The Smiths / ‘Complete’ Super Deluxe Box Set / News

The Smiths / Complete / Super Deluxe Collectors Box / News

These are limited to only 4,000 worldwide, with less than half that amount allocated for the UK. You can place your order by clicking here.

UPDATE 15/8/11 – Rhino UK have informed us that this ‘Complete’ box has outstripped all sales expectations and the boxes are almost sold out. Obviously, still easily available from all the usual outlets at the moment, but those hoping these will be heavily discounted in six months time due to unsold stock might need to think again!

UPDATE 11/8/11For those wondering, we’ve had it confirmed that the mini LP CDs and the 12″ Vinyl will replicate the original features of the original vinyl releases. This means elements like the embossing on the sleeve of Strangeways and the poster in Rank will be present and correct.


Rhino Records UK are to release The Smiths – Complete a Super Deluxe Box Set in October.

It will feature all eight albums remastered from original tapes by Johnny Marr and Frank Arkwright. These include the compilations, so the albums are The Smiths, Hatful of Hollow, Meat is Murder, The Queen is Dead, The World Won’t Listen, Louder Than Bombs, Strangeways Here We Come and Rank.

The albums are presented as Mini-LP CDs (ie vinyl replica) in gatefold card wallets AND 180g heavyweight vinyl (5 singles, 3 doubles)

As if that wasn’t enough you also get all 25 Smiths singles on 7inch vinyl with “specially produced rarities”.

The Smiths – Complete will also include:

  • • 36inch x 24inch Poster of the album and single cover artwork
  • The Complete Picture – a DVD featuring all of the band’s videos
  • • Eight page 12inch booklet
  • • Eight x 12inch art prints of each album cover
  • • Download code for the entire contents on MP3

This Super Deluxe Box takes the form of a “heavyweight trunk”, is individually numbered and limited to 3000 copies worldwide, and is available to order from Rhino here.

Retailing at £250 it’s going to be beyond the budgets of most, but thankfully Rhino will also be releasing a box containing just the 8 CDs which is on offer here on their website for a wallet-friendly £35.

Alternatively if you just want the vinyl, there is a vinyl-only option (doesn’t include the singles, and is limited to only 1000 copies worldwide) which costs £150. This can be purchased here.


SuperDeluxeEdition.com helps fans around the world discover physical music and discuss releases. To keep the site free, SDE participates in various affiliate programs, including Amazon and earns from qualifying purchases.


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Are the remastered LP’s taking the british tracklisting? Meaning no “How soon is Now” on Meat is Murder or “This Charming Man” on the self titled album?

I know those tracks will be included on th cimpilation vinyls, but was curious about the proper albums themselves.



We sort of did have those anniversary editions of all Bowies…adding extra discs …with the exceptions of Man Who Sold the World and Hunky Dory… So I was just curious.

The thing with the Smiths’ set is, Johnny Marr said “The thing with the Smiths is, there isn’t a lot of ‘shit’ laying around. It had to be great before we’d allow it to be put on tape.”

Noel Gallagher said “I met Johnny Marr and he told me there’s nothing else. We have heard all of what the Smiths recorded… Therefore, you’ll never get a ‘SMITHS: THE LOST TAPES’ CD…”

There were a few instrumental recordings Johnny scrapped that were put on bootlegs… and we have those demo versions and BBC recordings like “What Do You See In Him”, but there isn’t a bunch of extra stuff.

I like the box because it’s cool and nostalgic and the Smiths deserve remasters. I hate the MP3-only world where people “settle” for low, compressed sound. But then, in the 80s, many people were perfectly fine with dodgy cassettes too, right? So not that much has changed.

My point with Adey, who is indeed entitled to his opinion, is this: I can denounce Mercedes. But i don’t. Just because I cannot afford a Mercedes, it doesn’t mean that it’s a piece of shit. It means that I can’t afford it. Why should I go around telling everyone it’s a piece of shit? I mean, I have to right to say it, but it’s not backed up. That’s my problem with it. These Super Deluxe Editions, especially limited ones, they’re not targeted at everyone.. only at 4,000 diehard, right? He doesn’t have to buy it. That’s all. Again. think of the Mercedes example.


