Swing Out Sister 25th Anniversary reissue has revised track listing

Swing Out Sister / It's Better To Travel / 25th AnniversaryA few weeks ago we posted a strong reaction to the proposed track listing for the reissue of Swing Out Sister‘s classic 1987 debut It’s Better To Travel. Our view was that it was rather lacking in rarities, remixes and a little uninspired.

Although band member Andy Connell was (understandably) a little miffed, he has recently been in touch to advise that the reissue (now due 16 July) has an improved, finalised track listing and kindly sent all the details.

He told us: “they’ve sent the final audio disc to us for approval, but we haven’t received it just yet. Corinne has spellchecked her liner notes, and artwork is all done. The track listing, which I hope is now final, is as follows:…”


  • 1. Breakout – (3.46)
  • 2. Twilight World (Superb, Superb Mix) – (6.27)
  • 3. After Hours – (4.48)
  • 4. Blue Mood – (4.18)
  • 5. Surrender – (5.53)
  • 6. Fooled By A Smile – (4.06)
  • 7. Communion – (4.40)
  • 8. It’s Not Enough – (3.46)
  • 9. Theme From It’s Better To Travel – (4.32)
  • 10. Breakout (N.A.D. Mix) – (7.02)
  • 11. Surrender (Stuff Gun Mix) – (6.40)
  • 12. Twilight World (Gas Distress Mix) – (6.13)


  • 1. Breakout (A New Rockin’ Version) – (5.52)
  • 2. Surrender (Roadrunner Mix) – (6.17)
  • 3. Fooled By A Smile (Ralph Mix) – (6.10)
  • 4. Blue Mood (Dubbed Up Mix) – (6.48)
  • 5.Communion (Instrumental) – (4.43)
  • 6. Dirty Money – (4.09)
  • 7. Fever – (4.33)
  • 8. Who’s To Blame? – (5.13)
  • 9. Wake Me When It’s Over – (4.34)
  • 10. Another Lost Weekend – (5.27)
  • 11. Blue Mood (Growler Mix) – (6.52)
  • 12. Breakout (Horny Mix) – (4.33)

Some of the tracks have been moved around, but to summarise the changes (in bold) from the previous track listing, Blue Mood 12″ mix is replaced by Blue Mood (Dubbed Up Mix) and an additional four rare remixes have been added Breakout ( A New Rockin’ Version), Blue Mood (Growler Mix), Surrender (Roadrunner Mix), and Breakout (Horny Mix). All of these tracks were on our ‘key missing tracks list’.

This is great news for Swing Out Sister fans and we can heartily recommend the reissue with this much improved track listing. All the singles (with the exception of Fooled By A Smile) have at least two remixes and we still get all the B-sides with Another Lost Weekend remaining in its ‘Long Version’ (although not noted as such on the track listing provided).

This expanded reissue is now available to pre-order on amazon, although the track listing still incorrectly shows the old version.

Look out for an interview with Swing Out Sister on this blog next week…

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Stephen E Cohen

Somehow I missed this very old news and thread, but I am going to comment on it anyway. I remember buying this album on cassette in 1987 (in Waco, Texas, of all places!). Even though I have returned to the New York area in my adulthood, I lived in different parts of Texas during Swing Out Sister’s commercial heyday, and recall Swing Out Sister receiving reasonable radio airplay when I lived in places like College Station and Austin (both big college towns). As the “Second British Invasion” was slowing here in the US and being replaced by the endless repetition of hits from the likes of Huey Lewis And The News, Whitney Houston, and Gloria Estefan, I found bands like Swing Out Sister, Danny Wilson, and Simply Red (who came on the scene a little earlier), as a welcome (nay, make that necessary!) diversion. To me, “It’s Better To Travel” and its follow-up “Kaleidoscope World” stood toe-to-toe with some of the best albums of the late-1980’s. If Swing Out Sister decides to “beef up” their “Kaleidoscope World” album, I will NOT miss the news next time!


So I know I’m way late in joining the conversation, but having let this SOS set sit on a shelf for a while now, I’m enjoying it at this very moment. One thing that continues to confound me, however: Why are there inevitably grammar issues and spelling errors in the liner notes to these deluxe editions (SOS and otherwise)? I feel like I should offer up some gratis proofreading assistance to make these sets that much more stellar.

