The Rolling Stones / From the Vault: The Complete Series 1 box


If you haven’t kept up with The Rolling Stones archive ‘From the Vault’ releases, here’s a chance to catch up, with what Eagle Rock are branding a ‘The Complete Series 1’ DVD box set.

This set contains the first five DVDs in the series featuring shows from 1971 to 1990 as follows: London Marquee Club 1971 – Filmed on March 26th shortly after the finish of the band s 1971 UK tour and just before the release of the Sticky Fingers album; L.A. Forum 1975 – Filmed on July 12th on the Tour Of The Americas 1975, the band s first tour with new guitarist Ronnie Wood;  Hampton Coliseum 1981 – Filmed on December 18th on the American Tour 1981 in support of the Tattoo You album; Leeds Roundhay Park 1982 – Filmed on July 25th on the last date of their European Tour 1982 again in support of the Tattoo You album and Tokyo Dome 1990 – Filmed in February at the band s first ever live shows in Japan at the culmination of the Steel Wheels World Tour.

With the exception of Roundhay Park 1982 (due on the same day as this box), all of these have been out before of course, but if you’re not bothered about all the various combo packages this set makes some sense. All the footage has been carefully restored and the sound newly mixed (in stereo and 5.1) for these new editions. All DVDs are region-free, NTSC.

From The Vault: The Complete Series 1 DVD box set is out on the 20 November 2015 (27th in some territories).



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If I’d only known about that Marquee Club/Brussels Affair Japan pairing! Sounds like only The Marquee Club was on Blu, while both were on CD. Would have suited me fine though…but OOP kinda kills things. :-p

Jochen Mosthaf

Brussels Affair audio CD It came as a Blue Ray + CD set together with the Marquee TV show. “From The Vault – The Marquee Club Live in 1971+The Brussels Affair 1973 [Blu-ray+3CD/Limited Edition]”. I ordered it from CD Japan (http://www.cdjapan.co.jp/product/GQXS-90009) but it is out of print now.
There is of course also the Brussels affair limited edition CD + vinyl + book + a lot of junk box set, which is out of print too but can be yours from Amazon.com for a mere $899.99, that’s less than $900!




The only one I’m interested in is “The Brussels Affair”. It’s beyond me why that one was a download-only release. I’d jump on a CD/BluRay of that like Roy Rogers jumping on Trigger.

Mark Lavallee

Shame there isn’t a box of the audio on CDs as well.

Ron Hatchell

THAT is a great idea, Mark Lavallee.


Sound is better on Blu-rays


Not sure why everyone’s so worried about blu-ray editions in the Stones’ From The Vault Series. The ones I’ve seen have come from a standard def source, which makes the whole HD attraction about BRDs redundant, surely?


Hyde Park 1969?

Ron Hatchell

Hello, Dani77

The Hyde Park 1969 DVD and Blu-ray is available on the U.S. amazon website. I don’t know about the others, but it might be worth the time to hunt one down on one of the Amazon sites that will sell a copy that will play in your country.

I am guessing (I bought it, but haven’t opened it yet) that is the T.V. special that aired in England, that includes interviews, and other non-performance aspects. There were a few complete songs (I think they were complete) aired, so those were enjoyable. First time Mick Taylor played live with them. Lots of great moments.



I’m a little puzzled by the Blu-Ray comments, to be honest.

What we see on our screens is dictated by the original source, not the medium it’s delivered in. So, a poor course won’t look an better on Blu-Ray than it will on DVD. Things don’t magically get better because they’re on a Blu-Ray.

Given that any decent Blu-Ray player will upscale a DVD to 1080p, and the sources for these likely weren’t filmed in hi-def, there’s really no reason to bemoan the lack of BR.

David Bricknell

The sound on the blu-rays is a big draw – it’s usually way better. This becomes something worth considering when you’re talking about music discs, such as these beauties from The Stones.


Again, they’re limited by the source. A good DTS track should be more than adequate, I’d imagine.

I can appreciate people want “the best of the best”, but in some cases the record companies would just be wasting money (Blu-Ray’s cost more to produce) for no gain.

Still, if people want to boycott a product then it’s their choice. Just because I can’t follow the logic doesn’t mean they should change their mind, for sure. LOL

Ron Hatchell

FIRST five? The 1969 Hyde Park show is not listed, but it was released BEFORE the 1990 Tokyo Dome and the 1982 Leeds.

Ron Hatchell

Thank you, Paul.

I guess that explains it.

My comment wasn’t directed at you (in case you thought that might be the case), but at the actual product claiming that it was the first first.

Looking forward to see what they are going to release this next year.


Simon F

Definitely one for the Xmas list!

David Bricknell

Not all of the Stones “From The Vault” titles were released on blu-ray, so a complete box set wouldn’t be possible. Worth noting too that some of them were presented (and labelled on the cover) as SD blu-rays as well. Great discs nonetheless!

Jimmy King

Which vault releases were not available on Blu-Ray?


I gotta say, I’m more than a little peeved at Eagle Rock today. No blu-ray version of this set, and the upcoming Jam documentary comes in a deluxe edition with book–but only with a DVD. If you want the blu-ray version, you have to double-buy (no release of blu-ray with book).

Not knocking the DVD format or it’s purchasers, but why make it so tough for the blu-ray fans?

Honestly, the end result will probably be that I buy neither product. I’m not going to buy things twice, nor am I going to buy a format that only includes half of what I want. I’d rather pay a little more and get everything (DVD and BluRay) in one box.

Bah humbug!


Is there also a blu-ray release of this. Then I am in….


No sign of Blu-ray?