Tennant extra: Neil confirms Pet Shop Boys reissue project


The Pet Shop Boys‘ Neil Tennant yesterday confirmed that a PSB “reissues project” is in the works.

He posted a ‘Pet Text’ to the band’s website with the heading ‘Mastering’ and left the following message:

“Surrounded by old tapes, DATs, CDs etc for a forthcoming reissues project. It’s always interesting to see what forgotten gems turn up! Back to songwriting next week. Neil x”

At the beginning of this year in the SDE 2015 reissue preview, it was predicted that we’d see something from Neil and Chris in the next 12 months and it looks like that will materialise. The question now is, exactly what is afoot? Will we see updated reissues of the 2001 “Further Listening” sets, or perhaps even a super deluxe box of debut Please, which is approaching its 30th birthday?

The band’s catalogue is part of the Parlophone Label Group, now controlled by Warners, who have confirmed that they are issuing a super deluxe edition of a-ha‘s Hunting High and Low this summer. The transatlantic success of  Take On Me and a-ha’s debut album have many parallels with what happened with the Pet Shop Boys’ West End Girls and their own debut LP, so a massive Please box would not be out of the question, by any means.

Leave a comment and tell us what your dream Pet Shop Boys reissue project would look like?

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[…] been mentioning the forthcoming reissues since February 2015 (see my wittily titled ‘Tennant Extra‘ post) the Pet Shop Boys yesterday made a point of updating fans about the current status of […]


Would soooo love to see “it won’t happen here ” film on a dvd or blu ray! Missed it the first time around.



So hard 9″ edit was one of my faves


Why has disco never been remastered “paninaro” is a pet shop boy classic, Suburbia(the full horror) even more so, love comes quickly on disco again is better than the single. Please remaster this Neil, and Chris. I remember seeing suburbia for the first time as a 13 year old playing on a TV screen in Birmingham virgin megastore 1986 this got me into you guys


Most of the tracks featured on Disco have been remastered and re-released on the 2001 Further Listening edition of Please, with the exception of the version of In The Night and West End Girls featured on Disco. Source: https://www.discogs.com/Pet-Shop-Boys-Disco-The-Pet-Shop-Boys-Remix-Album/release/3642919


A box set of singles would be great. Expensive, but worth it.

Don Balfour



I’d like to see comprehensive deluxe issues of all pet shop boys albums. Similar to what Bananarama did. A complete comprehensive singles box set, with B-sides, rare remixes, US & UK remixes, foreign remixes never before released on any CD, similar to the Bananarama singles box set, was the best one I ever purchased. I definetly buy the pet shop boys reissue when it gets released,

Da'Ron Brown

I guess it’s not happening this year


Definitely one of my favorites Albums in this Electronic duo, Id would like to include some originals tracks and also include an 5.1 re mastered and remixed or bluray audio issue non audio compression original master 2.0 and 5.1 and DTS-MA audio Superb!!


It’s Sep 13 and still no news about it :(


A box set of the 12 inch singles from the first album in cd single format with cardboard sleeves would be amazing.


Well, this is my first post on SDE so here goes:

I’ve been surprised at a number of comments on this page.

*No, you cannot get all of the studio albums on vinyl (at VG+ quality) at a reasonable price. Anthologies (PopArt, Alternative, etc.) are reaching ridiculous levels, hundreds of £ in some cases.

*There have been a lot of “I want this specific album” or “I need this group of rare remixes”. PSB have a huge back catalogue, set your sights higher.

I think that they should:

*Re-release all albums on 2CD or even 3CD with all the Further Listening material, and comprehensively cover remaining b-sides & remixes, any albums that don’t already have a Further Listening should be expanded with one, remastered

*Re-release all albums on 180g heavywight vinyl with original replica sleeves, separately and as a box set (like Kraftwerk have done with 12345678), remastered

*Re-release Alternative, PopArt, & Format on vinyl, remastered

*Release a singles box in CDS & either 7″ or 12″ box sets, remastered

*Compile their leaflets, pamphlets, and other previously published material into a properly sized book covering everything


And we still have the 4 disc “Aurally” sets to enjoy.


Coming in awfully late with a comment but how about a reissue of the 3-disc edition of PopArt?

Carlton Fisher

Anyone think this might be a project related to the revival of Closer to Heaven? Perhaps they will finally be releasing their original demo versions? After years of crappy MP3s, I’d love to have an official release of their original versions of the songs, including Little Black Dress and some of the ones that didn’t make the final cut.


