pic discs)

Exclusive 7^ picture disc box set

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[…] The Liverpool vinyl LP reissue comes out on 20 May 2016. A Rage Hard coloured vinyl 12-inch is released on Saturday 16 April for Record Store Day. […]


Alot of cute stuff.
Probably buy the Doors 3-LP and Emmylou Harris 3-LP sets. Some interesting 7″ singles to throw some more money at too.

Julian H

What about the double vinyl of Status Quo’s “Rockin’ All Over the World Remixed”?


And there is another great ZTT reissue by Music On Vinyl…
808 State’s Pacific on a 12inch compiling various versions:

A1. PACIFIC – 202
B1. PACIFIC – 303


in case anyone was wondering ‘the pye singles’ by David Bowie is US only. Will have to get mine fleabay :(


From what I understood, FGTH’s Rage Hard version is the 17+min “(✚) (✚✚) ✪” mix…
…a mix previously unreleased on vinyl!




Ive been going to record store day since its inception and its true many of the items will be sold out and will end up on eBay. However if one uses patience most of those items will eventually drop in price.


So far, meh. Seems lackluster in comparison to the past few years. Hopefully the list grows some.


For me, the Bowie TMWSTW picture disc – but I can’t do RSD, and by the time I get to the stores on Mon 4/18 – that’s gonna be long gone (and relocated to eBay at 5X the price).
Just as well I suppose, because I don’t like pic-discs in those plastic sleeves. I far prefer them packaged in the die cut cardboard sleeves. Still – there really should be a one of each item per customer rule for RSD.


The spirit of the original Record Store Day (special issue records sold in privately-owned retail shops to drive customers to come on out and re-discover browsing for music in a retail environment.

Now it’s nothing but a ripoff. You can stand in line all you want in my city, which still has several record stores, some an entire city block. It doesn’t matter what time I get there, standing in the rain and cold and every minutes that passes when you select one store to start with, by the time you hit the other 5-6 participating stores, they’ve been picked clean and/or some of the offerings have been swept up by greedy folks who then profit off of it by selling it on eBay or Discogs. It’s counter-productive to the original cause.

And that’s why you will never see me at another RSD. I’ll do better at hitting eBay all day and searching for the two items I’m interested in and try to “Buy it Now” before things get more sparsely available and every seller starts to inch toward the stratosphere by jacking up prices even further. Tell me. How is this helping retails record stores? It no longer does. They get some items, put them out for sale at extremely normal and realistic prices. Only to have those very items end up on eBay before the day is done, price-inflated 10-fold.

Just say no to items sold on eBay. Harder than it sounds, I know. But the price wars would end if we all stood our ground, which I know would be fairly impossible. I’m done with RSD.

Anthony C

I’ve complained to RSD about this before and they have in the past forced eBay to remove all items listed before their release – it will be interesting to see if they do it this time.

It’s sad as this ruins the credibility of RSD.


In fact, a quick scan on ebay and many of these are on there already!!
Who can be sure that they will have the item – unless its the Record store listing already?! Clearly just there to screw us and make a tidy sum :-(


Spot on Alan Bain and a few others.

I used to collect tons of records, indeed still have most of it, and am now at an age where more income allows me to perhaps spend more on a hobby. But after wasting a morning a couple of years ago getting nothing, what is the point – the stuff will be on ebay within hours of the stores opening and we will get ripped off. What’s to stop the stores keeping stock and selling on ebay to make themselves more money if ebay dealers will?
This type of day is a huge rip off and completely fails to excite in the way it should – no casual buyer will discover something and get into it when they can’t get their hands on what they want.

Alan Wilson

What a lot of people still don’t realise is that the Record Store Day items that don’t sell on the day are listed online the following Saturday (at midnight), and what’s even more surprising is you can find pretty much most of the items still available to buy at stock prices.

I’ve also found a decent haul of my items on European independent sites, in particular Sweden, Germany, France etc, you just have to know where to look. Another good source has been the different Amazon sites, a surprising one, but yes people do list them at near enough the local shop stock prices or even cheaper, but you have to be quick and have an eager eye to spot them.

I read stories year after year about how people didn’t get what they wanted when they waited in the queue then rush over to Ebay to pay x amount times the price because they think that’s the only way to get the items. Hopefully I’ve opened your eyes a bit to other methods to help you along the way.

It’s great to have all these options as backups (that’s how I use them), I’m one of those ever present at around 04:00am outside my local shop chatting with other people with similar interests and experiences about music, it’s actually good fun if you can try not to think about some of the prices too hard.


hope its correct Rob, as I noticed the PYE singles is on the US record store day release but not on the UK.
There are 7500 copies apparently. the US did have its own RSD bowie exclusive before I think

Rob Wilcock

edward, regarding the David Bowie Pye recordings, http://www.nme.com/news/various-artists/92128 says they will be released.


