Sparks / Kimono My House 2LP vinyl


Sparks 1974 commercial breakthrough Kimono My House has been remastered for its 40th Anniversary and is being reissued as a two-LP vinyl set this December with previously unreleased bonus material.

The album features the classic This Town Ain’t Big Enough For Both Of Us and this edition contains the first release anywhere (on the second LP) of seven demo recordings Ron and Russell Mael made in 1973 prior to signing with Island Records.

This comes packaged in a thick-spined outer sleeve with original inner bag plus notes from Russell Mael and a new essay. There is no word at present whether this will also be issued on CD but this vinyl set does come with a digital download.

Kimono My House is reissued as a double LP set on 15 December 2014.

Track listing

LP 1
1. This Town Ain’t Big Enough For Both Of Us
2. Amateur Hour
3. Falling In Love With Myself Again
4. Here In Heaven
5. Thank God It’s Not Christmas
6. Hasta Mañana, Monsieur
7. Talent Is An Asset
8. Complaints
9. In My Family
10. Equator

LP 2
1. When I Take The Field On Friday
2. Barbecutie
3. Windy Day
4. Marry Me
5. A More Constructive Use Of Leisure Time
6. Alabamy Right
7. My Brains And Her Looks

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Mine did not come with a digital download either. I searched frantically for it, I even searched the inner bags! Nothing.
I’m still glad I bought it! I can transfer it into CD and then transfer it into my phone.

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I just got this but there was no download card. Did anyone else get one or was that a mistake?


Universal place this at greedy buggers price to take advantage of vinyl “rebirth”. Get an original

tim brooks

The Maels recorded an abum worth of demos just by themselves to hand over to Muff Winwood so this could be where these tracks are from but none of these have ever been heard so this is exciting! I am told the bonus tracks do not appear on autorip if you buy now – but the original albums does!


I’m happy with the sound of my original 70’s pressing so I won’t be paying £26.99 for 7 demos


C’mon now ladies – handbags back on your shoulders please.

Vinyl IS cool, and not just the fantastic sound, but the supersize of all the artwork and inners.

I like’ em big :)


The reason that I don’t buy vinyl is because I don’t have a turntable system, just like the vast majority of the rest of the population.
Sorry, but I have no time for vinyl snobs.


“don’t buy vinyl” is pure blasphemy! I find it cool it’s only vinyl


Kimono My House – best of their early work (closely followed by Indiscreet).

No.1 in Heaven – best of their later work (followed by L’il Beethoven)

Great band – their work definitely has its ups and downs but they are always interesting.


I do agree with Trash : Kimono is the best from early years and No. 1 is the best from late 70. I am still have in my collection the original Virgin release on yellow vinyl, red and green labels with inner card sleeve. Great band, will definitely buy 2LP re-issue.


I would say that the Bob Dylan box set is one of the best box sets ever. The whole of his huge back catalogue in one shelf friendly box with great packaging and at a great price.


I would kill for a Sparks box set like the Bob Dylan one. All the albums on CD.


Looks promising but I wonder if it’s really all unreleased material on the 2nd LP? Barbecutie, Marry me and Alabamy Right have all been released as b-sides at the time – so unless they’re really unreleased demos that would mean four “new” tracks only … I might still buy it if it’s not too expensive!


Great package but I don’t buy vinyl.
I would love the 4 CD box set Sparks released last year but it is ridiculously expensive at £130.