Steven Wilson confirms Roxy Music 5.1 will appear on reissue


Musician, producer and renowned remixer Steven Wilson has launched a Facebook page and Twitter feed to keeps fans informed of various remix projects he is working on and revealed some of what we can expect in the near future with regards to artists like Roxy Music and XTC.

Steven has impressed with his work on reissue projects such as Yes and Jethro Tull and in recent years has been tackling the back catalogue of XTC. In 2014 Wilson surprised a few people by tackling a pop giant with some tremendous stereo and 5.1 mixes of Tears For FearsSongs From The Big Chair.

On the new Facebook page Steven confirms that he has remixed Roxy Music‘s 1972 debut into 5.1 and indeed that “the whole album and the A+B sides of the single will also be included on the deluxe edition mixed into 5.1 surround sound.” He also confirms that XTC‘s Oranges and Lemons will be the next reissue in that series.

Check out Steven Wilson’s Facebook Page devoted to his remixing project.



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Robert Schaad

Pricey, but dare ye risk a sell-out?

Released and/or shipped as of Feb. 2, 2018!!!


When will this reissue be released ? Will this one ever be released ? It’s been over two years and it has not been released yet.

I am also hoping for a reissue of “Avalon”. I would love to have that one in a 5.1 mix.


Love Roxy Music Siren
Will this ever be released?

Andrew McLean

Has this release got tied up in a legal issue – Its been over a year and still nothing released

Bob Preston

Still no news on release date?

Lindsay W

Interesting thread here … hey don’t stop me seeing Steven Wilson live (loved it) by all y’all locking him in a studio! the first four Roxy albums pushed the envelope of rock music, and from Siren onwards they converted to very good pop-rock. that’s it in a nutshell. and for everyone who said FYP was their creative peak … yup.


The 1st Roxy is soooo essential. Can’t wait. Would love the first five Roxys to be done. After that…meh. Sorry Lennie.


Has anyone noticed that in all the postings here, there are 2 things that all the bands mentioned have in common? Roxy Music, Yes, Jethro Tull, XTC, and Tears For Fear are all massively important artists, each has brilliantly redefined Rock and popular music in a unique way, and each has inspired countless other artists who came after them. Yet all (yes all!) have NEVER even been nominated for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Tells you something about how dysfunctional that place is.


actually, I stand corrected, Yes has been nominated. But none of these bands has been voted in.

Julian H

As much as I love TFF (in my top 3 with Floyd and Rush), the real joke is that Deep Purple haven’t been voted in! The most important hard rock band of all time! Jeez…

Nick Reymann

Roxy Music’s first two albums are by far their masterpieces in my book.

Ian Nipper

The fact that their first album is so experimental is what makes it my favourite.


So it’s official then: soon as we get cloning technology, we’re going to shove Steve Wilson in the machine.

Rik K

Add me to those who feel that the first 2 Roxy albums are the most deserving of the SW/5.1 treatment, followed by an expanded “Viva”. THEN, Steve should do Phil Manzanera’s “Diamond Head”, “801 Live”, and “Quiet Sun”! If he can do Caravan, why not Phil M? All of these albums are much more worthy than Ferry’s later pop confections.


The first album could well de described as experimental but For Your Pleasure is considered a masterpiece by many, including a lot of die hard fans. It sounds like you might be coming from a USA perspective where they didn’t really have resonance until they became more commercial. There are parallels with Genesis in this respect but I wouldn’t discount the less commercial Gabriel years.


Please Steve Wilson – do Godley and Creme’s “Consequences”.

“please, please, please”


The first two Roxy inventive albums lend themselves beautifully to the 5.1 soundscape. I’m rapt to read that Virginia Plain will be included (or at least that’s my understanding, based on the statement that the single will be included).

And – oh! – daveyman , how wonderful it would be to get those two Japan albums, and perhaps a few of Sylvian’s – such as the magnificent Gone to Earth.

And while it’s fun to imagine what else he might turn his attention to – aren’t we all lucky, though, to have someone like Wilson come forward and so highly raise the bar for remixing and reissuing of these classic albums? He has set a standard that is possibly starting to show the way to others in the same game.


so why did not page have this guy to remaster zeppelin


stevo where are ya buddy ?


nighty night then !


hey c mon i purchased a remastered tull benefit cd just out of curiosity . i still prefer the original ok . its my opinion . my point why would such artists wish to employ some outside source to remix/remaster their albums when for sure they themselves are best trusted to do this ? no disrespect to steve he s no doubt a happy bunny but i for one don t want this guys take on every great record made ! but somehow seems is inevitable ?


Wish he would do a 5.1 treatment on Japan’s Tin Drum and Gentlemen Take Polaroids – they would sound amazing

Ian Harris

I thought the consensus was For Your Pleasure was the best Roxy Music album?
I’m not sure I need to buy them for the 6th time…depends what else in the archive. I think I can quite happily wait many, many years before I need to hear Sultanesque in 5.1. Or indeed in stereo. Or just ever again.

Mark Lavallee

Am I alone in wanting to see Viva!, I’d love to see it greatly expanded. Any word on further Tull reissues? Too Old To Rock And Roll really could use a serious reevaluation. War Child is now more regarded as the masterpiece it is, Wilson could do the same for Too Old. Hell, even if you don’t like the albums the booklets and bonus material alone is worth it!