I’d like for something similar to what Suede did with an albums box in Mini LP Sleeves and a Singles Box with Mini LP sleeves. The Singles, though, should include the appropriate 12″ single artwork and all 12″ versions, 7″ versions, b-sides and any available remixes of that single. Good example would be “It’s Alright”. There’s a 12″ extended version, a 7″ version, a 10″ version, a remix, b-sides, etc. – use the 12″ artwork, include all that you can fit on a disc. “Domino Dancing”/”Don Juan” in itself would make me purchase this box.


The Catalogue book is awesome indeed. Been a long time since I’ve listened to PSB a lot, have to get them back on my phone. Don’t worry, I’ve got all the albums (the Further Listening reissues ofcourse) in my collection :)


@Kiki & Paul S., does any of you know a good online shop (cheap & preferably free shipping worldwide from a location within Europe sending to The Netherlands, so I don’t have to care about being caught for the import duties/taxes)? I googled it to see what you two were talking about. It is an interesting book to have/own as a PSB fan :)


anyway , if they need to get back in time and be sure they will not forget a mix, they can use the “Catalogue” book !!!
After that they’ll have to take a look at their recording sessions for the unreleased material… Can’t wait !!!


yes! A Must have for fans !


Would love to see all of the 12″ singles from “Please” reissued either as slim line cd singles or cardboard sleeves cd singles in a box set with original 12″ artwork and all of the mixes of the tracks from the 12″.

Also would love if they official release the tracks off of Aurally 1, 2 and 3 as a complete box set.

Finally, a “Please” super deluxe edition with the entire album remastered, include all official mixes/remixes of tracks off the album as a second disc, include all the b-sides from the singles and their official mixes as a third disc, boot mixes and if there any tracks they recorded during that time that have never been released (they must have more and if they have partially complete songs, they can complete them now) as a fourth disc, and a finally a last disc with is a dvd of all the videos off the album and then as many tv performances as they can throw on there.


Some “No Vocal” Mixes of their songs, to sing-along.
Just like the 2nd CD of their fabulous, underrated “Elysium”.


From Actually – Vocal/Instrumental version! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nXK6u7bnNxs


Great Instrumental version of WEG is here:- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KGSkcras_QM


Pet Shop Boys ‎– Please – box3cd – original master tapes.
Two Divided By Zero 3:34
West End Girls 4:45
Opportunities (Let’s Make Lots Of Money) 3:43
Love Comes Quickly 4:19
Suburbia 5:30
Tonight Is Forever 4:31
Violence 4:27
I Want A Lover 4:30
Later Tonight 2:46
Why Don’t We Live Together 4:44
bonus tracks:
Pet Shop Boys 5:10
A Man Could Get Arrested 4:18
In The Night 4:50
Jack The Lad 4:29
That’s My Impression (Disco Mix) 5:18
West End Girls (Dance Mix) 6:30
West End Girls 7:50
One More Chance (Remix) 5:35
Opportunities (Let’s Make Lots Of Money) (Dance Mix) 6:44
Suburbia (Club Vocal Mix) 7:10
Love Comes Quickly (Dance Mix) 6:20
West End – Sunglasses 7:32
West End Girls (Untitled Mix 10″) 7:05
West End Girls (The Shep Pettibone Mastermix) 8:10
Suburbia (The Full Horror) 8:57
One More Chance (Dub Mix) 4:40
West End Dub 9:30
Opportunities (Dub For Money) 4:55
Suburbia (Dub Version) 7:58


Prefer the frankie knuckles vocal of devices!


Wow, Paul! Obviously, there’s a whole lot of interest in this.

Is there any way to get a message to Neil Tennant? If he were to remix stuff into 5.1 Surround, I’d be in HEAVEN.


Ok I have a question – in reference to Raj’s list above – where can you find the 5:37 extended mix of a man could get arrested?


Left To My Own Devices – Frankie Knuckles Royal Piano Dub Mix. The unreleased Dub is beyond gorgeous and a fitting tribute to the Godfather Of House if it finally got an official airing… Mixes from Behaviour and earlier would be my preference. Live tracks and demos all a bit meh for me.


Definitely very excited about this. I guess my only question is that if Neil is listening to masters, is he doing this for the purposes of:

a) selecting specific mixes to include (and therefore making it not a definitive version if some are excluded); or
B) reviewing old demos that we’ve not heard before.

