Rick Wakeman to record a new and extended version of King Arthur…

Rick Wakeman has today announced his intention to re-record an extended version of his 1975 album The Myths and Legends of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table…

Speaking via PledgeMusic, Wakeman said: “I have always had in mind re-recording and performing an extended version of King Arthur as it has only ever been performed three times in the UK. I am delighted to now have the opportunity to do this and especially so with the help of the fans and my campaign on PledgeMusic……and if all goes well, maybe one day put it back on ice!”

The new recordings will be free of the single disc duration of the original and the new version of King Arthur will be issued as a double album – as originally intended.

There will also be new artwork by Roger Dean and the album will be available as a 2CD set, a limited edition 2LP vinyl package, and there will also be a high quality digital download available. The new recording will feature alll the original music and also five new pieces of music all in the style of the original recording.

This PledgeMusic campaign features the usual array of pre-order options, including signed items, test pressings and even limited places to a studio recording session.

The original album was very successful back in the day, reaching number two on the UK albums chart and number 21 in the USA. It was promoted with just three sold out shows at Wembley Arena in May 1975 that were performed on ice (hence Rick’s reference). King Arthur was also reissued in 2015 as a CD+DVD set with a Quadrophonic mix.


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curtis j. newell

will rick’s newly recorded King Arthur have a 5.1 mix-sounds like it won’t. Also Rick was suppose to put out a dvd of a journey to the center Of the Earth-live performance. When he played the Henry the eighth-show some years back, a live blue ray came out, THE SAME YEAR HE PERFORMED IT, which is almost unheard of! What happened to the Six Wives…video release?


Patrice Dubois, presumably a needle-drop of the quad vinyl LP, as the other two.

dumitru ungureanu

Expanded and re-recorded it’s a bad idea for my ears! New version of old and very beautiful songs is the same thing as you sleep with ex-wife…

Patrice Dubois

Regarding Rick Wakeman, amazon UK list Journey to the center of the earth (CD+DVD) for April. I assume its the Deluxe of original 1974, similar to 6Wives and King Arthur one. Wandering what are the extras, apart form quad mix. Wakeman released outtakes over the years on various CDs. Cheers.


I’d love an expanded and remastered edition of 1984. A stunning concept album and for me, his finest hour.


I do hope that More really is more, and that King Arthur doesn’t get too bloated and unnecessary when extended this much. Fingers crossed, as it was my first Wakeman record.

Phil Cohen

Too bad that Universal Music showed little attention to quality control in their CD + DVD-Audio reissue of “King Arthur”.Not only is the quadraphonic mix dubbed from vinyl, but there is a repetitive scratch through the first 90 seconds of “Merlin The Magician”, and Universal couldn’t be bothered to de-click it.
I’m waiting to read customer reviews of Universal’s April 2016 CD + DVD-Audio reissue of Rick Wakeman’s “Journey to The Centre of The Earth” before buying.

adam shaw


Simon F

Rick Wakeman and UK in the same day! Have I slipped back in time some 40 years or wot?


This is wonderful news for cape manufacturers everywhere. This once booming industry has suffered a real downturn.