The Jam / Setting Sons box set


Universal Music will reissue The Jam‘s fourth album Setting Sons as a 3CD+DVD super deluxe box set in November.

The 1979 album is remastered from the original analogue tapes and the first disc adds single edits and B-sides.

Amongst the 22-tracks on the second audio disc are 14 previously unreleased demos and alternates, along with 4 tracks from the 1979 John Peel session.

CD 3 brings Live in Brighton 1979, a live performance that has never been previously issued. The 20-song set features Setting Sons in almost its entirety.

The fourth and final disc in this Setting Sons box is a DVD that provides all the promo videos along with TV appearances including six Top Of The Pops performances.

The discs come in a 72-page hardcover book with the usual selection of photos and images of period memorabilia. New interviews and essays also features. Prints and replica tour brochure and fan club magazine are also included and the book and contents reside in a outer slipcase.

This Setting Sons box will be released on 17 November 2014.

Super Deluxe Box

2CD Deluxe

Track listing

Disc 1

01 Girl On The Phone 2:57
02 Thick As Thieves 3:40
03 Private Hell 3:51
04 Little Boy Soldiers 3:33
05 Wasteland 2:52
06 Burning Sky 3:32
07 Smithers-Jones (Album Version) 3:00
08 Saturday’s Kids 2:53
09 The Eton Rifles (Album Version) 3:59
10 Heatwave 2:24
11 Strange Town 3:48
12 The Butterfly Collector 3:05
13 When You’re Young 3:12
14 Smithers-Jones (Single Version) 2:57
15 The Eton Rifles (Single Edit) 3:28
16 See-Saw 2:35
17 Going Underground 2:53
18 The Dreams Of Children 3:02

Disc 2

01 Strange Town (Alternative Take) 4:11
02 When You’re Young (Alternative Take) 3:16
play 03 The Eton Rifles (Demo Version) 3:26
04 See-Saw (Demo Version) 2:33
05 Girl On The Phone (Demo Version) 3:02
play 06 Thick As Thieves (Demo Version) 4:04
07 Private Hell (Demo Version) 3:48
08 Little Boy Soldiers (Demo Version) 2:51
09 Wasteland (Demo Version) 2:41
10 Burning Sky (Band Demo Version) 3:23
11 Simon (Demo Version) 3:28
12 Strange Town (Demo Version) 3:23
13 The Butterfly Collector (Demo Version) 3:06
14 Burning Sky (Demo Version) 3:39
15 When You’re Young (Demo Version) 2:49
16 Best Of Both Worlds (Remixed Demo Version) 2:03
17 Along The Grove (Demo Version) 2:15
18 The Eton Rifles (Band Demo Version) 3:29
19 Thick As Thieves (Peel Session, London / 1979) 3:50
20 Eton Rifles (Peel Session, London / 1979) 3:42
21 Saturday’s Kids (Peel Session, London / 1979) 2:50
22 When You’re Young (Peel Session, London / 1979) 3:15

Disc 3
01 Introduction / Girl On The Phone (Live / Brighton Centre, UK / 1979) 3:21
02 To Be Someone (Didn’t We Have A Nice Time) (Live / Brighton Centre, UK / 1979) 2:15
03 It’s Too Bad (Live / Brighton Centre, UK / 1979) 3:16
04 Burning Sky (Live / Brighton Centre, UK / 1979) 3:27
05 Away From The Numbers (Live / Brighton Centre, UK / 1979) 4:03
06 Smithers-Jones (Live / Brighton Centre, UK / 1979) 3:22
07 Little Boy Soldiers (Live / Brighton Centre, UK / 1979) 3:24
08 Strange Town (Live / Brighton Centre, UK / 1979) 4:14
09 Mr. Clean (Live / Brighton Centre, UK / 1979) 3:46
10 The Butterfly Collector / Private Hell (Live / Brighton Centre, UK / 1979) 7:12
11 Thick As Thieves (Live / Brighton Centre, UK / 1979) 4:17
12 When You’re Young (Live / Brighton Centre, UK / 1979) 3:37
13 Eton Rifles (Live / Brighton Centre, UK / 1979) 4:13
14 Down In The Tube Station At Midnight (Live / Brighton Centre, UK / 1979) 4:39
15 Saturday’s Kids (Live / Brighton Centre, UK / 1979) 3:11
16 All Mod Cons (Live / Brighton Centre, UK / 1979) 1:22
17 David Watts (Live / Brighton Centre, UK / 1979) 4:30
18 The Modern World (Live / Brighton Centre, UK / 1979) 2:17
19 Heat Wave (Live At The Brighton Centre, UK / 1979) 1:33
20 ‘A’ Bomb In Wardour Street (Live / Brighton Centre, UK / 1979) 3:37

