The Orb / No Sounds Are Out Of Bounds

Exclusive coloured vinyl with signed prints and other options available

The Orb will release a new album No Sounds Are Out Of Bounds in June.

The album features guest singers and has been produced by Youth. The Orb are offering some great value options via their webstore, most of which come with an exclusive instrumental CD of the album and the incentive of Roundhouse Festival ticket pre-sale access.

The official Orb store offers an exclusive coloured vinyl pressing, which comes with an Alex Paterson signed artwork print and the instrumental CD for just £30 which seems like excellent value. A black vinyl option with the above extras is also available and if you aren’t a vinyl fan then a CD of the new album with the exclusive instrumental disc is also an option.

You can just browse the store and search for various bundles and a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it (30 copies only) signed vinyl test pressing.

No Sounds Are Out Of Bounds will be released on 22 June 2018.

Full official Orb store options – or just visit here


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Dr Volume

I really liked the past two Orb albums Moonbuilding and C.O.W – recognisably the same footprint of the classic early stuff but going deeper and darker and a very satisfying, immersive listen. I’m not a fan of albums with lots of guest vocalists and this idea doesn’t sound like Orb playing to their strengths but let’s see. I note the press photo shows Youth (longtime Orb bloke when he isn’t trying to settle arguments between members of Culture Club or having a Dub Sandwich with Macca) but doesn’t show the great Thomas Fehlmann who has been the good Doctors sidekick for some time… so maybe that’s part of the new direction. We shall see.


what a cheesy title.

Ivo Peeters

I now notice that the instrumental disc has been added to the CD option.

Ross Baker

Thank God there’s an instrumental disc coming with this – every time they’ve done a vocal album it’s turned out disappointing.

I see we’re back to the ‘silly titles’ era again.

Michael G

Test Pressing now sold out!


Not sure I like the idea of a vocal Orb album.


Ordered the color vinyl, looks very pretty. New song sounds OK, not particularly adventurous. Hope the album is more like Moonbuilding, and less like COW.

Ivo Peeters

Are you sure the instrumental CD album is included with the CD (4th option)? There is no mention of it on the shopping page.


It did say you get the bonus CD until about 12:10pm, when I assume that they had allocated all copies. (sorry, ‘sold out’ was a poor choice of words). I could kick myself for not grabbing one.


I’ve just clicked on the ‘Pre-order CD of album’ link and it shows ‘No Sounds Are Out Of Bounds CD Album + Exclusive Instrumental CD Album’ for £15.

Peter Muscutt

Nice one Paul, love a bit of The Orb – this will have to go a long way to beat their ‘Moonbuilding’ album, which was pretty damn excellent and probably my favourite “modern” Orb LP.

Andrew B

No free fluffy little cloud then?

Michael G

Thanks have put my order in!

Neil McL

Cheers Paul got a test pressing and the deluxe bundle with This multi-buy includes:

No Sounds Are Out Of Bounds CD Album
No Sounds Are Out Of Bounds Exclusive Coloured Vinyl LP
No Sounds Are Out Of Bounds Vinyl LP
Exclusive Signed Art Print
Exclusive Instrumental CD

Weirdly there is another bundle at the same price with all above but not the first CD ???!!!


Looks like the bonus instrumental CD has already sold out :-(

Chris Miah

Yeah, I only wanted the instrumental version as well . The Orb and vocals don’t work for me either. It would be great if they were to release a vinyl version it. If the DR see this,please could think about it. It would definitely SELL . Been a fan since the first album,and that way you could even more of the album.