Pink Floyd / The Division Bell 5.1 DVD available separately


A standalone DVD featuring Andy Jackson’s new 5.1 surround sound mix of Pink Floyd‘s The Division Bell has made a surprise appearance on the Pink Floyd official webstore.

The DVD was available with some exclusive bundles for a while, but until now there seemed to be no way to obtain the surround mix without significant investment, the most expensive being the newly announced Division Bell box set (which contains a blu-ray audio amongst all the vinyl).

At the time of writing it is not clear whether this DVD is a DVD-Video (with DTS or Dolby 5.1 mix) or a DVD-Audio with a lossless surround mix. Our guess would be the former. At £10, it is great value, even if £6 shipping (to the UK) seems rather excessive.  This item is exclusive to the Pink Floyd webstore for the time being.

The 20th Anniversary reissue of The Division Bell is released on 30 June 2014.

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Steve W

Does anyone knows if the “concert video of Pulse and/or Delicate Sound Of Thunder is available in Blu Ray?

Steve W

After years of waiting, it would be phenomenal if the DVD concert of Pulse and Delicate Sound of Thunder were re released in Blu Ray format. I’m sure many loyal and new fans would be ecstatic to view as well as purchase the disc in record numbers, bringing PinkFloyd back to prominence. Hopefully “Wishful thinking”


Mine is the same way. For some unknown reason the center has only “soft” artifacts

elliott buckingham

with lack of vocals in the center channel you can hardly hear the vocals not really a 5.1 mix if they aint gonna use the center channel. the 5.1 mix of dark side is amazing


does anybody knows why the central channel hasn’t been used for the voice?! or is it a problem with my disc? I’ve only got voice/instruments echo on the central channel


Andy Jackson deliberately mixed it this way – the intention was to be closer to a quad mix: http://www.quadraphonicquad.com/forums/showthread.php?19328-Pink-Floyd-The-Division-Bell-Ask-Andy-Jackson-about-the-Mastering-and-the-Mix


I do not see it anymore on the US pink floyd store. Good luck!


I am frustrated about this DVD situation. I didn’t know about it until yesterday, having just discovered this website. It doesn’t appear on the UK Pink Floyd store anywhere so I have emailed them about it.

Not all of us own Blu-Ray players. I don’t. So buying the deluxe set is pointless. I’d like the vinyl and the DVD. I am holding off on the double LP until I know I can also get the DVD 5.1. I might have been swayed to the box if a DVD was in there, but to only include the 5.1 mix in the boxset (and on Blue-Ray) is insane. How about giving the customer a choice? The Immersion sets of DSOTM and WYWH at least had DVDs in them as well.

I hope the DVD is not so limited that it won’t be available from the store again…I’ll be pretty miffed if that happens. I do have an SACD player so it they release the 5.1 mix on that format I’d jump at it.


I am frustrated about this DVD situation. I didn’t know about it until yesterday, having just discovered this website. It doesn’t appear on the UK Pink Floyd store anywhere so I have emailed them about it.

Not all of us own Blu-Ray players. I don’t. So buying the deluxe set is pointless. I’d like the vinyl and the DVD. I am holding off on the double LP until I know I can also get the DVD 5.1. I might have been swayed to the box if a DVD was in there, but to only include the 5.1 mix in the boxset is insane. How about giving the customer a choice?

I hope the DVD is not so limited that it won’t be available from the store again…I’ll be pretty miffed if that happens. I do have an SACD player so it they release the 5.1 mix on that format I’d jump at it.


This is a bit strange. After the link went dead i recieved a disc in the mail today. It is a simple cardboard slipcase and contains a Division Bell DVD and it is distributed by a company called Artist Arena located in that Hotbed of music distribution: Le Vernge, Tenessee. It has a small picture of DB cover on the back and a yellow cigar shaped thing in space on the front. Yup it says there is Dolby, DTS 5.1 mixes and PCM stereo. Part 1 has a movie titled “Marooned” and then the DB audio only. Does this get any wierder? And Tom B you are correct this is not the bands doing, in the US at least i got a disc. I wonder if it the same one in the box? Cheers

Tom B.

I’m with the vast majority of fans who refuse to be extorted into buying the expensive vinyl box set when all I really want is the 5.1 surround sound blu-ray. Sure, it may become available in the future, but then again, it may not, so why take the chance? As soon as the 5.1 DVD is back in stock on Floyd’s web site, I won’t be able to place my order fast enough. Keep in mind what happened to those poor souls who paid through the nose for “The Wall” immersion box set, only to be screwed out of any 5.1 DVD at all! Now they’re all hoping and praying for a separate surround sound disk release (be it blu-ray, SACD, DVD-A or whatever). Also, I don’t think the band is at fault here, I think the record company whores are trying to gouge us for whatever they think they can possibly get away with. At least the band had the decency to make a 5.1 disk version of The Division Bell available separately (and at a great price, I might add) to those of us who enjoy surround sound and aren’t interested in vinyl. If you buy The Division Bell “deluxe” box set just for the blu-ray, then that’s on you, and you’re basically telling the whores at the record company that you don’t mind getting screwed at all. Me, I’ll wait till some “vinylphile” who doesn’t even own a blu-ray player to sell his disk separately on eBay for $20 to $40. Patience is one thing that I do have.


