DEALS / Italians do it better


Some excellent prices right now on Amazon Italy, for in demand music box sets from the likes of Bowie, The Rolling Stones and Bob Dylan, plus some picks from 2016, including Fleetwood Mac and Alex Harvey

David Bowie / Who Can I Be Now? 1974-1976 box set

David Bowie / Who Can I Be Now 1974-1976 (13LP vinyl box) – £143


The Rolling Stones in Mono box set

The Rolling Stones in Mono (15CD box) – £89



Bob Dylan / The 1966 Live Recordings (36CD box) – £66


John Coltrane / Mono vinyl box

John Coltrane / Atlantic Years in Mono (6LP+7″ vinyl box) – £88 (save £36)



Fleetwood Mac / Mirage super deluxe edition – £39



Bruce Springsteen / The Album Collection, Vol 1 1973-1984 (8LP vinyl) – £87



Chicago / Quadio 9-disc blu-ray audio 5. 1 box set – £58



Alex Harvey / Last Of The Teenage Idols (14 disc super deluxe) – £78



Temple of the Dog (super deluxe) – £70



Free / Fire And Water (half-speed vinyl remaster – £25



Lou Reed / The RCA & Arista Album Collection (CD box) – £82


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I grabbed the deal for the Chicago box. It seems the price has gone up/down a euro or so recently so I cannot tell how good the price is, but the box may go OOP and those copies will be much more expensive than this deal. That matters more than the price dropping 20 euros on a 30-minute deal that I’d miss anyway.


Does anyone still can get the Bowie Boxset via Amazon.it ? When I click on the link it’s 210€

Danny Gromfin

For those interested in the Bowie “Who Can I Be Now?” LP box, Amazon Canada currently have it priced at $200 CDN which is about $150 USD! (or $63 cheaper than Amazon US.) Only caveat is that when I tried to purchase it, they said they cannot ship this particular item internationally. Argh! Foiled again! Any ideas????

David M

I think they are limiting the mailing of large items overseas.

Oliver Rose

That Dylan boxset for £71 (inc. shipping) is a steal!! About £1.90 a disc – brilliant. Thanks Paul!

David M

But more pricey per unique song!


You can also have the Ray Charles Atlantic Studio Album in Mono box for cheap: https://www.amazon.it/Atlantic-Studio-Albums-Mono/dp/B01FIT4TFO/ref=pd_sim_15_1?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1


Wow – nice work.
Chicago 5.1 for me, has to be an better experience than the disappointing vinyls Ive spent a small fortune on. I may even have had enough of this vinyl rubbish. Its the early pressings Im buying from now on.. .

If Dylan has pressed the last 2 new releases with 16 / 44.1 I cant be bothered with vinyl anymore than the engineers are. Just saying.

Thanks for the super heads up – Im torn between.. are you aware its Christmas this month – and my son has just had his birthday! hahahaa heeellppp!


Happy Birthday to your son Tyrone, cherish those times.

About vinyl, I have bought quite a lot of NEW vinyl in the last 10 years, recently The Who `Live At Leeds`, The Kinks `Mono Box`, Greatful Dead reissues, Pink Floyd and I`ve hardly had an issue with new vinyl. Yes The Beatles `In Stereo` box was a pain in the arse but I swopped each album individually with the retailer until I had a pristine set of LPs (not `vinyls`). On The Beatles, `The Mono Box` was how a vinyl box set should be.

The thing to remember is to always buy LPs from retailers who will exchange inferior copies without a quibble.


Thanks Paul
Got the Bowie LP box at 179 euros ! A bargain !


All set to order ‘Mirage’…20 Euro postage to Australia…cancel.

Pete Anderson

Been watching the Springsteen vinyl box yo yo between £140 and £102 on Amazon UK for the last few weeks so happy to snap it up at £95 including postage. Missed the weekend offer so many thanks for this one Paul. Cheers Peter


How do you change the Amazon page to translate to English (excuse my ignorance)?


Use Chrome mate and right click and it will offer to translate for you


Stuart use google ghrome, right click, then click on translate to English.

This has been another `richie` Public Service Anouncement.

Charles Hodgson

Be good to hear Amazon UK’s excuse for the lack of decent deals recently. Oh, I know: “Brexit”.
Don’t buy that myself.
But it’s going to be blamed for everytbing from now on.
If a Dylan Box Set can be priced at £66 in Italy, why not here? It’s the same product after all.

David M

Maybe wages are higher in the Uk, maybe storage facilities are more expensive? All sorts of reasons

John Moore

totally agree- very frustrating this new price- I paid top whack being informed they were going to be difficult to get!!

Danny Gromfin

Does anyone on the SDE list have experience shipping from Italy to the US? I wonder if the savings from the price of the Bowie vinyl box would vanish due to the shipping cost.


Danny click through to the checkout and you`ll be able to see the cost of shipping.

Jochen Mosthaf

Italy is broke. That’s why. So sad. At the same time: Grab it while you can.

Enrico G.

We are broke, but still do it better.


arghhhh! don’t know what’s going on but trying to order bowie box via amazon italy
and despite clicking the proceed to checkout button nothings happening!
tried it on 4 browsers – nothing :(

i think i’m destined not to get this bloody boxset!

Andrew Mogford

I so want that Temple of the Dog. But still way too steep :(