The Style Council / Classic Album Selection 6CD box set

classic albums box

Universal Music will release a Style Council Classic Albums Selection box set on 15 July 2013.

The six-CD set will include all five Style Council albums (including the unreleased-until-1998 Modernism: A New Decade) as well as the mini-LP that gathered up a few early singles and B-sides, 1983’s Introducing The Style Council.

The packaging should be familiar enough if you’ve bought similar sets before. The six CDs come in card ‘vinyl replica’ sleeves and reside within a a rigid slipcase. There are no booklets at all with this release.

Box contains the following:

  • 1. Introducing The Style Council
  • 2. Cafe Bleu
  • 3. Our Favourite Shop
  • 4. The Cost Of Loving
  • 5. Confessions Of A Pop Group
  • 6. Modernism: A New Decade

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Interestingly, the product description in the Amazon UK link states that the ‘Modernism: A New Decade’ disc features ‘Promised Land’. However, ‘Promised Land’ was not part of the original track listing for ‘Modernism…’ (which comprised of ‘A New Decade’, ‘Can You Still Love Me?’, ‘The World Must Come Together’, ‘Hope (Feelings Gonna Getcha)’, ‘That Spiritual Feeling’, ‘Everybody’s On The Run’, ‘Love Of The World’ and ‘Sure Is Sure’).


Any idea why this went out of print?


Personally like Modernism, it was an lp of its time.


For the price, you can’t really complain I suppose….it looks neat and stylish (especially the main case), if a little basic, and you get the Modernism album in its own sleeve (rather than just the tracks included on the boxset, as before).

Paul Kent

“Modernism: A New Decade” is NOT a classic album! :D


Very excited for this to come out next month. I guess this now answers my question I posted under The Jam’s Classic Album Selection entry!

Paul English

No – the Complete Adventures box has a large selection of b-sides etc.

This doesn’t.

Won’t be buying this. I already own five copies of these albums.

Paul H

Nearly every TSC release has followed a format of an earlier Jam campaign but the one that is missing but I would love personally is the singles box set (45 RPM parts 1 and 2 f or the Jam)


I’m not a big fan of Paul Weller, but this is a must have box-set for all 80’s music lovers. Great value for the price.


Is this an updated reissue of the Complete Adventures box set from 1998 ?