Tears For Fears / “The Hurting” blu-ray audio on the way


Tears For Fears‘ 1983 album The Hurting will be issued as a High-Fidelity Pure Audio blu-ray on 20 January 2014.

The album received the deluxe treatment back in October when it was issued as a 3CD+DVD box set. SDE Editor Paul Sinclair helped to compile the bonus tracks and remixes included on that special edition but unfortunately none of them appear to have been included in this Pure Audio edition which, according to Universal’s own website contains just the 10-tracks from the original album.

The audio-only blu-ray will deliver 24 bit/96 khz quality and is compatible with all blu-ray players. This will be a stereo only release. Tears for Fears have officially announced that they are “writing and recording new original material to be released in 2014”.

Other High Fidelity Pure Audio discs released in January 2014 include John Lennon’s Imagine, Genesis’ Selling England By The Pound and Never Mind The Bollocks…Here’s The Sex Pistols.

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I realize this is an old thread, but are the downloads available with this BluRay via the code only for MP3s, or are lossless files available to download, too?


i have the bluray. it sounds fine. didn’t check for the glitch. it does come with a download code with mp3’s, and extra mixes.

i don’t care if it’s not 5.1, most of those mixes are just gimmicks.

this is just solid music at the highest quality.


Stereo only? No 5.1? No bonus tracks? No high res videos?
Think of what could have been done with the remaining 48.5GB.
Very odd.

The format is a great idea. But poorly executed.


So this bluray is stereo only not 5.1? The amazon page tech details list as 5.1. If it’s not, I won’t bother buying.

Mike F

*ill will*

Mike F

Interestingly, on my amazon review someone has pasted a response from Universal stating that they were not aware of the issue. Here’s what my response was:

“Thank you for your email regarding Tears For Fears’ ‘The Hurting’.

I am really sorry to hear of your defective product and moving forward, as you have purchased from another website or store, the retailer from where you purchased the above item has a responsibility to you as the customer and also a route back to their supplier.

I appreciate that this chain may eventually lead back to a branch of Universal Music, but your purchase contract is not with us and therefore, we cannot look to replace or refund for your defective item.

Mike, if you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us.”

Sorry were they to hear of this that they didn’t address the issue, didn’t say if there were corrected versions out there, and also put Issue Resolved in the subject of the email they sent me.

UNIVERSAL: This is a new glitch. It is not on the 1999 edition. Fix it, and stop breeding so much ill.


Looks like the “Glitch” is a Fault in the “remaster”. Until it is fixed I do not think it worthwhile buying this version.

The Whole point of a “Remaster” is to go back to the original tapes and “fix” any problems NOT introduce new ones. As the original tapes are Analog why are we not seeing a 24/192 version? Laziness seems to come to mind. Either get it right or do not bother.


Glitch or not (mine has it as well, and I think all copies have it) – this remaster sounds waayy better than the 1999 one.


On the comments page on the last The Hurting thread, Howard May says “The audio glitch in “Ideas for Opiates” mentioned was also on another master (24/96) supplied by UM for another purpose. “.

I’m guessing the 24/96 master he’s talking about here is the bluray?
If so, it will have the glitch.


The glitch wasn’t on the 1999 remaster either.


I guess I’ll use this version as my substitute for the box set’s disc 1.


But the new remaster sounds better than the 1999 one! Even with the glitch!


Okay I cannot identify any “glitch on the Mercury 1983 CD of “the hurting” Catalogue 811 039-2. The Area is where the Lyrics “We don’t Care” go into the Sax solo. I cannot hear anything wrong in that area of the disc. The disc is played on a Meridian 200 Transport so it is rock solid. Even if you describe the problem I doubt I could find it and I have played between 2:00 and 2:55 a few times. Hence I disagree. It was not on the original disc and if there is a problem it has been introduced after 1983.


I have the original “The Hurting” Album so If that has the Glitch mentioned I thought I would know about it. And I don’t. I will check however to see if it is there and merely that I have ignored it previously.


No offence, Neil, but I’m skeptical that a version of the CD from this new box set exists minus the glitch.

Thank you for your email regarding your damaged CD in your
‘Tears For Fears / The Hurting Box Set 2013 ‘ .

I have received confirmation back from our eCommerce team, who
advise that unfortunately this could only have come from the
original master tape as this re-issue was heavily re-mastered.
In this case unfortunately there is no way of us amending the
glitch and as it was approved and signed off by the band no
further action can be taken.

If you are not satisfied with the product, we will of course
offer a full refund for return of the goods.


This “pure audio” bluray stuff is all soooo frustrating. Sadly, another missed opportunity by the record industry who are only interested in profits, and not the quality of their product. At least when CDs were introduced, they tried to include bonus material (a few extra tracks) not found on the record. Now iTunes does the same thing (if you buy an album they sometimes throw in a few bonus tracks not found on the CD). I’m hip to their little game. I think if we were privy to how this new format was green-lit, we see a few people who were given a small budget to do this, with no marekting funds included. So they are taking whatever they can easily get their hands on, and tossing the master they have onto a BD. And presto, an end product no one is really happy with. And they wonder why they are so hated by everyone (artists and public alike)…


My advice to anybody considering buying any of these ‘High Fidelity’ discs is to do some research and reading around the discussion forums first, both audiophile and band specific, because the reviews are not good for the vast majority of these discs.