Disc 4 (DVD)
01 Strange Town 4:20
02 Butterfly Collector 3:55
03 When You’re Young 3:30
04 Going Underground 3:20
05 The Dreams Of Children 3:02

06 Strange Town (BBC Top Of The Pops, London / March 1979) 3:40
07 Strange Town (BBC Top Of The Pops, London / April 1979) 3:51
08 When You’re Young (BBC Top Of The Pops, London / 1979) 2:20
09 The Eton Rifles (BBC Top Of The Pops, London / 1st November 1979) 2:40
10 The Eton Rifles (BBC Top Of The Pops, London / 15th November 1979) 2:36
11 Going Underground (BBC Top Of The Pops, London / March 1980) 2:54

12 The Eton Rifles (BBC Something Else / 1979) 3:44
13 When You’re Young (BBC Something Else / 1979)


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I’d love a copy of the dvd performances . . . . id take a copy on dvdr if anyone has one lol


Its on Recordstore.co.uk for£25 now

Tony Deegan

The demo’s sound like they’re mp3 sourced to me.


I saw it yesterday for £40, now I cant find where. I cant get onto that site Alan Fenwick. Can you see if you can still access it?


Its on Recordstore.co.uk and Universal Box Set store at £40 + postage – thats more like it so I have ordered ( £6.95 postage ) but Amazon still at £92!

Alan Fenwick

Now down to £40 plus deliver at greatofferstore.com


I saw it yesterday for £40, now I cant find where. I cant get onto that site. Can you see if you can still access it?

[…] no exception and this 4CD+Book+memorabilia set hasn’t dropped below £94 on Amazon UK since it was announced back in September. Thankfully we have our new favourite Amazon Germany who can offer you this set […]


I have just ordered the 2 disc set from Amazon (even though I have the SE BBC set) and it came with the autorip feature which gives you an MP3 download of the album; this MP3 download is the three discs of the Super Deluxe Edition – BONUS.

Mark Wilson

I’ve just bought the 2cd deluxe from Amazon UK and the auto-rip was for the super deluxe. So I got the album with bonus tracks and live at the Rainbow ,the demos and the Brighton concert all for £12.99.


Agree with Ian. Ordered from Amazon thinking the second disc was the demo disc. When did this change? Feel badly ripped off!

Stephen Towler

And they wonder why people opt for illegal downloads!


I was tempted to buy from Amazon. But track list put me off. US fans want the demos and stuff not a live CD almost similar to the one with live at the BBC. This is setting sons but seems like an ALL MOD CON to me. Very disappointed, Weller what’s up?

Ian Ryder

Just had the two disc version delivered from Amazon UK, which when I ordered it all the evidence was pointing to the demo disc as disc two. It’s actually got the live at the Rainbow set which I already own on the BBC set. What’s that all about? I want the demo’s etc, not a bloody live concert I already have and never listen too. Perhaps someone at UMC/Polydor can explain how this is not fleecing me?

Gerard Mc Cavana

Agree regarding the price for the super deluxe box set. Ridiculous.
Love The Jam…..have done so since 1978…..this price is just the record companies trying to squeeze every penny….but as a few have said, they are only shooting themselves in the foot.
Long live the affordable Jam!


waiting for postie to deliver the Wedding Present bundle – 8 albums = 24 cds, 8 dvds, some vinyl …..£104. Puts this into perspective. 1/2 the price at least.


It’s their greatest record. But…the Universal Music Boxset Store (http://store.universal-music.co.uk/euro/the-jam-setting-sons-cd-2014/invt/0602537946952) seems to indicate that the second disc included in the affordable two-disc ‘Deluxe’ version is the same London Rainbow Theatre live show that was previously available with the limited edition ‘The Jam at the BBC’ collection. Which means stumping up £100 if you want the demos/alternative takes and the previously unavailable Brighton live show. If that’s right, and please someone correct me if I’m wrong, then I can’t help feel this is a terribly cynical treatment of what should be a joyous expanded reissue…


Utterly ludicrous price. I’ve loved The Jam since I was 14 years old, but I can’t afford this. I paid far too much for The Gift box set. I’m not doing that again.


