Roger Waters / “Amused to Death” confirmed as a 5.1 surround SACD

Roger Waters / Amused to Death SACD and 200g vinyl reissue

It has been confirmed today that Roger Waters‘ 1992 solo album Amused To Death – their much-delayed LP and SACD reissue project – will now be released as a multi-channel surround sound SACD rather than ‘just’ stereo as originally proposed.

Audiophile specialists Acoustic Sounds say they took the many requests for 5.1 from fans ‘very seriously’ and put the suggestion to Pink Floyd producer/engineer James Guthrie, who then sold Roger Waters himself on the idea!

Both the SACD and the vinyl are being mastered by renowned engineer Doug Sax with the two-LP being manufactured on 200g vinyl and pressed at the Quality Record Pressings plant in the US. Both anniversary editions will come with ‘special artwork’.

When originally issued on CD Amused To Death benefitted from ‘Q Sound’ which was a three-dimensional (3D) sound processing algorithm designed to simulate a surround sound effect. The nature of the recording and the fact that this technology was embraced at the time is part of the reason that fans were so adamant that the album was crying out for a full blown 5.1 remix.

This reissue was originally announced way back in January 2013 so it has been a long wait, but fans are likely to be more forgiving over delays now that the SACD will be a stunning remixed hi-res surround sound version.

Amused to Death now has a release date of 23 September 2014.

Multi-channel 5.1 SACD

2LP Heavyweight Vinyl (200g)

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This is no more available on the Analogue Productions site, neither for SACD nor for 200g Vinyl, You guys have a better info sources for the cause?


Ron F

It looks like Analogue Productions just bailed on this release.

Jesper Hall

What happened to this one?


I am hoping it won’t be long now…it seems like it won’t come out until we are AMUSED TO DEATH

Pine Pienaar

Where can I find the sacd in South Africa. Desparetly want it!

Greg Bullock

It is still not out in the US. They have pushed the date back over a year so far and now nobody seems to know. I have pre-orders that are over a year old now.

[…] Lab recently got in touch with us to point out a few details about Roger Waters‘ forthcoming 5.1 SACD and vinyl reissue of Amused to Death and at the same time Sony issued a press release about the reissue. We thought […]

Jett Galindo

Hi, Paul! I’m responding in behalf of Doug Sax whom I’ve informed about the article. Just to clarify, both the mixing and the mastering of the 5.1 release will be done by James Guthrie himself. Doug will be cutting the vinyl release from the original tape masters.

Doug Sax and the rest of the Mastering Lab team had the pleasure of hearing the album in surround when James Guthrie visited the facility recently and we were blown away. We’re just as excited for the 5.1 SACD to come out.


Terrific. Wonderful. Great.

Now where is 5.1 The Wall????

(As well as the Blu-ray of Roger’s Dark Side Tour or The Wall tour?)


This is so Cool Amused To Death is A awesome Roger Waters album can’t wait until this 5.1 remix of the album is avaible in stores.


No surround, no buy.
I’m glad they changed their minds.
Amused To Death will surely sound great in 5.1.


Animals needs its own Immersion box!

So does this one to be honest. His best solo work imho.


I second that Ron

Simon Long

The link to Acoustic Sounds is for a hybrid stereo disc (CD layer and stereo SACD layer) – no mention of 5.1 on there. Is this definitely confirmed?

Ron Hatchell

Still hoping for the 5.1 of “Animals”. David said they were working on this about 10 years ago.


Told you so!


Any chance to get it on Blu Ray Audio? Just got Goodbye Yellow Brick Road and it really kicks the sacd version..


It’s about time one of these SACD labels took advantage of the 5.1 layer! And this album is a perfect candidate for surround sound. Hopefully Radio KAOS and The Pros & Cons of Hitch Hiking will follow.

For anybody near New Jersey, there will be a Pink Floyd conference at Princeton University this weekend during which the 5.1 mix of Amused to Death will be premiered. James Guthrie will be in attendance to present it.


Wow, that’s some pretty positive confirmation I think! I too would love this to come out on Blu-ray… HFPA or whatever company is aligned.


Good news.

Would also be nice if his website was brought up to date.


Hell yeah!