Problems to note: no mastering info, compressed audio, recycled liner notes from previous bonus track CD versions resulting in wrong track listings.

The marketing and pricing of the discs is lousy enough but the whole enterprise comes across as a total shambles once you dig into it.

Stick with your CD versions if you don’t own alternative high-res issues because in most cases they will sound the same if not better than these poorly executed releases.


I don’t know what people are wanting from these discs. What i want from them is well mixed 5.1 versions of the albums.
I have several (yes-close to the edge, yes-the yes album, gentle giant-power and the glory, the who-quadrophenia, tom petty-damn the torpedoes, rush moving pictures) all have 5.1 mixes and all are fantastic (if you’re into it, and i am). i also have stacks of sacd’s and dvd-audio’s bought specifically for the 5.1 mixes. my ears aren’t what they once were so i am not going to dribble about the texture of the ride cymbal in the left channel during blah blah blah, but a good 5.1 mix is absolutely awesome.
for 5.1 mixes i highly recommend gentle giant-power and the glory, pink floyd-wish you were here and dark side of the moon, yes-close to the edge and the yes album, elp-tarkus, jethro tull-thick as a brick, queen- a night at the opera, the elton john, rush, moody blues, talking heads, who, bowie, there’s lots of good stuff out there ….
my beef would be clear labelling of whether an album has a 5.1 mix and should only be labelled as such when it has been properly remixed. there are some that have some vague surround effect, but are not properly remixed.

Peter Chrisp

At the moment i have only one High Fidelity Pure Audio disk and that’s The Rolling Stone’s GRRR at least you get 50 tracks, it would have been nice if there were the whole 80!! Not surprisingly there are no extras.
The way i look at it can we see it change? With each release you only going to get the original album.


I think the kid on the cover has just seen the price!

Stephen Strahan

Im a bit disappointed theres no 5.1 or any real reason to buy this. Especially after the rather luxe Special Edition. If they want us to keep buying the same old thing all over again, theyve got to make it worthwhile. I think blu-ray is undeniably here to stay, I just hope they can make blu-ray audio work as a format. At least there are no compatability issues! :)


Wow! Certainly wasn’t expecting it to be THAT expensive!
I’ll wait and see if HDTracks offer it – $15 after their almost monthly 10% discount offer is a bit more palatable.


There is no glitch on my copy of Ideas As Opiates on the box set. As for that blu ray audio disc they can keep it as the price is a total joke even more so if you compare it to the recent XTC and Yes releases on the same format.

Mike F

@Neil: Are you sure? Check the left hand channel at around 2:24 – there’s a brief burst of noise.


I listened to it again and the glitch isn’t on mine. Judging by the reviews on amazon it seems only a few copies have this glitch.

Mike F

Interesting. Hopefully Universal will replace faulty discs then.


Sounds unlikely that some should have it, and some not. Mine has it, although I’m not sure if I’d noticed it myself without being pointed to it.


im not agree , is better a new material remaster on blu ray for example live paris 2005 or some tour reunion 2010- 2011 but blu ray format!

Mike F

Universal really should offer a replacement CD.

Stephen K

I had heard Universal was made aware of the audio glitch, and that future releases containing that song would use the corrected audio (additional confirmation needed – I think I heard it in the comments section of this website?). I also heard that since the band had approved the mastering of the box set, Universal didn’t feel obliged to issue corrected discs for the box set. It would be nice if the band could issue some sort of CD single/digital package for Record Store Day of Mad World, since none of the three tracks on the 12″ appear on the box set (Mad World on the 12″ is nearly identical to the album version, but without the cross-fade into the next track. Saxophones as Opiates is absent from the box set, as is the unique single version of Ideas as Opiates, which instead was swapped out with a longer version of the album version. Surely, in a post-Donnie Darko world, they could come up with a viable new release for Mad World? I think their live performances of the song are now more along the lines of the stripped-down Gary Jules version than the original Tears for Fears version. Add a new studio acoustic version onto the original track list, and viola – a worthwhile release.


You’ve forgotten the confusion of “We Are Broken” and “Broken Revisited”…

Mike F

Hallo spaceboy

Sadly you are correct. Very frustrating this wasn’t spotted/corrected. It isn’t on the previous remaster, so is new for this edition. I wonder if it will still be there for the blu-ray. I still haven’t bought into blu-ray, and probably won’t as I don’t think the format will stick. These bare bones reissues do nothing to change that.


Wow, thanks Mike. You’d think these things would be proofed! While
I’m enjoying it, it won’t be my favorite TFF album (that goes to ELAHE). It’s a beautiful box, despite this flaw. I’d love to see a similar box for Seeds of Love, ELAHE, and Big Chair.

You know what would be a reasonable solution. Give purchasers a chance to download a corrected wav file of this track. It seems something should be done…


I have a question for anyone who can help. I’m new to this album and have been listening to the box set and think there may be an audio glitch on the album track Ideas As Opiates, at the 2:24 mark. I swear it’s a glitch…

Anyone know?

Rob Puricelli

More than 50% of the price of the excellent box set and all you get is 10 tracks at 24/96?

Something in the water does not compute…


Like any new format, the industry is going to gouge the consumers who are willing to spend this much. If the format is to survive, the price should come down in a year or so(?)