THESE SUPERDELUXE EDITIONS ARE A FALSE ECOMONY they are overpriced and are full of stuff most people dont want or need.
you can put embossed artwork on them etc. etc. but at the end of the day they ARENT original issues, they are worthless overpriced reissues with the rhino logo on them. they are marketed as collectors items. many people buy them with a view to keeping them as an investment but if they are reissues they wont go up in value- just look on ebay/ amazon at smiths 1990s reissue cds theyre worthless and even the original rough trade 12″ vinyl releases dont go for much. the complete smiths dvd can be bought for around 99p plus postage on ebay!!!
if people are moaning about the £250 price tag now youre not gonna sell the collection at a profit. theres not even any new music on them. they will probably end up half the price after christmas.
look around at the u2 superdeluxe set for their 360 dvd theyre still on sale and people arent buying them (btw im using this as an example im not saying im a u2 fan!)

im not trying to offend anyone on here just giving my honest opinion based on the music collection ive built up over the past 20 years.
i know there are some guys on here who have a genuine passion for the new vinyl stuff who intend to buy it but personally i think this boxset is a cynical money making exercise- how many people already bought the 7″singles set a couple of years ago and have waited for the second box to be released only to find out its been ditched in favour of an overpriced so called super deluxe set?.
i bought the cd version of the singles box and would have loved to have another little box of singles to go with it. why cant they just give people what they want?
11 compilation albums already released from a band- almost 3 tiimes the number of studio albums they recorded!!! havent they any rare tracks to sell to us or are they just going to flog us the same stuff repackaged in a different way time and time again?
btw the £35 album boxset looks ideal for smiths newbies!!!


thank God I’m not Adey… You dont like it? You don’t have to buy it…

And by the way… I have all original Smiths… on vinyl… on Rough Trade…not on Warners… all original, all near-mint… 7″, and 12″… I love the re-issues… a project overseen by Johnny Marr.

Also, PAUL – do you find it strange why Bowie has ignored a 40 year Anniversary Re-issue of what I – and many others – consider his greatest record ever “Hunky Dory”? Hoping your answer is, “Coming soon…” But I haven’t heard anything!


Is there a way to find out what the attention to detail is on the mini-LPs? Here’s why I ask:
They issued Japan Mini-LPs of the SMITHS in 2007. The artwork for “STRANGEWAYS…” had the Smiths letters raised and embossed just like the original Rough Trade release… The copy of RANK, the Japan Mini LP version, came with the same poster that came with the original vinyl release… hoping for same attention to detail…


Paul – this is great news! I REALLY appreciate you checking! This site is absolutely amazing. It’s been a long time since anyone has given Suede the credit they are due, and you have… which is nice to see.

I also love Super Deluxe editions if they’re done properly. However, they’re sometimes expensive… Having all of the details really helps me decide, “Do I get the 2CD version? The Super Deluxe version, etc… ” Though, honestly, as good of an album ACHTUNG BABY was, there’s nothing you could write to convince me to get the Uber Edition :) Anyway, thanks for this site…


Hi…YES… I’m absolutely buying the grandest version of The Smiths box available…

I think it’s a wonderful box… I love that Johnny Marr is involved… Sure, it’s expensive and nothing is added, but I’m the self-proclaimed biggest Smiths fan in the U.S.

I don’t cae about over-used phrases like “Cash-grab”. I don’t really want to love in a world of Download-only anyway. The Smiths changed my life. They’re the most important band to me and there is no way I wasn’t buying this. I love the attention to detail. I am 41 and make a decent income so it’s not so devestating for me… I am also a huge fan of remastering… Sometimes Remastering is done poorly, sometimes it’s done properly… If you look at the Beatles and Paul McCartney reissues, they sound fantastic… sometimes they’re done very poorly… QUEEN Absolutely Greatest, released on EMI in 2009 were pitchy and screechy and horrible! Yet, the new ISLAND re-issues for QUEEN, remastered by Bob Ludwig… those are AMAZING! So anyway, I am hoping that these remasters will shine like the newest 2011 Queen releases… Vs. the “Loudness wars”. So, yes, THE SMITHS COMPLETE SUPER DELUXE BOX is on pre-order.


my goodness. the typos.. I meant “I don’t want to LIVE in a Download-Only world…”

Also, to add, if Morrissey tells me not to buy it, that doesn’t influence me…
I used to hang on every word he said, but I’m not missing out on this, and I’ve held concert tickets for him here in the San Francisco Bay area for SEVEN shows since “You Are The Quarry” and he’s canceled on me FOUR of those! FOUR TIMES!