Raymond buxton

does anybody know if SOS is going to put all there video hits on a DVD,i had there video disc years ago but was sold along with the player,the VID’S are great,i think they would be snapped up.


Hey Paul!
After all the efforts in getting the tracklist revised, I was looking forward to your review of IBTT! It’s not to late, you know?

Bjorn Wahlberg

Great news, Paul! And good work to point out the rather pointless release of this seminal gem of a pop album! Truly, from a 25th anniversary point of view, the ideal thing would be to release the original listing from 1987 on one CD, then add the remaining odd tracks (remixes and b-sides) on one or two bonus CDs. (Just like Saint Etienne has done with their entire output of albums.)
When it comes to Swing Out Sister, fans have always been starving for rare material. They’ve never ever released one single demo (and I’m still curious to know how “Breakout” originally sounded without the horns) let alone any unreleased tracks, which most assuredly exist in their vaults.
As for this new release, there are still many good mixes from 1987-88 not included. The fantastic of “Twilight World (World Travel Mix)” is a masterpeice, as is “Surrender (Pop Stand Mix)” and “Breakout (American Instrumental Mix)”. The latter was only released on the 12″ promo of “Fooled By A Smile”, but never released properly. And it’s a cracker!

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I’m glad to read about the updated track listing for this reissue! I was disappointed with the first offering, like many who have already responded. Andy Connell is classy and humble. Swing Out Sister is one of the best groups around and look forward to hearing about the mystery of the Twilight World 7-inch single omission in your blog. My question is: Will this 2 cd set be issued in the US? Or will we have to go online and pay the “import” price?


Ooh, cheers for the “tease”, haha! I knew there had to be some reason for its absence…look forward to reading the interview.


But there’s still no Twilight World 7″ mix?! Why on earth would this still be missing, especially when the band have taken the original criticisms on board? I’m in agreement with Tim on this, from a personal perspective. There must be legal reasons why it’s still not included, I suppose. Shame.

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Cheers to Andy Connell, what a great lad. Cheers to Super Deluxe Edition.

Stephen Gilham

It’s so good to see the new and improved track listing for this album. I still remember buying this on LP, Cassette and CD back in May 1987 and always wondered when they were going to release a Deluxe Edition. The first track listing was disappointing but I was still going to purchase because of Who’s To Blame and the possibility that the Blue Mood 12″ Mix was hopefully going to be the Growler Mix. I also own Another Non-Stop Sister, Swing Out Singles and Swing 3, of which the former has the Fooled By A Smile – Phi Phi Mix which also would have made a nice inclusion. Saying that, I really do admire and thank Corinne and Andy for listening to their fans regarding this issue. Let’s hope they re-issue their 1989 Kaleidoscope World in a Deluxe Edition for its 25th Anniversary in 2014.

Jon J

Well done for highlighting the omissions on the first tracklisting and good on the band for taking the criticism on the chin. The omission of the single edit of Twilight World is still rather baffling and it’s a shame they didn’t see fit to include some of the rarer US mixes (like the Pop Stand Mix of Surrender and the World Travel Mix of Twilight World, both of which have never made it to CD I think), but this is a much more comprehensive set of the UK mixes. The inclusion of the two Blue mood mixes will probably be enough to convince me to get this.

However, although this was their most successful album, I don’t think it’s aged as well as the follow-up, Kaleidoscope World. A deluxe reissue of that album would be great.

Tim Larkham

I’m sorry but I still won’t be buying this. From what I can see the 7″ versions/edits of the singles are still missing which is very disappointing. Also, I’m not one for listening to different remixes of the same song so unless the remastering is phenomenally good then I’ll be giving this reissue a miss.


I forgot: many, many thanks to the “SuperDeluxeEdition” !!!
With the SOS-release you see now how much power you have
with that website.
That makes me happy.


30 year anniversary of Mirage and 25 year of Tango In The Night. What more of an excuse do Rhino need? Perfect opportunity.


I’m glad they revamped the tracklist. One thing sorely missing is the 12″ remix ofTwilight World whick clocks in at 7.57 min. Overall it’s gonna be great.


Well done, Paul!
The revised track list is not ideal, but certainly much improved! Will be getting my copy then.

Now, how about SDE influencing Fleetwood Mac to release Mirage & Tango??


I’m not a massive SOS fan, but as a casual listener I was disappointed with the original track listing after really looking forward to this upon the initial announcement. I’m a happy camper now though, preorder is in.