HI – ive bought yesterday from US store – today received shipping confirmation! :)

Johnny Feathers

I did email the store about my order. The order is still being fulfilled–I was afraid they were simply canceling orders. It’s on backorder, and should be in within “a week or two”. I can live with that. :)

Interesting that it’s back in the US store. I’d say anyone who’s interested in it and hasn’t purchased it already should pounce while you can.


available again at USPF store – EU page not found :(

Johnny Feathers

Hm. I haven’t been refunded anything yet. Disappointing if this is cancelled.

James Johnson

Looking at the US link to Pink Floyd website. It now reads “Pink Floyd Page Not Found”. I spoke with a person I know who is involved with this project and he tells me the project is kaput.

Thomas Hooper

Not on their website no more. They have refunded my money, looks like no more DVD 5.1 version. My order says backordered, so why would they refund the money unless its been pulled.

Johnny Feathers

Looks like I’ll be ordering directly from pinkfloyd.com, as it seems this will not be appearing elsewhere. I wish they’d just stuck with a Blu-ray disc, but a DVD will have to do–I’m certainly not dropping over $100 the complete set just for a 5.1 mix.


Ordered from the Floyd Eurostore last week. Have just noticed that the payment has already been taken from my credit card. Very naughty! I thought it was illegal to take payment before an item has been dispatched?


It must have been reduced then Paul. Perhaps they are reading this…

Johnny Feathers

I’m still waiting for the 5.1 standalone disc to appear on Amazon, as things usually seem to end up cheaper there, with free shipping (for Prime members).

Peter L.

If they have a huge respone to this, with at least DTS sound, then it may turn up on Amazon – but then again, you can never guess what the hell they’re going to do with these releases.


Not sure where the £6 UK postage is coming from? I was not going to be charged that if I went for billing in £, but by changing to euro’s I was charged less than £4. This was from PF euro store.


I ask why it cost 22 pounds to ship a DVD to New Zealand. This was the answer, which did not address the question.
“The cost of delivery (including picking and packing the item in the warehouse, and postage charge) for a particular order varies and is dependant upon the weight and size of the product(s) chosen, the country it is being delivered to and the delivery method chosen.”
I expect if I said the shipping was 122 pounds, I would have got the same answer!


When the main contents of the big box are available separately at over half the price or more the box sets become slightly redundant and deserving of mockery.

Here, you can now get the 5.1 mix and the double vinyl album for under £40 with the box back up to £132 on Amazon UK.

That’s £100 then for a paperback book, which will probably just have the song lyrics and photos, some reproduction vinyl containing no exclusive audio and prints.

As bad as the Oasis set if not worse considering the price.

Johnny Feathers

Yeah, I’m very happy to see this get a stand-alone release–and happy I waited on the deluxe set and other packages. I’m curious to know if the sample rate is the same as that on the supposed Blu-ray in the deluxe set, but a friend and I were discussing it, and it seems maybe it wouldn’t be needed for just one 5:1 audio-only mix. But maybe someone else can say for sure. More specific information would be nice.

But the point does stand that bands certainly seem to be biting the hand that feeds them, by strategically releasing packages that presume to encourage fans to spend more money on stuff they don’t need, to get the stuff they want. There’s obviously a market for these kinds of deluxe re-releases–this website wouldn’t exist otherwise–but it does seem that too many times bands are too happy to take advantage of fans.


Another vote for Blu-ray please (although if it’s only DVD-V, I’ll take it – better than nothing). Oh, and also a wider release scheduled would be great….I’m not impressed with the shipping rates to Australia either.

Phil Robinson

We are at least lucky this is a stand alone release too as the 5.1 of DG’s On an Island was only available in the Live in Gdansk box set. But I’d prefer SACD to be honest as it is Floyd and the other albums are on SACD.

DJ Control

Isn’t James Guthrie’s preference a DSD master? I’m pretty sure I read an interview with him on this blog about his preference for DSD. It seems very strange that this album is only coming out in 5.1 on DVD and Blu-ray & not on an SACD.


@ Reid
+1 It’s great news to have this available separately. Perhaps they were listening after all! It’s a must buy for me as I love TDB.


It’s more than a little silly to condemn the separate release of this as I have seen several references to on here, especially as being a rip off for those who already ordered the deluxe box bundle. That box was announced what, a week ago? So people who are getting “screwed” by having it released separate are those who immediately put in a preorder for a very expensive box set. If anything, I view that as a tax on those individual’s impatience.
Rather than complain too much about the specifics of the release (DVD-V vs. DVD-A vs. Blu) why don’t we actually appreciate the one thing everyone DID complain about – the inability to purchase separately the 5.1 mix.
And if history proves us correct, a blu ray will follow in a year or less.


