Suede / Dog Man Star: Live at the Royal Albert Hall 6-disc deluxe


In September, Suede will release a special deluxe set featuring their performance of Dog Man Star at London’s Royal Albert Hall across six discs and accompanied by a hardcover book.

The March 2014 set included Dog Man Star in its entirety accompanied by a string section, and an hour-long encore playing Dog Man Star B-sides and a selection of their greatest hits.

All 26 tracks are presented across four heavyweight vinyl LPs and as a double CD set, and the 32-page photo book chronicles the evening when the concert took place as part of the Teenage Cancer Trust.

This is due for release on 4 September and is shipping worldwide from the Official Suede Store. The first 200 fans to pre-order can get their name on a 12″ x 12″ signed by Brett Anderson. It is also available via Amazon UK, although this doesn’t come with the print offer.

Track listing

Dog Man Star – Live


  • 1. introducing the band
  • 2. we are the pigs
  • 3. heroine
  • 4. the wild ones


  • 1. daddy’s speeding
  • 2. the power
  • 3. new generation


  • 1. this hollywood life
  • 2. the 2 of us
  • 3. black or blue


  • 1. the asphalt world
  • 2. still life

The Encores


  • 1. killing of a flashboy
  • 2. my dark star
  • 3. whipsnade


  • 1. together
  • 2. filmstar
  • 3. trash
  • 4. animal nitrate


  • 1. it starts and ends with you
  • 2. the living dead
  • 3. for the strangers
  • 4. so young
  • 5. metal mickey


  • 1. beautiful ones
  • 2. stay together

*The above is repeated on 2CD 

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Alan Fenwick

Got mine today.

Bad news, 2 of the records had split straight through the seams towards the center of the spine, it didn’t look good. Those inner vinyl covers are simply not strong enough for this sort of design.

I’ve asked for a refund which is not what I normally like to do, but I can’t see the replacements been any better looking at the way they’ve designed them.

Sergei K

I got a signed insert but not named an not 12×12. Not sure if it means I was not one of the first 200.


With the signed insert.


Arrived today, nice package and music speaks for itself


Is the 2CD version coming out to buy, without vinyl?


I see iTunes are doing the full 26 songs for £7.99

Andrew Greenwood

I would buy a CD only version, but I don’t want to go back to buying vinyl. Despite selling half of my collection a decade ago I still have 500 LPs I never play and a turntable etc. in a cupboard.


I’m glad its not just me then. I’m waiting for the CD revival in about 10 years time. Balls to the hipsters.


Would have bought this but I’ve already got the RSD version. Will avoid this now as I really don’t like being treated like a mug…

Christian Fex

Pointless item for extreme vinyl fetishists with too much money and time at their hands … just give us the CDs!


Cheeky, yes, but pretty common practice now for “limited exclusive” RSD releases to get wider releases after the initial restricted release (I’d venture to say most releases). And knowing how bloated Suede have been with regards to re-issues, represses, repackages, limited editions etc. I can’t say I am *at all* surprised.


Was gutted to miss out on the RSD issue, just ordered signed print edition, happy boy now!


A bit cheeky releasing this after the record store day release a few weeks ago, I’m sure many of us would have held off and opted for this version if we knew it was coming.


While I enjoyed the reissued vinyl boxset alot, Im not sure if I really need this release at all. If I had been there on gig then, I would have probably bought this one. In fact, I didn’t even get the singles-boxsets…


Bit of a kick in the teeth for those who purchased the record store day version (myself included)


You’ll be flipping the side over by the time you get back to your couch! These guys are taking ther mickey (metal mickey?) or what!!

Bret Helm

Wow. This looks amazing.

Mark Reed

They debuted a ‘new’ song : “I Don’t Know How To Reach You”… which isn’t on the album. Grrr.


Was lucky enough to be at the show, which was tremendous. The Record Store Day vinyl of the Dog Man Star section is absolutely stellar, expecting similar quality from this.


ordered the signed edition! (really wish it came with a dvd, but i still couldn’t resist)