Roger Waters / Amused to Death coming on 200g Vinyl and SACD

Roger Waters / Amused to Death SACD and 200g vinyl reissue

Roger Waters‘ last studio album, 1992’s highly acclaimed Amused To Death, will be issued as a Stereo Hybrid SACD and 200-gram double LP later this year, by audiophile specialists Analogue Productions.

The album was originally mixed by Pink Floyd’s producer/engineer James Guthrie, and he will be mastering the new SACD from the original analog tapes. Renowned mastering engineer, Doug Sax, will work with Guthrie to master the LP.

Original vinyl pressings of Amused To Death sell for hundreds of pounds, thanks to a very limited production run, so this new vinyl pressing will be welcomed by many – an opportunity to own the album on LP without shelling out too many  “dollars and cents, pounds, shillings, and pence”.

Analogue Productions also state that they will faithfully preserve the three-dimensional ‘QSound’ spatial effects present on the original recording.

Before you get too excited, this reissue has release date of 15 October 2013, although this is a ‘best estimate’ according to the label.

Roger Waters is thought to be working on his fourth studio album, with a working title of Heartlands, but no one is expecting anything anytime soon.

While we wait, there is a great value Waters box set available, which we reviewed in 2011.

Roger Waters The Collection Solo Albums Box Set Review
7CDs and a DVD


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Mark B

I think all you guys are over-reacting to what you thought you read. The entire Qsound discussion is referring to the re-mastering of the new VINYL release , where there’s no practical way to do “5.1” I ‘m sure the sacd will be in surround. (Have you ever seen him live?)


Q sound is like quadrophonic ‘ish . I have had success in re-creating this sound effect by using 2 sets of Boss Acustomass3 one set on “A” and one attached to “B” and then selecting the “A+B” on the receiver so BOTH are active and all 4 speakers are on. Placed the Acustomass3 on opposite sides of the room. The sound is Phenomenal words cant describe!

[…] reissue was announced in January this year, with James Guthrie (who originally mixed the album) remastering from the […]


who doesn’t want to hear the jet blowing up Triploi in 5.1…….awesome or the sound of the door creaking open at the start to reveal the huge stadium crowd outside the Wall…..its MADE for 5.1 for sure

Also Gary I can tell you the Q sound worked really well on my cheap Technics system.

Gary M

Q sound works extremely well; my girlfriend thought that the CD (SBM Gold issue) was in surround. You need a decent stereo (think Kef, B&W etc.), proper speaker placement & a seat in the “sweet spot” to really hear the effect. I wish that they would put a 5.1 version on the disc; they did it with WYWH. There may not be enough storage on the disc for all three though. Given the choice, I’d opt for the stereo recording since it was recorded for 2 channel anyway. I’d listen to the 5.1 out of curiosity, but 99% of my listening would be the stereo 2 channel…but I am a bit of a “purist.”


I believe Q sound was invented here in Ottawa, we use to use it at Sony to demo products…. ha will that be cash or credit?


I was never able to make the Q Sound ‘work’ for me; anyone else have any success? The examples on their website don’t do much for me either, they just sound ‘wider’. Discreet 5.1 is surely the answer – I’m with you, William!


I would say I have been waiting for an SACD or DVD-A version of this for 10 years…… but you say NO 5.1……..are you nuts……….q Sound is awesome, but its NO 5.1.

Hey Rog, for the love of the fans PLEASE make this 5.1. Its an amazing piece thats deserves the true surround experience.



Thanks Paul.


Great to see this on vinyl but what will the price be?
how can it be pre-ordered if the release date is sketchy


Spookily enough I was thinking of this very thing only yesterday morning, thinking how cool it would be to hear this in 5.1 (specifically the missile explosion on side one and Jeff Porcaro’s drums towards the end of side 2) – and lo and beyond, now I find out its going to happen! Happy – James Guthrie is brilliant.


Pre-ordered this last night. Waters is one of my top 5 favorite artists, so any reissues or new material from him is exciting.

micke hermansson

Were can I pre-order it?