The Moody Blues / “Timeless Flight” massive 17-disc box set

The Moody Blues / Timeless Flight 17-disc box set
The box set features CDs, DVD-Video and DVD-Audio

In June 2013, The Moody Blues will release Timeless Flight, an enormous 17-disc box set celebrating a career than spans almost 50 years.

The set comes housed in a heavy-duty LP-sized hard-back slipcase and will feature:

  1. 11 remastered CDs featuring key album tracks, previously unreleased mixes, out-takes and complete live concerts
  2. Three DVDs of rare television performances from around the world, promotional videos and the previously unreleased live concert from Olympia, Paris in 1970
  3. Three DVD audio discs containing the long-deleted 5.1 surround sound mixes of Days Of Future Passed, On The Threshold Of A Dream, To Our Children’s Children’s Children, A Question Of Balance, Every Good Boy Deserves Favour and Seventh Sojourn
  4. 120-page hard-back book including a new essay by Moody Blues researcher Mark Powell, plus rare and previously unseen photos
  5. Replica full colour tour poster and discography
  6. Replica Threshold press pack containing photos and memorabilia
  7. Exclusive Timeless Flight fabric patch
Track listings have not yet been released, but rest assured we will bring you details as soon as we have them.

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Jaz Zander

Just over the Moon about the Moody Blues being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

I hope all Band members past and present will be there to accept the honour. Justin said Denny will attend.
Finally, the powers that be realised they belong there, and couldn’t ignore their fans and petition after petition. Mike, I hope you’ll be there – that would make it complete. From Jaz

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I preordered for $336 at Amazon, but will get a lower price automatically if that should happen. Dismayed that there’s not even one new song recorded in the last year or so. C’mon guys!

adonis pavao

i love Moody Blues, the album : Long Distance Voyager, is the best album for me, i will buy this box set , i’m collector the moody blues, i don’t see the date , i’m, waiting.


I`ve ordered mine from JPC Germany £147 including P&P to the UK. It`s looking like a good buy to me.


Track list is disappointing. Especially for the price. Still missing the complete original stereo master of “Days of Future Past” as was previously hinted about. Several years ago Uni released all the classic 7 albums as excellent separate deluxe packages. This set adds nothing new to the studio recordings. All the alternate versions are available in these releases . Still missing “gimme a little something” only available on “prelude” and “caught live + 5”. All current interviews seem to overlook the previous deluxe editions. A lot of unreleased live material, but to me it’s the studio work that elevated the moodie to greatness. Very disappointed


Sorry, but a continuation of the post above: First apologize for the obvious typo (It’s “Days of Future PASSED”). Second, I wish to add that I believe it is a safe bet that the included 5.1 DVDs are the same as the 5.1 SACD versions from the Deluxe Editions mentioned above. The fact that there is no 5.1 mix for ISOALC, would add fuel to that, as there was never a quad mix of that album. Bottom line is if you have all the deluxe editions, which ARE still available (questioning the tag line: ‘Three DVD audio discs containing the long-deleted 5.1 surround sound mixes’) and do provide the additional Hi-Rez stereo copies as well, you will not be getting anything from the studio that is not already available for substantially less money. This set is strictly for the completest looking for live recordings and a few videos not currently available.


5 CDs of “greatest hits.”
CD 6 is Caught Live without the Plus Five.
CD 7 is an edited Bluejays concert from 1975.
CD 8 is an edited Octave concert from Seattle.
CDs 9 and 10 are a complete 1983 concert from Los Angeles.
CD 11 is a mix of Red Rocks and a concert from 1997.
DVD 1 is a mix of TV appearances from 1967-1978
DVD 2 is that wretched lip-synched mess from Paris 1970.
DVD 3 is a collection of all their music videos from 1981-91
DVDs 4-6 contain 5.1 mixes of 6 of their albums.


thanks – this helps alot — Octave concert tunes have been showing up already as bonus tracks on the Core 7 – only things i don’t have [that i may want!] already is the ’83 concert and Blue Jays 75.


I don’t believe that 1970 Olympia, Paris concert is unreleased. I have a copy somewhere – it is the band singing live to a backing track that is music-only.


it is not unreleased – perhaps this is just some extra tracks – not a very good concert and/or filming in any case


Current pre-order price from JPC Germany is 162 euros (free shipping).


I would absolutely love to have this, but being an Australian, I’ll have to wait to see the local price vs. the costs of importing. To say I’m optimistic of getting away with it under $250 would be a complete lie, judging by European prices. I’m also keen to see the tracklisting before I get too excited.


I definitely want this. However I already have the SACDs so the 3 audio DVDs are useless to me right off the bat. I’ll have to make a decision based on the tracklisting of the 11 CDs. If it has too many already released album tracks I may have to skip this. Which means I am going to have to pass after all getting the Skydog Duane Allman box set. Anyway…


I preordered from Amazon for $311.37 USD + tax. Since some of the SACDs are still available which would you suggest I get? If the DVD-A’s and SACDs have been remastered by different people then I want both formats.


According to interviews in PROG magazine the set will (for the first time) include the original first stereo mix of “Days Of Future Passed” in full. All previous CDs used a remix from the 70s with markedly different passages (only two or three songs from the original mix appeared on the first Moodies box set).

Paul English

17 separate jewel cases would be great. I don’t like the “CDs-in-slots” that many deluxe sets have.


Spin Records have it on pre-order at £169.99 and have had for a couple of weeks now. They package boxsets well too.

karl probst

holy cow that’s way too much money, if it was 175 i would consider but now way man that’s crazy