I’m hoping for the latter and that the record company take it upon themselves to reissue all the remixes onto CD.


Neil saying “It’s always interesting to see what forgotten gems turn up” seems to be indication that they are releasing stuff which has not been heard or seen yet. Maybe some alternative versions or mixes or even demos? Or rare stuff?

I would prefer such a rarities/unreleased compilations, or if they just went on releasing Further Listening album re-releases starting from where they stopped.


if you want to include the disco mixes,
then also put these:

Officially released

Mixer: David Jacob
7″ version (4:40)
Available on Alternative and Essential
Italian Remix (aka 12″ mix) (8:38)
Available on Disco and the Further Listening bonus disc with the Please reissue
Mixer: Ian Levine
Ian Levine Mix (9:54)

Official but unreleased

Mixer: Ian Levine
Ian Levine Instrumental (6:28)

in the night

Officially released

Mixer: Pet Shop Boys and Phil Harding
7″ version (4:51)
Available on Alternative and the Further Listening bonus disc with the Please reissue
Mixer: Arthur Baker
Arthur Baker Remix (4:26)
Available on certain versions of the “Paninaro ’95” single
Arthur Baker Remix Edit (aka Promo Edit, aka 7″ Edit) (3:39)
Extended Mix (6:28)
Available on Disco and Essential
Mixer: Bob Kraushaar
“1995 Version” (4:18)
Available on the Further Listening bonus disc with the Bilingual reissue and on Format
Official but unreleased

Mixer: Arthur Baker
Arthur Baker Dub 1 (6:05)
Arthur Baker Dub 2 (5:55)



The further listening sets already released misses a lot of tracks, tho’…


just going to go with the first album for now.
this is a list of mixes released:

if you want to be comprehensive, includes these.
west end girls

Officially released

Mixer: Stephen Hague
Album version (4:45) Available on Please
7″ Mix (3:59) Available on Discography
10″ Mix (7:02) Available on the promo release Pet Shop Boys Story – 25 Years of Hits
Mixer: Shep Pettibone
Disco Mix (9:03) Available on Disco
Shep Pettibone Mastermix (8:12)
Shep’s Dub Mix (9:23)
Dub Mix (aka West End Dub) (9:31)

Dance Mix (aka Extended Dance Version) (6:39)
Available on the Further Listening bonus disc with the Please reissue and on Essential

West End Sunglasses (7:32)
Combines “West End Girls” with the non-PSB track “Sunglasses at Night”
Mixer:Manfred Alois Segieth (as Tess)

Remix ’86 (5:07)
Remix ’86 Edit (3:26)

Mixer: Bobby Orlando
Bobby O Original UK 7″ Mix (4:12)
Bobby O Original Extended 12″ Mix (7:57)
Bobby O Remix ’86 Single Version (3:28)
Bobby O Extended Mix (5:06)
Bobby O Edited Version (3:23)
Acid House Mix (7:03)
“James Brown” Mix (6:15)
Montreal 7″ Mix (4:01)
Montreal 12″ Mix (8:24)
Montreal Dub (6:45)
Montreal Instrumental Mix (5:33)

Mixer: Mario Aldini

West End Megamix (aka ZYX Megamix, aka Part 1 Megamix) (8:04)
Combines “West End Girls” with “One More Chance” and “West End Sunglasses”
Ultimate Mix (5:40)
Combines “West End Girls” with “One More Chance” and “West End Sunglasses”


Officially released

Mixer: Stephen Hague
Album version (3:44) Available on Please
Second 7″ version (3:36) Available on Discography
“Opportunities (reprise)” (0:32) A separate track on Please

Mixer: The Latin Rascals and Ron Dean Miller
Version Latina (5:34) Available on Disco
Dub for Money (4:49) Mixer: unknown
Original 7″ version (aka Short Version) (3:47) Available on Essential
Matrix Mix (aka Different Mix) (3:21)
Whistle Test Mix (3:34)
Demo – 1984 (5:08)
Now That’s What I Call Music 7 (U.K.) edit (3:19)
A unique edit with a different opening and ending, and missing the song’s first verse, provided apparently in error by EMI to the compilers of the U.K. edition of the seventh Now That’s What I Call Music collection in 1986

