Quick Look: R.E.M. / Green deluxe

R.E.M. / Green deluxe reissue
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Above, is how Rhino’s reissue of R.E.M.‘s 1988 album Green will look when it is released on 13 May. A bonus disc of live material is included as well as some postcards. More details and track listings here.

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Dave Cochrane

Actually, to follow from my last comment: Rhino are generally not too bad at mastering stuff right. I’m hopeful…

Dave Cochrane

How much is anyone willing to bet that this won’t be compressed to f*** and have a dynamic range of about 8dB? I’m hoping it will sound good, but knowing past masterings and the attitude of the band when it comes to mastering loud and compressed, I’m pretty sure the sound will suck.

Steve Burke

I really like the 5.1 mix of Green; Orange Crush, World Leader Pretend, Inside-Out, I Remember California and 11th track and Hairshirt all sound great to me.

[…] CD EP of live tracks not found on the forthcoming deluxe edition of Green. Limited to just 2,500 copies, the disc comes with an original […]


To be fair, REM were never a great B sides band. The majority of stuff came from the Out of Time / Automatic for the People sessions so you’ll probably have to wait for those reissues. If you can still track copies down, look for the Automatic 4 CD box set to get hold of those.


It is the concert from Tourfilm (which was filmed over separate nights). The live tracks from the Out of Time singles (with the exception of the Bingo Hand Job Borderline tracks on Near Wild Heaven) are one and the same, again from Tourfilm.

Phil Wilson

I’m actually quite looking forward to this. The live disc looks great, great era for live shows (though I think it may be the same show as the tourfilm DVD) and possibly some of the live tracks may have been on the out of time singles? I think the Green B-Sides may have been in “the automatic box”, but I would imagine a box set of b-sides will appear at some point. Personally I prefer to have a live CD than the demos but would have liked the show, I think the last of the tour, where they played all of murmur and all of green in order. Now all I need is to find someone who can get me that recordstore EP!

alan hansen

oh great… round 2 on the remastering schedule for this recording and STILL no b-sides. pathetic!

Mike Fisher

Yeah, I find the additional live concert thing pretty tedious. B-sides and outtakes cld be much more interesting. This is not on my to buy list. Do not mourn the lack of 5.1 mix though as that is pretty bad.


The REM reissue series is very strange. Started up in the album plus live show basic set and then we had the great Fables\Pageant editions which gave us plenty of demos and sessions \ B sides and now it appears that we are back to simple live discs. Why?

There are exclusive B sides, sessions and demos from this period and the concert is incomplete. The remaining tracks via Record Store Day release is a bit pathetic.