The Small Faces / Expanded Deluxe Editions coming in May 2012

The Small Faces / Ogden's Nut Gone Flake Deluxe EditionOn 7 May Universal Music are to release new multi-disc deluxe editions of the four albums released by the Small Faces between 1965 and 1969.

The albums in question are Small Faces (Decca) released April 1966, From The Beginning (Decca) released June 1967, Small Faces (on Andrew Oldham’s Immediate label) released June 1967 and Ogden’s Nut Gone Flake (Immediate) released June 1968.

The reissues will be 2-disc sets, except for Ogden’s Nut Gone Flake which will be three discs. Each album is newly re-mastered with both the mono and stereo versions, plus related non-album singles and alternate versions of songs, many of which are previously unreleased or released for the first time on CD.

In the case of Ogden’s Nut Gone Flake, there are separate discs for the mono and stereo formats and a third disc of previously unreleased material – early session versions, alternate USA mixes, instrumentals and the previously unreleased backing track Kamikhazi.

Each album package includes liner notes featuring new interviews with the surviving members of the Small Faces, Ian McLagan and Kenney Jones.

Full track listing to come very soon.

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[…] Small Faces reissues have hit the stores. The two Decca releases Small Faces and From the Beginning along with the two […]


I am quite confused.
I own the Odgen’s triple CD reissue of some years ago. The bonus tracks are 16, in the new edition they are 14.

Then I check also my 4 discs box set of the Immediate years and wonder once more as they total 86 tracks.

Then there is also the BBC sessions CD, so Martin is not wrong in showing some disappointment.

Maybe the two Decca albums make more sense in terms of material offered?


What? No ‘Universal’ no ‘Donkey Rides’, and NO AUTUMN STONE? I love every second of the music but this is a huge cock up (the final sessions would have been interesting too)


Not so impressed about the fake stereo tracks :(

Caio Dabusti

Finally! Justice at last! I´m looking forward to the Ogden´s unreleased material. Thank you Ian & Kenny! It´s sad Steve and Ronnie aren´t around for this great Small Faces moment, but I know they´ll be smoking a joint together in heaven and having a laugh at this whole reissue. God Bless Small Faces!

Martin Maxman

Looking forward to these reissues, finally they can get the mastering right, the track listings, the presentations of the reissues of the albums and include anything of interest, but I think I did come by the track listings of the re-issues of the albums, and have to ask this:
1. Where are the instrumental versions of “The Hungry Intruder” and “Tin Soldier” to be included for these reissues. I know most people don’t like instrumental versions of certain songs, but I thought those backing tracks/instrumentals of those two songs were pretty charming, just saying?

2. Where are the BBC Performances of certain songs, especially during the 1968 “Ogden” period of Every Little Bit Hurts and of Lazy Sunday, maybe instead of adding “Fake Stereo Mixes” of songs, add actual alternative performances of songs just to fill the bonus discs.

3. Why does the “bonus disc” or the disc of alternative mixes/outtakes of “Ogden’s” songs have to be the second disc, than the third disc of the 2012 reissue package of “Ogden’s”? Why is the Stereo Mix of the album on the third disc of the package?

4. Why are certain alternate mixes and outtakes of “Small Faces (Immediate UK Album 1967)” included in the bonus disc for “From the Beginning”?

5. Will that Slow USA Mix of “Green Circles” be included in the “Small Faces” Deluxe Version Package to be released in May 2012?

I know it looks like I’m complaining about nothing, but I just want these alternate mixes/outtakes to be re-released once and for all with actual good mastering and maybe remixing, too!

Just my two cents, the track listings are okay (except in my opinion for “Ogden’s..”) But let’s see what happens when they finally come out.

steve letford

I think you won’t be disappointed. Rob Caiger has done a magnificent job and this will be the definitive collection of their work