Having patience when buying products such as this in the hope that a separate release appears and never does will usually results in two things:

1. The original item becoming sold out.
2. The original item becoming even more expensive on the second hand market.

The point people are making is that the separate DVD could easily have been announced at the same time as the other items but then there would have been much less demand for the box and more expensive bundles. Why is there no separate Bluray release now? Cynical marketing.

Also, what history? Where is the separate ‘DSOTM’ Bluray, that was only available as part of the expensive box set, 3 years after the Immersion release? That is clearly not on any agenda right now.

Shall we wait 3+ years for the Division Bell Bluray to maybe appear and then when it doesn’t try and buy the box set for £200 from eBay or Discogs so we can then get the 5.1?

Get it?

DJ Control

Hi Chris. You can get the 5.1 of DSOTM on hybrid SACD. I’m pretty sure it’s still available.


Yes I know, I was pointing out that a release of the Division Bell on Bluray is not destined to follow based on the separate DSOTM Bluray not appearing after the Immersion box thus far.


… and they wonder why the buying public is becoming more and more cynical? I’ve read elsewhere of annoyance at the expense of the deluxe package just to get the 5.1 mix, and now it’s to be put on the market after the cash-cow has been milked. At least some nice person in the marketing department of the record company will get their christmas bonus this year. Who’s next for the deluxe package rip-off?

Peter Chrisp

When i first heard of it’s initial release with all the extras and the details the price alone is or was one of the most expensive box sets, super deluxe editions i have ever come across, i disagree with i guess Mike’s comments
above, although it has taken along time dvd took ages and now we have
sacd which is also a very slow marketing process, from a personal perspective 5.1 surround sound bluray is the way to go. At the moment
i have 3 bluray players including the latest oppo and i can assure you with over 60 concerts on the bd format they all sound amazing.


Shipping for Italy is “only” € 11.79, while the dvd price is € 11.99


I did not want to buy the box just for the Blu ray way too much useless vinyl.

So its nice to see the DVD as a standalone option of course Blu Ray would have been better but they are trying to force people down the big box route for a 5.1 mix.

I too am slightly shocked that it shoudl cost over £5 to ship within the UK, its not really like the band need the money.

Anyhow they have a sale now i was going to ignore the set because of all the crap in the big box and the lack of anything new apart from teh 5.1

Richard Rootes

19 pounds to ship to Canada? I don’t think so.


How come amazon can send a DVD to New Zealand for £1.50 but pink floyd require £22 to get it here?

Mike F

I don’t agree that 5.1 should only be on Blu-ray. It is still not the dominant format. It’s tricky having being in an inbetween position for formats, and blu-ray may not even fully establish itself before streaming takes over. SACD for its pros and cons is also a niche format. DVD-V, while not perfect, and people getting upset at the data compression has the most accessibility. Hybrid DVD-A/V is arguable, but may lead to royalty issues with labels in the USA, as they seem to work it out per track, rather than proportionally to the whole programme of tracks as per the UK.


I have to say that I am not impressed by the way the various buying options have been announced on the official store and the lack of detail.

I daresay many people have bought the vinyl and bluray bundles at nearly £60 purely for the 5.1 disc and now that they have seemingly been sold out for a week they release a 5.1 disc on it’s own. That to me says they planned all along to release an individual 5.1 disc but waited until the more expensive bundles had sold out.

Initially a bundle was listed as having a 5.1 DVD which it then seemingly did not have and now it turns up on it’s own. Why?

Could they not have given full details on every format they were planning to release so the consumer can make an informed decision before parting with a significant amount of money? I have been checking back there daily expecting new discs or bundles to be available on any given day.

Not a good way to release an anniversary edition of an album.


I half-reluctantly ordered the DVD even though there is no detail at all as to what is actually on it other than a 5.1 mix, or what format the disc is etc., and was then also slightly shocked at the high £6 p&p charge.

I pre-ordered the big box on Amazon in the hope it at least halves in price before release to justify me buying it (primarily for the bluray) and ordered the DVD as a back up if that doesn’t happen.

Of course I still expect the Bluray to turn up on the official store or Amazon before the release date, but if doesn’t you have to gamble on other items before they sell out and become more expensive on the second hand market. Silly situation.

Rob Puricelli

To be perfectly honest, a Blu Ray would’ve been the best option, especially as the box set already contains a Blu Ray. Why could they not do what was done with The Who’s ‘Tommy’ and just release the Blu Ray from the box set as an individual item?

SACD’s are all well and good (I have 3 SACD capable systems myself), but far more people have access to a Blu Ray based 5.1 system than an SACD one. However, I would wager this will be a DVD-V release, rather than DVD-A, simply from an economics perspective. Plus, like Blu Ray, it will have a wider audience.

I’m just happy that a standalone 5.1 mix has been offered.

But £6 P+P???

DJ Control

A Super Audio CD would’ve been a better option.