Mixer: J.J. Jecazlik and Nicholas Froome
Full Length Original 7″ Mix (4:36)
Available on the Further Listening bonus disc with the Please reissue

Mixer: J.J. Jacazlik, Nicholas Froome, and Pet Shop Boys
Original 12″ Mix (7:00)
Available on the Further Listening bonus disc with the Please reissue

Mixer: Shep Pettibone
Dance Mix (aka Original Dance Mix, aka Double Your Money Mix) (6:48)
Shep Pettibone Mastermix (7:21)
Reprise (4:27) Available on certain “Opportunities” 12-inch singles
Not to be confused with the brief “Opportunities (reprise)” track on Please

love comes quickly

Officially released

Mixer: Stephen Hague
Album version (4:19)Available on Please

Mixer: Stephen Hague and Pet Shop Boys
Dance Mix (6:50)
Available on the Further Listening bonus disc with the Please reissue and on Essential

Mixer: Shep Pettibone
Shep Pettibone Mastermix (7:38)

Available on Disco
Shep Pettibone Mastermix – Early Fade (6:08)
Dub Mix (7:03)


Officially released

Mixer: Stephen Hague
Album version (5:07)Available on Please

Mixer: Julian Mendelsohn
7″ Edit Version (aka New Version) (4:04)Available on Discography
Video Mix (5:11)
Suburbia Part Two (2:25)Available on a U.K. “Suburbia EP”

Mixer: Julian Mendelsohn and Pet Shop Boys
The Full Horror (8:58)
Available on Disco and the Further Listening bonus disc with the Please reissue

Mixer: Arthur Baker
The Full Horror Video Edit (5:07)

Arthur Baker Club Vocal Mix (7:20)
Arthur Baker Dub Version (7:50)

other tracks
violence Mixes
Officially released

Mixer: Stephen Hague
Album Version (4:29)
Available on Please
Mixer: Bob Kraushaar and Pete Gleadall
Haçienda Version (4:58)
Available on Alternative and on the Further Listening bonus disc with the Very reissue
Official but unreleased

Mixer: Bob Kraushaar and Pete Gleadall
Extended Haçienda Version (aka “12-inch Master”) (7:02)

why don’t we live together Mixes
Officially released

Mixer: Stephen Hague
Album version (4:49)
Available on Please
Mixer: Ron Dean Miller and the Latin Rascals
Original New York Mix (5:14)
Available on the Further Listening bonus disc with the Please reissue

a man could get arrested

Officially released

Mixer: Steven Spiro, Pet Shop Boys, and Frank Roszak*
7″ b-side mix (4:51)
Available on the Further Listening bonus disc with the Please reissue
Mixer: Steven Spiro
Extended Mix (5:37)
Mixer: Frank Roszak
12″ Alternative Mix (aka Alternative Version) (4:19)
Available on Alternative
Mixer: Pet Shop Boys, Bobby Orlando, and Frank Roszak
12″ b-side mix (4:11)
Available on the Further Listening bonus disc with the Please reissue

thats my impression

Officially released

Mixer: Pet Shop Boys
7″ Version (4:45)
Available on Essential
Disco Mix (5:18)
Available on Alternative and the Further Listening bonus disc with the Please reissue
Demo (4:16)
Promo only

was that what it was

jack the lad


Erik Vang Olsen

Some PSB 12″ singles box’es like the ones Mute made for Erasure and Depeche Mode would be very nice. Further more it would be nice, if the box’es could have some of the Japanese only versions and the lovely Eric Pryds remix of Miracles.

Stefano Dalmonte

Finally, I can’t wait


Yes it will be interesting to see what Super Deluxe Edition of a-ha.
Is it going to be like the special features of dvd/blurays when they list ALL the contents and slap on a “and much much more!”? Hopefully not.

And if someone doesn’t buy physical music, they should not even be on this blog. Sorry, don’t mean to be bitchy, but yes. If you really like music you should shun digital downloads or stuff like spotify, whatever it is. Pet Shop Boys have always released magnificent-sounding music. I grew up in the 80s, and yes, when I play new music, I am horrified by the use of autotune which I now recognize instantly, and I am just the same horrified at what is called music nowadays.


The truth is whatever it will be, it wont be big enough! I have all the further listening sets but they werent comphrehensive so redoing them wouldnt be bad idea.

eric slangen

I don’t think they will release every single mix because there are too many of them. You need a multi multidisc box for them. I prefer the Further listening series but a big box for every album….oh yes please!

