Rick Wakeman / Journey to the Centre of the Earth reissue


Rick Wakeman’s Journey To The Centre Of The Earth is being reissued across a number of formats to celebrate its 40th anniversary.

The keyboard virtuoso had been attempting to revive this best selling work – which won him an Ivor Novello Award back in the day – for a long time, but with the original conductor’s score apparently lost, that looked like an impossibility. However, back in 2008 the original score was recovered (and repaired), and with the help of the Jules Verne Symphony Orchestra and Choir and British actor Peter Egan, Wakeman recorded a new version of Journey To The Centre Of The Earth at Abbey Road Studios.

That new version was issued in 2012 as a special ‘fan-pack‘ which was a collaboration with Future Publishing and Classic Rock magazine.

For 2014, the re-recorded version of the album (which incorporates 20 minutes of music cut from the original) will be issued on 2LP gatefold heavyweight vinyl (with inner sleeves and newly expanded booklet), digi-pack CD a box set that contains vinyl and CD versions of both Journey and Return to the Centre of the Earth albums as well as books, lithographs and other memorabilia.

1999’s Return to the Centre of the Earth is also being reissued separately with everything released on 23 June 2014.


Journey to the Centre of the Earth 2014 reissue


6-disc Box Set [Featuring Journey and Return)

2LP Gatefold Vinyl

CD Edition


Return to the Centre of the Earth 2014 reissue

2LP Gatefold vinyl

CD Edition


Box Sets


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Philip Cohen

A while back, there were hints of an expanded UK CD series of Rick Wakeman’s A&M albums from Universal Music, but nothing came of it. I wonder why. But then again, it isn’t the first time that Universal Music/UK started or planned an archival project, then abandoned it(for example the 19-CD “Free” box or a proposed “Traffic” box)

Still, I did pick up four of the titles from the Japan SHM-CD series by Rick Wakeman(“Six Wives of Henry VIII”, “Journey To The Center of The Earth”, “King Arthur & The Knights of The Roundtable” & “Rhapsodies”), and all sound excellent.


Lo and behold, got £20 refund today from Rick Wakeman site, maybe they read SDE.

Can’t complain about them now.

John Ireland

The £299 box is limited, I think to 100 copies. It contains a Roger Dean print signed by Roger Dean and Rick Wakeman. The regular box set is £79.99 and is signed and numbered. Price was wrong on Rick Wakeman site due to incorrect price information received from Warners.


There 2 x super deluxe versions, one @ £99 and one @£299.

I got the £99 one from his website, happy, delivered on time and product is top quality, but a bit peeved that Amazon UK have it now for £79.

It is supposed to be limited print et.

C’est la vie.

[…] Two double LPs plus two CDs along with a book and other memorabilia in this lavish Rick Wakeman box.  […]

David Maxwell-McNulty

Just ordered my box set-now going for £99. That compares well with the recent box sets released by Led Zeppelin and Oasis.


So he’s not reissuing the original Journey album, just a reissue of a newer recording? I got the re-recording in 2012 but it’s not a patch on the original.

I suppose the 2012 version will attract some folk, but I’d’ve much preferred a decent remastering of the original album on CD.


As others have mentioned, Super Deluxe should include a hi-res DVD-A or Blu-ray version. Hi-res files are becoming more readily as downloads, and soon we’ll begin seeing devices like Pono to play them. Although many of us still prefer ‘physical’ formats’, standard cd’s are no longer up to par. If the record companies want us to keep shelling out cash on theses releases, think they need to up the ante on resolution quality.


£299 for a signed deluxe box … Wow … I thought the signed Small Faces Here Comes the Nice Box was a bit steep at around £150-ish. However, the SF box seems a fairer price in comparison. I agree with alot of the comments here, these super deluxe boxes are only going to get higher & higher on the price front. It’ll be up to the buying public on where it’ll end as alot of people just wont be able to stretch to £300 for a release, no matter how good the content.

Fat Old Bloke

You are spot on Andy. I have started to stop buying box sets and getting just the deluxe versions unless there is a BluRay or DVD-A included only in the box set and the price is fair.

Tim H

I thought u were having a laugh when u said £299 for the Boxset…but it appears it’s Mr Wakeman who’s having a laugh!!


Box set £299.99? Got to laugh.


Indeed. I mean I’m all for deluxe versions, but when you are paying a heavy premium for the material the box is made of for example or a signature (don’t get the fascination with paying obscene money for a famous person writing their own name in any circumstance) and not getting anything music wise for your cash it gets a bit silly.

I am sure the £13 CD I buy will sound as good as the one in that box. Deluxe boxed versions reasonably priced are nice but I find the initial novelty of the box presentation and contents soon wears off and you are left with that which matters most, the music. The music is what you return to.


Return to the Centre of the Earth on vinyl (180g double) – £12.76, could be a mistake BUT they may honor the deal.


I sure wish he would release a 5.1 mix. His performance on Close To The Edge in 5.1 is outstanding.