The Rolling Stones / From the Vault: Hampton Coliseum, Live 1981

stones_hampton2Eagle Rock are issuing The Rolling Stones’ 1981 gig from Hampton in Virginia as part of a new ‘From The Vault’ series.

Almost 33 years ago The Stones were touring their Tattoo You album and this particular show (from 18th December) was the first ever music concert to be broadcast as a television pay-per-view event.

The footage has now been restored and the sound has been newly mixed by Bob Clearmountain for this first official release of the show. There are four options in terms of format; a 2CD+DVD package, 3LP+DVD set, standalone DVD and (Standard Definition) Blu-ray.

From The Vault – Hampton Coliseum – Live in 1981 is released on 3 November 1981.









Track listings

Triple vinyl / 2CD

Side A:

  • 1) Under My Thumb
  • 2) When The Whip Comes Down
  • 3) Let’s Spend The Night Together
  • 4) Shattered
  • 5) Neighbours

Side B:

  • 1) Black Limousine
  • 2) Just My Imagination
  • 3) Twenty Flight Rock
  • 4) Going To A Go Go
  • 5) Let Me Go

Side C:

  • 1) Time Is On My Side
  • 2) Beast Of Burden
  • 3) Waiting On A Friend
  • 4) Let It Bleed

Side D:

  • 1) You Can’t Always Get What You Want
  • 2) Band Introductions
  • 3) Happy Birthday Keith
  • 4) Little T & A
  • 5) Tumbling Dice
  • 6) She’s So Cold

Side E:

  • 1) Hang Fire
  • 2) Miss You
  • 3) Honky Tonk Women
  • 4) Brown Sugar
  • 5) Start Me Up

Side F:

  • 1) Jumping Jack Flash
  • 2) (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction

DVD / Blu-ray track listing

  • 1) Under My Thumb
  • 2) When The Whip Comes Down
  • 3) Let’s Spend The Night Together
  • 4) Shattered 5) Neighbours
  • 6) Black Limousine
  • 7) Just My Imagination
  • 8) Twenty Flight Rock
  • 9) Going To A Go Go
  • 10) Let Me Go
  • 11) Time Is On My Side
  • 12) Beast Of Burden
  • 13) Waiting On A Friend
  • 14) Let It Bleed
  • 15) You Can’t Always Get What You Want
  • 16) Band Introductions
  • 17) Happy Birthday Keith
  • 18) Little T & A
  • 19) Tumbling Dice
  • 20) She’s So Cold
  • 21) Hang Fire
  • 22) Miss You
  • 23) Honky Tonk Women
  • 24) Brown Sugar
  • 25) Start Me Up
  • 26) Jumping Jack Flash
  • 27) (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction


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Ron Hatchell

Thanks for the info, Philip.

Philip Cohen

When The Stones’ website refused to sell their lossless concert downloads to American customers, I refused to buy Google Music’s MP3’s. Instead, I found another source for the lossless downloads…one that cost a lot less!!

And, if they (The Stones) won’t offer the Hampton ’81 video in a U.S.A. compatable version, no problem there, either. I’ve got modified, code-free Blu-Ray & DVD players, and an excellent unofficial DVD of the concert. Blu-Ray would only offer an audio quality improvement, since the concert’s video is standard definition(525 line American videotape).

Incidentally, the concert video was originally owned & produced by “Oak Industries” proprietor of “ONTV”, a short-lived scrambled Pay T.V. channel broadcast over selected UHF television channels in the U.S.A., but after the availability of Cable T.V. became more widespread, ONTV became obsolete. This Rolling Stones video program then became OAK Industries’ only property. Presumably, The Rolling Stones have, by now purchased it.

Ron Hatchell

Sean Wylie, that is a GOOD question. For most of the official archive site’s history, they either would not sell .FLAC files to the U.S. (mp3’s only), or would not sell us either one. REALLY strange, and, of course, a LARGE loss of money on their part. And money is going to be lost on this DVD / Blu-ray releases.

Sean Wylie

Why no US release?


15 years ago the fan site iorr.org listed 80+ differently titled releases of this show on bootleg CD – the most for any show then – so a fan favorite for sure! :-)

Rob Deighton

Do we need to buy a tardis to purchase this as your release date states 3 November 1981 ?


This was a pay-per-view show recorded for TV so the screen size probably will be 4:3 and not 16:9?

Ron Hatchell

I don’t understand why they do things this way.

This Blu-ray is a Region B/2 release.

On their archive site (when they used to add new shows), they would not sell to the U.S. for most of their history. Seems they are missing a LOT of sales, and giving more reasons for pirating, since the U.S. and other countries can’t get official version.

What’s a “I want to be a paying customer” to do?

Ron Hatchell

Yes, Lars, this is the one where Keith does this during Satisfaction.

Fat Old Bloke

I will just get the BluRay, got the FLACs already


Why do they keep on releasing CD/DVD combos and not CD/BR combos…. So if I want the CD and BR I need to get 2 different sets.

Lars Bagger

Is this the show where Keith hits a guy with his guitar?

Mike Cox

It is Keith birthday show (38th I think) and he does take a really good swing at a guy rushing the stage. From what I remember he doesn’t hit him but IF he would have connected with that Strat it wouldn’t have been pretty.

Lars Bagger

It’s hard to see if he really hits him, but he takes a good swing at the guys head with his Telecaster:-)

Mr Tim

Beats the Bootleggers i suppose, albeit a trifle late. When the professionally mixed downloads came out the bootleggers went to town with these now professional quality mixes. At least this set is waaay cheaper than the German CD/vinyl/DVD bootleg i bought (with the DVD of abysmal quality from a different show. Lovely box tho…
Top stuff this, i look forward to more. Roll on LA Friday, the Belgian 1973 show, and what else came out as an official download ? ‘light the fuse’ from Toroto 2005, Tokoyo 1990, Leeds roundhay park 1982/3 ? last gig of the tour, last till 1989, and some would say the last gig of the Stones as a ‘real’ functioning working ‘band’as opposed to a reformed ,on a tour by tour basis ,corporate sponsored package in the late eighties. No critiscm implied, just with hindsight feels like the end of an era around then..


That’s right john , very annoying , they did it with Hyde park as well , at least it’s out on DVD/blu ray as well


So are they releasing all the shows that were only available on their website as downloads in physical formats?