The Kinks / Lola Versus Powerman 2CD deluxe edition on the way

Sony / BMG will release a two-CD deluxe reissue of The Kinks‘ 1970 album Lola Versus Powerman and the Moneygoround, Part One in August.

The album will be paired with the band’s soundtrack to British film comedy Percy which was originally released the following year. The bonus material includes 13 previously unreleased tracks, amongst which are alternate versions of the hits Lola and Apeman, as well as instrumental demos and alternate mono takes of some of the film tracks.

Lola Versus Powerman was the last Kinks album to yield a top ten hit single in the UK. The album is reissued on 18 August 2014.

Track listing

Disc 1

Lola Versus Powerman and the Moneygoround Part One

  • 1. The Contenders (2.42)
  • 2. Strangers (3.18)
  • 3. Denmark Street (1.59)
  • 4. Get Back in Line (3.04)
  • 5. Lola (4.01)
  • 6. Top of the Pops (3.39)
  • 7. The Moneygoround (1.43)
  • 8. This Time Tomorrow (3.21)
  • 9. A Long Way from Home (2.26)
  • 10. Rats (2.38)
  • 11. Apeman (3.51)
  • 12. Powerman (4.16)
  • 13. Got to Be Free (2.59)


  • 14. Anytime (3.32)
  • 15. The Contenders (Instrumental Demo) (3.00)
  • 16. The Good Life (3.16)
  • 17. Lola (Alternate Version) (5.16)
  • 18. This Time Tomorrow (Instrumental) (3.17)
  • 19. Apeman (Alternate Stereo Version) (3.40)
  • 20. Got to Be Free (Alternate Version) (2.02)

Tracks 1-13 originally released in 1970
Tracks 14-20 previously unreleased

Disc 2


  • 1. God’s Children (3.17)
  • 2. Lola (Instrumental) (4.42)
  • 3. The Way Love Used to Be (2.12)
  • 4. Completely (3.39)
  • 5. Running Round Town (1.03)
  • 6. Moments (2.56)
  • 7. Animals in the Zoo (2.19)
  • 8. Just Friends (2.35)
  • 9. Whip Lady (1.18)
  • 10. Dreams (3.42)
  • 11. Helga (1.53)
  • 12. Willesden Green (2.25)
  • 13. God’s Children (End) (0.28)


  • 14. Dreams (Remix) (3.21)
  • 15. Lola (Mono Single) (4.06)
  • 16. Apeman (Mono Single) (3.52)
  • 17. Rats (Mono Single) (2.40)
  • 18. Powerman (Mono) (4.25)
  • 19. The Moneygoround (Mono Alternate Version) (1.39)
  • 20. Apeman (Alternate Mono Version) (3.40)
  • 21. God’s Children (Mono Film Mix) (3.16)
  • 22. The Way Love Used to Be (Mono Film Mix) (2.04)
  • 23. God’s Children (End) (Mono Film Mix) (0.49)

Tracks 1-13 originally released in 1971 / Tracks 15, 16, 17 originally released in 1970Track 22 originally released in 1998 / Tracks 14, 18-21, 23 previously unreleased

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Hey is anyone familiar with the Kinks Deluxe Collectors editions? They seem to be similar to these deluxe editions but with two differences, namely a brown strip and font at the base instead of the white, and they’re labelled “collectors editions”. A few of them surfaced (something else, Arthur, Kontroversy) in Tower and I grabbed em all, but I’ve never seen them before, either for kinks or otherwise, and can’t track down any info online?


I prefer CD’s. I say screw digital.

This is listed as Aug. 25th on Amazon US. Is it a proper US release date or is that import?

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Really???? No vinyl release? Who buys CDs anymore? Digital or vinyl please. Screw CDs!


My favorite Kinks LP for sure, I was hoping for a 2 CD Deluxe edition – but not when the second disc is mainly Percy. Kinda silly to do that don’t you think?

Kevin Thomas

Where are the two missing bonus tracks issued in 1998 on the ‘Lola’ CD? They were: ‘Apeman’ (Demo) & Powerman (Demo).

And there are four missing bonus tracks from the Percy OST 1998 CD!


Sean Anderson

I believe they’re on here. The ‘Apeman’ ‘demo’ is the alternative version on this deluxe (presumably in both mono and stereo). The ‘Powerman’ ‘demo’ is the mono version.

As for the four 1998 Percy bonus tracks, they are indeed missing.

joe dicupillo

Wish they would release a comprehensive kinks box set ala the nilsson box last year.

Chris Straub

I remember reading some details of plans for the reissue of “Everybody’s in Showbiz” though I don’t remember what those details were.

Tim Larkham

So pleased this is coming out as I didn’t buy the late 90’s reissue. I read in on the Uncut website a few days back that there are more Kinks reissues to come. Anyone any idea what they are?

Chris Straub

I was hoping to see”Til Death Us Do Part” and “Pictures in the Sand” among the bonus material. Not entirely chronologically appropriate for Lola, but they are the only tracks from the Great Lost Kinks Album that have not been released on CD. This seems like the last logical opportunity to put them out.


No vinyl release?

Chuck Salazar

…Greetings Paul, only one question…and the link to buy on Amazon US?

Chuck Salazar

Thanks Paul! I’ll be waiting for the info.


Pretty sure “Come Dancing” (from 1983’s State Of Confusion) hit the top 10 in the US.


I see the article text has been changed to reflect my comment. “Come Dancing” was simply inescapable that year – very heavy rotation on multiple radio formats and MTV.