I think someone has forgotten The Jam performed Going Underground twice on Top Of The Pops. The first time with Weller wearing an apron. The second time on the Christmas show where Weller is playing his pop art guitar, a much cooler looking performance. The DLT intro can be edited out!

Simon F

£79.99 at the Universal Store.


There will be a vinyl issue of the live set apparently

I’ll just get the 2 CD version with the demos


How’s it going DaveDogFaceBoy? I don’t think the second CD in the ‘Deluxe’ version includes the demos/alternative takes – it’s a London Rainbow Theatre live show that was previously available as part of ‘The Jame at the BBC’…

Don Keebles

Re: vinyl brighton gig…….I saw a photo today of someone paying a £175 for a sealed copy!!….incredible!

Mic Smith

Agree with the above. Greatest period for Weller’s lot certainly but I’m not biting at that price either.
Shame as when I read the details I was up for ordering…..


Spindisc Newcastle has a preorder price of under £90.


With The Gift I set with the two discs edition, but felt somehow frustrated. Now I am doubtful about this box too.

Needless to say, one may ask what will happen with All Mod Cons which got just a “standard” deluxe treatment years ago (the same can be said also for Sound Affects).

One could wonder why Paul Weller (and the “from The Jam” two?)does not work on a proper book (not with Genesis publications again! Otherwise things will be even worse) on the band.


As only disc two has anything of interest to me I’ll hang on for this one. The price, as mentioned quite rightly already, is on the outside of stupid. I think I’ve got most of the rest of this set, as a huge Jam fan… And if I don’t have the exact gig here I know I have at least one similar soundboard from that tour, if not more. I’ll pass until the price comes down. Then I’ll do what I always do where The Jam is concerned… and buy!


Hopefully Paul will let us know via this site if there is a suitable price drop.

Having said that Sound Affects is the one I would be holding out for…

Marshall Gooch

Will just have to wait until it goes on sale at Pop Market or some other such place. That big super deluxe version of The Gift was also super deluxe expensive–but I finally got it when someone offered it for about half of the original price. (Same with the recent Beatles Mono vinyl box, and the Sex Pistols super deluxe Never Mind the Bollocks…)

Hedley Williams

Just when I thought that The Gift was the all time winner of the most over priced deluxe edition, along comes 3 CDs and a TOTP DVD version of Setting Sons.

Tales From The Piggy Bank

John O'Connor

Give it time. The box set will find its true price, depending on customer demand – if fans are unwilling to pay the price (as with early Super Deluxe editions), it will fall. The Gift eventually came down to the £40-50 price range (a more sensible price for a box set such as this). Even HMV are currently selling limited copies of The Who’s Tommy Super Deluxe at £50 in store.

Paul H

Fabulous album, ridiculous price. I refuse to get drawn into this market for album casts offs, demos and live tracks at these prices. Weller should look at bands he ridicules like Tears for Fears, before ripping off his very loyal fan base. The 60 odd audio tracks can be downloaded on iTunes for £25 if that helps anyone.


I’d like this, but they can stick it, at those sorts of prices… There’s really no need for ‘prints’ and replica programmes; I guarantee they’re the sort of thing you glance at, and file away..
3CDs, plus DVD, with an informative 72 page booklet (no need for it to be hardcover!) and a RRP of £30 – £35 and I’m in…

Paul Benny

Great album, but agree with all of the comments on price. The record companies are fleecing the fans


Ouch, £97…! And the TFF box is £37? Like multi millionaire Paul Weller needs the money.

adam shaw

£96 ! I thought the Jam were a band for the poeple .
Its all getting out of hand , Division Bell box was crazy and now this, seems like record companies just pick a figure out of the air .

Pirate Pete

Stop buying vastly over-priced box sets such as this and they might start releasing affordable packages.

I would love to see them produce thousands and not sell a single one.


I’m still an avid disc buyer but I concur…price is absurd! The labels keep shooing themselves in the foot. I know they want to squeeze every last dollar out of those of us that will keep buying the newest incarnation of the same material but this is gauging.

Mike the Fish

That looked worth picking up until I saw the price. £96.99? You’ve got to be kidding! I wouldn’t even want to pay half of that.


Love to get this but crazy price again,