I hope he does ‘Black Sea’ or ‘English Settlement’ next, but equally as happy if its ‘Skylarking’ (or any of them really!)


Im looking forward to the XTC releases- so far they have been top notch. Just shows what can be done when put in the hands of someone that cares about the music. Ill also look forward to the Roxy one(s)

eric slangen

Sorry Lennie,

the first Roxy albums are way better so they have to be first.


Sorry back at you Eric, just about every article ever written about Roxy Music from every writer worldwide considers their first 2 albums experimental, a bit confused, and an attempt by the band to find it’s style. They all agree Roxy Music hit it’s stride with Stranded, Country Life and Siren. Later period albums like Flesh & Blood and Avalon are superb, but they are considered to be the band’s later more mannered period. So, yes, while the first 2 albums were worthwhile, they were more about experimentation and visual image. The latter 3 albums are what true music connoisseurs revere and listen to with regularity.

Wayne Klein

As I recall the original multi-tracks no longer exist for Avalon.
As far as the first two albums not being well regarded, to the contrary the first five are considered seminal. f+B is NOT as well regarded.


Sorry to you once and for all Lennie, I’ve never seen any article on Roxy Music that backs up the claim you made about the first 2 albums (let alone “just about every one of them” as you ridiculously remarked) and I don’t imagine you could ever be bothered to present such evidence. Your 80s reactionary mentality can’t diminish the recognized greatness of the Eno-era from anyone with an imagination and appreciation of true innovative passion.

alan hansen

like or dislike (what i would call) the different periods of Roxy Music’s work, the only one i feel that lends itself to SW reworking would be “Avalon.” and although i own the lovely cd boxset from a few years back, i’d adore a proper deluxe version of the aforementioned final outing by one of modern music’s most influential.


no news on seeds of love?

Tom M

Excellent, another Yes album is coming:

Remixes expected to be released this year, but yet to be scheduled are; Roxy Music’s first album, XTC “Oranges and Lemons”, 2 of Steve Hackett’s early Charisma albums, King Crimson “Beat”, another album from the Yes (official) catalogue, and perhaps one or two others. Further release information will be posted here when I have it.

I just hope the deluxe sets with 5.1 aren’t the mega all-or-nothing extravaganzas.

Mike the Fish

I felt disappointed with Steven Wilson’s remixing of the Tears for Fears stuff. I enjoy 5.1, but his mix seemed to offer nothing new, nothing to refresh the album for me. Was that mix indicative of his general style? If so, I don’t think I’d want to get some of this stuff. The first Roxy album is interesting, and I don’t own it. The right 5.1 mix could result in a purchase, but after Songs from the Big Chair, I feel unlikely to go for it unless it turned up super, super cheap – and maybe not even then.

Julian H

I see what you mean Mike, although I think that at least “Listen” did take on a different quality. If you want to know what his “general style” is, listen to his latest solo records. But of course, the more stuff he tackles, the better he’ll get at “non-prog” stuff, I’d wager.


get better equipment, Songs from the big chair is one of his best remixes.

DJ Control

Avalon was already given a multi-channel mix for SACD. It’s v good btw.

Barrie Sillars

No mention of further Yes remixes. The rumour was that next would be Fragile followed by Tales from Topographic Oceans later in the year. I wonder if that project has been delayed due to the upcoming Progeny box set.


Looking forward to the Roxy and XTC 5.1’s, but if anything I’m even more psyched about the Steve Hackett remixes which Mr Wilson has confirmed are heading our way…


Oranges and Lemons will be interesting – not my favourite XTC album (but I believe my favourite, English Settlement, can’t get the remix treatment as the master tapes were lost :-( ).

Wasn’t there a 5.1 of Avalon done already?


I have to say it’s one of my favorite MCH mixes. It’s right up there with Dark Side of the Moon quad mix and Hotel California 5.1. I would consider it essential. . Get it if you can.

Blade Runner

Sorry Lennie, bitte the first 3 Albums are essential. So let’s keep it sequencial.


Sorry Blade, most fans and critics would agree with me, not with you.

Trevor King

I agree with Blade.


Trevor, I’d agree with you and Blade, but then all 3 of us would be wrong.


You’re right Lenny, not all fans and critics think that the first two Roxy Music albums are their greatest, just the ones who matter – David Bowie, Kate Bush, John Lydon, Jeffrey Lee Pierce (Gun Club), Morrissey, Julian Cope, Lester Bangs, Piero Scaruffi… and let’s not forget the man himself, Bryan Ferry, who personally prides For Your Pleasure above all.


the first 2 are essential, they where something totally new kind of music experience, the others where just middle of the road pop music except avalon.


Steven, we want Country Life, Stranded, Siren, Flesh & Blood, and Avalon! The other Roxy albums are second priority.

Wayne Klein

I would take For a Your Pleasure (a masterpiece) over the bloated, uninspired Flesh + Blood Amy day of the week and Manifesto an imperfect but much better album than F+B.

Paul Kent

Let’s hope he’s signed on for all the Roxy albums. And Oranges And Lemons can’t come soon enough – Nonsuch and Drums And Wires were exemplary reissues.


Hand.Cannot.Erase is by far my favorite album so far this year but I am super jumped up (as much as an old person can be jumped up) for deluxes of Roxy and Oranges and Lemons.

Thank you Mr Wilson – bring it