Great to see the Alternative Tusk getting a vinyl release – wonder how it will be packaged compared to the original Tusk. Really worth getting if you’re an FM fan or didn’t get the deluxe edition last year. It really is a fantastic version of the album.

Incidentally, Fleetwood Mac News on Twitter are getting a petition together to get Tango and Mirage reissued as remastered deluxe editions…… about bloody time!!!! 2017 will be the 30th and 35th anniversaries of both respectively.


I agree 100% with what Alan Bain in the UK has to say about Record Store Day 2016 and RSD in general. I would have to say that the RSD prices are just as bad here in the US as well as, the major and indie labels being just as greedy. Unfortunately, RSD has devolved into a money grab and rip-off for record/CD fans like myself from the labels, certain record stores, and 2nd Hand Sellers/Dealers who sell these collectables on Ebay at a premium. I refuse to pay any of those prices and haven’t for several years. Not what RSD was originally created for by the founders !


exactly. the problem is the limited edition items. straight onto ebay. if the items were available in larger numbers, i.e. not limited at all, there would be hardly any point them going onto ebay – and more people would go and queue to get items. as it is, I’m not spending hours lining up, to not get anything I want.


Well, at the moment, I find this rather disappointing… I don’t know If I’m getting old, but I was wondering for some things more… rare?! Unreleased? surprising?…


I waited three hours in a (badly-controlled) line outside my nearest independent record store last year because I wanted a few items. By the time I got in, all the good stuff had gone (including my wants) so I left feeling that I had wasted a whole Saturday morning with nothing to show for it. As a vinyl collector, I love the idea of the special releases, but let me order/pledge it through a website and then I get what I want and the record company gets what they want. There are a few items here I would love to get my hands on but I’ll probably have to wait until some eBay seller puts it up for a small fortune…!

RSD can get knotted, in my opinion!

My 2p’s worth.


does anyone know if the UK is getting the other David Bowie vinyl release ‘The PYE singles’?
I can only see it listed on the US RSD list, hope its not a US exclusive

Mr. Ska '57

I refused to pay $15 for the Batman 7-inch last time around. I waited a few months until it was
marked down to $7.

Julian Hancock

There are a number of items that would persuade me to travel to a record shop if a) that was the only place I could buy them and b) I knew that my local shop would have it. But given that isn’t the case I will wait and see if it shows up on eBay, which rather defeats the object of the exercise, at least in my case.


Sex Dwarf 12” better late than never.


I’m curious to know if the Thompson Twins is remastered from tapes. The terrible Edsel CD pictured the master tape boxes in the booklet but the CD was clearly a very bad vinyl remaster. This album deserves more respect, as it is the 2nd best TT album, only behind Quick Step and Side Kick.


Totally missed the Madonna release

Cannot wait for the manics release

Andrew Mogford

I hate record store day. It should be about encouraging vinyl sales but instead all these end up in the hands of opportunist sellers making fortunes on eBay and Amazon :(

The only record store day release I ever got was the say say say 12″ last year and I had to pay £50 for it :(

I really want the Muse Reapers 7″ picture disc but won’t stand a chance of getting one :(

Anthony C

I think year after year Record Store day gets worse and more irrelevant.

What is the point of producing a whole load of overpriced rubbish!

This initiative was to get people into stores, but this will yet again put people off. All this does is force collectors to keep spending money on over-inflated collections. A casual purchaser isn’t going to stumble across a new release and think, “that’s cool, I think I will buy that”, this certainly is NEVER going to happen.

Effort has certainly been made on the A-ha 12inch. The Frankie 12inch is a desperate attempt to make something already available a little more interesting and the Thompson Twins LP re-issue is nonsense and such as wasted opportunity!

The product managers are clearly inexperienced idiots!


Duran Duran and Warner could also release for RSD something from Notorious era, since it is the 30th anniversary of that album.

Peter Yarrow

Ian Brown Solarized on vinyl (at last) is top of my list, but I have quite a long wish list so an expensive RSD for me this year


In the US, price on the Frankie 12″ is $23 before tax. No doubt a cool item, pressed on purple vinyl. Such a high price though! I am one of those who still has the original 12″. I should be someone buying this stuff, but at that price, I’ll let someone else pick it up. I believe the list price on the original release was $4.98. I know this was ages ago – but $23 in 2016? This is getting into full LP pricing. $9 to $12 would make more sense – would feel like import pricing back in the day at the more expensive shops. Always fun to stop in a store on RSD and enjoy the vibes – hey, there are loads of people in the record again! Event hough its a bunch of 40+ year olds and resellers. Happy Record Store Day all!