Mike the Fish

I am also intrigued about the multi-disc set for Hunting High & Low. Whilst CD2 was historically interesting, it was not all a pleasant listening experience for me! Aside from missing released mixes, what is there to put on there? Was Sun Always Shines… recorded pre-Alan Tarney?


Pet Shop Boys releases “Further Listening” in a time
where other artists don’t think about 2CD Editions.
They are pioneers in many ways.
So I have trust in PSB that a 30 years anniversary of “Please”
will be much more than a simple 2CD or 3CD version.
1. Album with 7″ versions
2. 12″ Remixes & 12″ Bonus Tracks
3. 12″ Remixes & Dub Mixes
4. Alternate Versions & Demo Versions


I want PSB’s Integral … like Blur for example … A BIG BOXSET


Please superdeluxebox would be great with all the mixes, unreleased tracks + demos – add to that a dvd with lots of tv-appearances…
What I’d like as well, would be a kind of livebox – incl. the Barfly gig, Hacienda and Creamfields where they did rather different versions of their songs.
But a continuation of the Further Listening series would find me happy as well.
Whatever it is, hopefully lots of exclusive + so far unreleased material, not too keen on just 5.1 and new vinyl editions personally.

Gareth Pugh

PSB one – first issue of Literally came out, IIRC, around the Summer of 1989, at the time of the first tour and the It’s Alright single. If we were being ‘true to the time’ about it, a reprint might fit whatever they do (if anything – my gutfeel is, like many posters, this project will be something centred around Please) for Introspective.


Has anyone ever seen the long promo video by Bruce Weber of Being Boring and where can I find it?


I believe (prepare to be shouted out) this version was on “Promotion” VHS / Laserdisc

psb one

What would make me buy this again? I would imagine many contributors here ask this question to themselves often. For me, it is about the rarities, hidden gems and oddities that shed new light on a favorite record and bring me back to a time long, long ago. I had this on record, I had the CD, I have the Further Listening edition, I had the singles, domestic and import, even the EMI-America Arthur Baker Suburbia promo 12″! I now have the album and Further Listening on Spotify. I don’t even need physical product anymore – so what will entice me to buy this again? The reissue of Please has to be definitive – something most deluxe editions lack. So many lack some track – these comment threads are filled with missing this and missing that comments. Please Definitive (possible title?) must be more than just a selection of CDs in a fold-out, standard paper case. I envision something larger than the recent Songs From The Big Chair super deluxe – something larger to capture the era-defining graphic design – the album sleeves (outer and inner), the singles sleeves, the labels, the photos, the adverts (unique designs found in magazines of the time such as No. 1) along with all of the music that the album held and spawned (7″ edits, dance mixes, dubs, b-sides), demos, unreleased songs recorded at the time, the contents of the “Television” VHS, the “Disco” album, other tv highlights and interviews (both on video and audio only). A large format box would allow for a book to display the graphic design – done in such a way as to compliment their coffee table book from a while back. Was the first issue of Literally issued at this time? Reproduce it and include it. Include everything, because as many here suggest in their posts, this is it. This is the end of an era – where there are enough folks still excited about a physical product. I doubt there will be a 40th or 50th anniversary opportunity to produce an artifact. Don’t hold back Neil and Chris. Other posters make great points about not reissuing on vinyl, I don’t need blu-ray or 5.1, I don’t have the equipment. One side note: Would love for this to incorporate all of the Bobby Orlando, ZYX label tracks as they provide true insight into the creative process. Neil and Chris would do well to be 100% involved in this, ask for fan input, and listen to the final master (no repressing!). Wow us, please!

Billy Dojcak

Streaming is killing music. Buy a cd or lp.




that’s just make me laugh … Dl are only sucking compressed music, streaming is just awful to normal ears, so why just f**ing us with that ? And a mp3 has strictly NO value indeed, and who would care to collect “mp3s item”? that’s just nonsense !
Only the physical format gives the value of the music, simply because you can hold it, cherish it, use it, collect it and then see it and read it !


Well said Kiki – couldn’t agree more!


