Roger Waters / “Amused to Death” SACD and vinyl reissue delayed

Roger Waters / Amused to Death SACD and 200g vinyl reissue

Analogue Productions’ much anticipated reissue of Roger Waters‘ 1992 album Amused To Death will not now be released until April 2014.

The stereo hybrid SACD and double LP 200g vinyl reissue were announced way back in January 2013, with a suggested October release date. Then Amazon started taking pre-orders for a November release, but that came and went with no official word.

Quite why it will have taken 16 months from project announcement to actually getting what is – in relative terms – a reasonably simple reissue (no bonus tracks, no books, no box) into the ‘shops’ is anyone’s guess, but we have no choice but to wait patiently!

Amused To Death *should* be out on 22 April 2014. Just don’t put your house on it.


2LP Heavyweight Vinyl (200g)

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Herr Angela Merkel

Cannot be bothered to purchasing it again, since no new mix can add anything to this brilliantly crafted album. Though even ATD occasionally sucks musically (What God Wants is awful), lyrically and conceptually it makes for essential listening. “…and a doctor in Manhatten saves a dying man for free – it’s a miracle” – that’s as good as songwriting can get.


Apparently there was/is a PBS interview with roger inwhich he talks about the 5.1sacd of this album, should be broadcast in April next year and there is a thread on the forum at the “a fleeting glimpse” fan site about this sacd, see luna65’s posts… she knows the scoop and has known fir about a year this is being mixed in surround.

steve t

Everything I have seen over the last year about this states that is just stereo SACD, NOT 5.1 ( but will keep the Qsound format).

Phil, If your right this has all changed. Hope you are.


Probably because it is going to be a 5.1 sacd, not just a stereo hybrid. Have this info from a source close to James Guthrie. So a longer wait is fine with me.


That would be almost too awesome.


Well, luckily so much time has passed since I pre-ordered it that I have almost forgotten what I paid…