The Blow Monkeys / Deluxe reissue track listings in full

The Blow Monkeys / 2CD Deluxe Editions on the way
The Blow Monkeys’ first two albums expanded to 2CDs

Further to the announcement on this blog last week about the forthcoming reissues from The Blow Monkeys, we can now reveal the track listings in full, for both Limping For A Generation and Animal Magic.

These sets look extremely comprehensive with remixes and B-sides from all the various single formats of the era including seven-inch double-packs, ten-inch vinyl and twelve-inch records.

Dr Robert has supplied sleeve notes and the original band demos are said to sound superb, despite being sourced largely from cassette. All commercially issued tracks are remastered from the original master tapes, and the eagle-eyed among may notice the inclusion of the ten-inch remix of Digging Your Scene (originally entitled Digging Your Remix) which only received its CD debut last year on the excellent Phil Harding Club Mixes of the ’80s compilation.

These 2CD sets will be reissued in jewel cases by Cherry Red Records and Limping For A Generation will revert to the correct, original cover design.

Full track listing below.

The Blow Monkeys / Limping For A Generation 2CD Deluxe Reissue


CD 1

  1. He’s Shedding Skin
  2. Wildflower
  3. Atomic Lullaby.
  4. Fatcat Belusha
  5. Go Public
  6. Professor Supercool
  7. Man From Russia
  8. Limping For A Generation
  9. Waiting For Mr Moonlight
  10. Trashtown Incident


  1. Rub A Dub Shanka
  2. My Twisty Jewel
  3. Kill The Pig
  4. Slither
  5. Resurrection Love
  6. Atomic Lullaby (Extended 12” Mix)

CD 2

Bonus Tracks

  1. Soul Boys In Slumber (Demo)
  2. He’s Shedding Skin (Demo)
  3. Wildflower (Demo)
  4. Fat Cat Belusha (Demo)
  5. Go Public (Demo)
  6. Limping for A Generation (Demo)
  7. Man From Russia (Demo)
  8. Waiting for Mr Moonlight (Demo)
  9. Trashtown Incident (Demo)
  10. Resurrection Love (Demo)
  11. Rub A Dub Shanka (Demo)
  12. Slither (Demo)
  13. Atomic Lullaby (Demo)
  14. Waiting For Mr Moonlight (live)
  15. Trashtown Incident (live)
  16. 16. It’s Not Unusual (live)

The Blow Monkeys / Animal Magic 2CD Deluxe Edition

ANIMAL MAGIC (Expanded edition)

 CD 1

  1. Digging Your Scene 4:13
  2. Animal Magic 3:07
  3. Wicked Ways 4:14
  4. Sweet Murder 6:31
  5. Aeroplane City Lovesong 4:52
  6. I Nearly Died Laughing 3:37
  7. Don’t Be Scared Of Me 3:29
  8. Burn The Rich 4:17
  9. I Backed A Winner (In You) 2:39
  10. Forbidden Fruit 3:59
  11. Heaven Is A Place I’m Moving To 3:05


  1. My America
  2. Walking The Blue Beat 4:19
  3. Sweet Murder (Eek-A-Mix)
  4. Kill The Pig (Pig Mix)
  5. Digging Your Scene (Scat Mix)
  6. Superfly

CD 2

Bonus Tracks

  1. Digging Your Scene (Original  Version – Pete Wilson Mix)
  2. Aeroplane City Lovesong (Pete Wilson Remix)
  3. Guess I Love Her Now (Demo)
  4. Forbidden Fruit (Demo)
  5. Animal Magic (Demo)
  6. Wicked Ways (Demo)
  7. I Nearly Died Laughing (Demo)
  8. Sweet Murder (Demo)
  9. Digging Your Scene (Long) 6.25
  10. Wicked Ways (Long) 6:16
  11. Don’t Be Scared Of Me (Extended)
  12. Sweet Murder (The Smile On Her Face) (Extended Version) 5:34
  13. Digging Your Scene (Instrumental) 5.27
  14. Sweet Murder (The Smile On Her Face) (Murderess Dub Version) 7:59
  15. Wicked Ways (Instrumental)
  16. Digging Your Scene (Re-Mix – Phil Harding) 7.33


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george lennon

well done , cherry red .
why isn’t it easy to be this perfect every time?
i couldn’t buy this fast enough .
original album plus b-sides plus mixes.
same again thankyou

[…] Officially released next week, here’s a first-peak at the Blow Monkeys reissues from Cherry Red. Each album has a CD of demos and remixes with B-sides and additional mixes appended to the album on disc 1. Booklets are excellent with an interview with “Dr” Robert Howard and lyrics and discography. Full track listings here. […]


Have to agree with Gazelle i wish they would look at what they released 7inch, 12inch,10inch etc and then release them on any expanded editions so that us collectors of chart music could start making virtual cd singles of older releases.


And thinking about it further, I recall the Forbidden Fruit 12″ contained an uncredited extended version of the title track, which is also missing from the reissued Animal Magic track listing.


Thanks for sharing the track listings of the reissues. It’s a shame the following are missing from Animal Magic: (1) The Man From Russia (Jeremy Green Remix) from Digging Your Scene 10″; (2) Digging Your Scene (Longer) from Digging Your Scene 12″; (3) Wicked Ways (Short/John Morales Mix) from Wicked Ways 7″; (4) Don’t Be Scared Of Me (Short/Michael Baker Remix) from Don’t Be Scared Of Me 7″.
Additionally, I believe a ‘Cosmic Dub’ mix of Digging Your Scene was issued on a US 12″ and a short mix of Sweet Murder (The Smile On Her Face) was issued on a UK promo.


Thanks for the info on what is missing. What is “Digging Your Scene [Longer]”? Is it the U.S. Single Version which clocks in at 4:41? If it is not, then you can add that to the list as well. I would much rather have the versions which you mentioned in addition to the “Forbidden Fruit” 12″ than demo versions. Maybe save the demos for a 3rd disc. Regardless, I still plan on buying this reissue.


You may be right. ‘Digging Your Scene’ (Longer) from the UK 12″ and ‘Digging Your Scene’ (Cosmic Dub) from the US 12″ are both mixed by Michael Baker, clock in at 5:41 and are likely to be the same track. Either way, it’s not included on the re-issue, which is a shame.


Why isn’t “You Don’t Own Me” on either of these?


Wow. Thanks Paul For the update. I also regularly read and appreciate your posts on the New Wave Outpost forums. Are u in touch with Dr. Robert ? If so, do you know whether all of the Blow Monkeys albums are to be reissued ? Cheers.