I’m speculating that it is going to be something for the 30th Anniversary of Please. Maybe a Super Deluxe Box with a newly remastered Please, Disco, all the relevant mixes and some unreleased demos. I would definitely welcome a complete singles box set, but knowing how unknowledgeable the Boys are about their own releases/versions/mixes, it is bound to be incomplete an dissappoint many fans. A complete box like the Blur 21 would be nice, with all albums remastered with companion B-side discs, plus a couple of discs of unreleased material and DVDs/Blu rays with unreseased footage.
I’m only concerned that they are taking on this project while working/writing the new album.
Can anyone give an example of what Warners have released lately in terms of Super Deluxe Boxes and the content/quality of them?


I’m not sure that the 1st albums periods have that much remixes… To me it sounds there wre just slightly more mixes than TFF for the same era… Remixes started really to explose at the “Very” era…

Gary clarke

As much as I would welcome a CD singles box, I think it would be a great shame to concentrate just on singles and mixes. Given the plethora of remixes of many of their singles, you’d be running to two and three discs for one single. That’s great news for the completist, but aurally could be very boring, and very expensive.
I’d also welcome them finishing the Further Listening series too, with maybe just an anniversary box for the debut album this year.


I want a new version of “I want a dog”, “paninaro”, “suburbia”, “it’s a sin”, “heart”, “jealousy”. And many more. Please


Can we please get a nice tidy box set of all the albums with a lovely little picture book. I’m getting really tired of buying these gigantic versions of single albums that have demo tracks that have no reason to see the light of day on disk six. My music room is about full of these ridiculous huge super deluxe editions. I want a great box set that I can conveniently store that has a great presentation of the discography. Like the Bob Dylan one or recent T-Rex. I don’t even mind it being kind of big and cool like the Clash Box set as long as it has all the bands albums and music.

Billy Dojcak

Get a bigger music room. Buy more music.

Nigel Hall

I can understand vinyl junkies wanting new pristine heavyweight vinyl pressings, but given almost all PSB tracks were recorded, mixed and mastered entirely digitally, having them all pressed to vinyl isn’t really going to give us much better sound quality than the CD versions, especially for the earlier albums given the sound of early digital recordings suffered badly from low (by today’s standards) sampling rates.


Sometimes it feels like the automatic response to any mooted (deluxe) reissue – in terms of formats – is “vinyl and 5.1 DVD”. Almost regardless of the vintage and type of artist in question. Although fresh vinyl deluxes of the PSB’s 80s and 90s work would at least be slightly less pointless than re-doing the CDs all over again from the start, when the Further Listening series wasn’t even finished!


Why would someone want vinyl reissues of the albums? Is it just me that finds them quite easily in great condition? I’d rather have those than a reissue like Madonna’s.

So, PSB don’t want to be associate with THE 80’s, or So 80’s? I assume the latter. I love what they are doing, but I can see why PSB would want to stay away from those ghastly artworks!

Nigel Hall

Album by album rereleases (à la Big Chair) please, with everything that’s available relevant to each album including the different versions, mixes, non-album singles, b-sides/additional CD single tracks, anything that remained unreleased at the time and all relevant period videos in all versions. Icing on the cake would be demos/studio material demonstrating the writing/recording evolution of as many of the songs as possible.

Given the videos were all (I think) shot on videotape it’s highly unlikely blu-ray would offer us much improvement in picture quality but of course you can fit many more songs/mixes (as well as 24/96 versions please) on a blu-ray :-)

Whaddayamean that’s too much to ask? :-)


Sounds like a great setup, although for me I’d like a smaller release to go with it (also like the Songs From the Big Chair 2CD edition) that maybe just includes a selection of different tracks from the larger boxset.

If it was to be a reissue program, I’d much prefer the reissues to focus on demos, mixes and other tracks since Alternative and Format are available for most of the B-sides (the ones missing from this could also be on the reissues). Also add the single mixes onto the end of CD1.

Package them in casebound books (although I doubt this will happen), and my day would be made. I don’t think many people would prefer this sort of release setup, it’s just my personal preference.


I mentioned The CD Singles Box on OMD post the other day & now everybody is talking about The CD Singles Boxes! So everyone likes the idea of it! I also like the PSB CD Singles Boxes. I believe this is only way we can get all different 7″ & 12″ mixes/dubs/instrumental/etc of every singles A/B/AA sides! If they do a deluxe boxset, there’s always people complaining missing this or missing that. 80mins can fit lots of mixes/versions on it. Perhaps even 1 whole CD for the side A mixes & 1 whole CD for the side B mixes. So I guess everybody will be very happy with it. ;)


vinyl reissues!