I thought they would have released the never released 11 minute version of Bowie’s Blackstar on a 12″ picture disc. They missed a trick there.

Alan Bain

Here we go again. The RSD rip off will be in full swing. Over priced random items released for no reason other than to make a fast buck – mostly for the Ebay sellers.

I’m convinced RSD is responsible for the huge increase in price we experienced for 7 inch vinyl/pictures discs a few years ago. They were selling for £1.99 to £2.50. RSD started selling their singles for £5/£6/£7 and guess what? The record buying public “bought it” and the precedent was sent and the record companies could fleece those remaining who still buy physical products for a few quid more. All of a sudden the “normal release” singles started to sell for the same price and have been creeping up ever since. Or maybe there was a period of rampant inflation I missed.

I am the sort of person RSD is aimed at but I want nothing to do with it. It should be about encouraging more people to buy physical records. Instead we get limited editions at over inflated prices that end up in the hands of Ebay sellers. They should release as many copies as demand dictates. Guess what? They will sell more records!


Wonder if the Grace Jones 12″ means there’s a Warm Leatherette reissue coming up…

(then again the Roxy Music reissue hasn’t happened yet… still checking eBay for the “Ladytron” disc…)

Craig Hedges

Paul, You should’ve titled this ‘Coming to EBay soon!’

I’d love the TVC15 disc but I’m guessing those won’t make it to the shelves.


Yay! A Thompson Twins RSD item! Will this be worldwide or just UK?


Any informations about the Creedence Boxset and the tracklist of Born to Boogie?


I don’t care for vinyl, but I gotta have that Monkees logo-shaped single!

Rob Wilcock

HS – the official website does not say whether it is a strictly limited release so you might be in luck…


Thanks Rob – fingers crossed then :)


want SET so bad.


There is something for everyone on that list. Aside from marking out Fleetwood Mac, The Monkees & Matthew Sweet, I noticed:

Christy Moore – Paddy On The Road; First re-release of his debut since the original 500 LP run of 1968
Field Music – Field Music; Their debut reissued.
The Idle Race – Idle Race; The Second Album, will go well with the 2014 RSD issue of the first album
Micky Dolenz – Chance of a Lifetime / Livin’ On Lies; 7 inch single, worth supporting the guys at 7a Records
The Move – Something Else by The Move; I’d love a proper vinyl reissue of all 4 Move albums, but this live collection will do in the meantime!
Regina Spektor – Begin To Hope; Appears to be just a first vinyl issue of a great album.


Great to see a Madonna product on RSD, I think this is the first time. I did expect to see something from Pet Shop Boys though, especially since they have a new single and album coming out.

I´ll be trying to get my hands on the Madonna EP, even though I have the original (which a was regular black vinyl). I saw somewhere that there will 4.500 copies made, so it might be tricky to get a copy with all these Madonna collectors out there.


It’s not that surprising really. The chances of a new Duran Duran single getting played on the radio or making the Top 40 are, I expect, somewhat limited which probably explains why they haven’t bothered to release any physical singles from their last couple of albums.


Or maybe that unreleased 12″ mix of “A View to a Kill”. If there was ever something crying out for a RSD release!

Chris Bernhardt

Or a lp that contains those great early b-sides would make too much sense for RSD.


I fancy the Bowie items and also the coloured vinyl Air 12″ Casanova 70

Jorje Chica

The US RSD list is much weaker than the UK one, as usual. Sigh…

Darren Briscoe

Sex Dwarf! YES!!!!!!!

Auntie Sabrina

Sex Dwarf for me. What a video that was…


Think I’ll just be getting the Madonna EP and Gerard Way 7″, shame Marilyn Manson is cassette and not vinyl, otherwise I’d get that too.

Colin H

The Earth vinyl 7″ of Bert Jansch’s 1979 non-album single ‘Black Birds of Brittany’, with a previously unreleased period track on the B-side and new artwork tying it in beautifully to the new artwork created for Earth’s recent deluxe vinyl edition of Bert’s 1979 bird-themed album ‘Avocet’ is also worth drawing attention to.

Personally, I’ll also be on the lookout for Music On Vinyl’s Focus single, combining both the US and European versions of ‘Hocus Pocus’ for the first time.

José Ramón

Don’t forget the James live 1992 acoustic for Greenpeace LP!

don cooper

Monkees for moi.Then Born to Boogie coloured vinyl dbl.

elliott buckingham

interested in the frankie and madonna

Mike the Fish

Any idea what’s extra on Set? I haven’t found any info.

Mike the Fish

Thanks, Paul.

Billy G

Thompson Twins Roll Over withdrawn 7″ from 1985 would have been brill