The Verve / A Northern Soul 2LP vinyl


Another sought-after and very expensive rarity will lose its value overnight, since Universal Music will reissue The Verve‘s second studio album, A Northern Soul, as a 2LP vinyl set in August.

Like many long-players of this era, the 1995 album received only a very limited release on vinyl in the UK and only came out on CD and cassette in the States. The original vinyl is therefore VERY expensive on the used market.

Three singles were issued from A Northern Soul: This Is Music, On Your Own and History. They were all top 40 hits although none of them managed to penetrate the UK top 20. Big hits would come of course, from 1997’s Urban Hymns (three top 10 singles, including a number one).

This double vinyl set of A Northern Soul is slated for release on 26 August 2016.



Side One
1. A New Decade
2. This Is Music
3. On Your Own
4. So It Goes

Side Two
5. A Northern Soul
6. Brainstorm Interlude
7. Drive You Home

Side Three
8. History
9. No Knock on My Door
10. Life’s an Ocean

Side Four
11. Stormy Clouds
12. (Reprise)

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Steve Burke

For any other readers, that Japanese 3LP set is an unofficial boot with unknown source origins but very definitely not original masters from the label.

Schuyler Deal

I just bought the Japanese triple vinyl reissue of A Storm in Heaven. It contains the entire album along with b-sides and demos. I hope they do the same with this reissue. I want to hear Great Skies on a record and not a cd single. (it was put on the History single)

Schuyler Deal

Ugh, I meant Grey Skies. GREY SKIES!!! (it’s my personal favorite Verve song…)

Steve Burke

Looks like an official cover is up on Amazon now as it lists the catalogue #, UMC / Virgin EMI and “Remastered 2LP 180g”

Now we just need source lineage, remastering credit and pressing house info. Come on Virgin!

High rez image – http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/A15n4ZLKuHL._SL1500_.jpg


I got the original when it came out when I was 15. As I bought it as just a record (not a collectible or something precious) and probably no more than £10, it’s been played to death for 21 years, moved from house to house and the beautiful silver cover has definitely seen a bit of wear. So my reissue will have to be my pristine copy…

wayne klein

I really would like to see expanded editions of the albums–vinyl, CD, DVD, Blu-ray, etc. with the promotional videos for each album and concerts.

A pity that no one is thinking that far ahead.


Great news. I had a $200 copy of this sitting in my Discogs just waiting for me to summon up the courage to pull the trigger. Love this album but not so much I need an original. Still prefer A Storm In Heaven though, and that fabulous run of non-album singles like Gravity Grave and She’s A Superstar, but A Northern Soul is great, and as for Urban Hymns – never want to hear it again (worked in a record shop throughout the 90s).

Steve Burke

John Leckie mentioned in a gearslutz Q&A session to me years ago when The Stone Roses 20th was coming out that he’d love to do a 5.1 mix of A Storm in Heaven. I can only dream…


Great news! I would love to see a Deluxe reissue of their first album – “A Storm In Heaven” with extra studio/live tracks and a DVD. Is that too much to ask?


I own an original vinyl pressing, too, and no matter if its value wil decrease or not, think i’ll buy this reissue just to put my original in a safe (lol).
Howeer, there are a few things i’d like to know:
1) the masters unuversal will use
2) remastered?
3) who is gonna cut it and where
4) where is gonna get pressed: i part for Germany’s Optimal Media, i don’t like -at all- how GZ in CZ handles and packs the stuff.


I’ve got an original – one of the nicest LP packages I own… Glad to see it being reissued even if it does affect value of first pressings; it’s probably their best record.


Big big news! Reissue of the year for me!!!

Paul Wren

I wonder if this will feature the superb, shiny silver foil effect border or margin around the edge of the front sleeve image. Trying to find an original copy with unmarked silver border has always been the objective for those who wanted an original vinyl copy.
Sure, original vinyls will be impacted by reissues but only in the sense that they may take longer to sell at somewhere near their pre reissue values. Serious collectors will always want the first pressing, particularly if the sleeve artwork varies to the reissues.


It would be interesting to make a bit of a study of this point. Do re-releases indeed decrease the value of rare original pressings and to what extent? My feeling is they do, but I don’t really have the data to back this up.

MC Miker G

Vinyl reissues don’t really cause original issues to “lose their value overnight”. The original vinyl of “Amused to Death” still commands prices of £150 upwards, despite the reissue last year. Serious collectors will always prefer the original (although will almost certainly buy the reissue as well!)

Steve Burke

I think it depends a lot on how the reissue is done, if this got a description like “Cut and mastered from the original analogue stereo tapes by Bernie Grundman and pressed at RTI” then the original would most likely lose value. If we get no source info, the original will probably stay exactly the same.

Rich Morgan

Yep, “lose their value overnight” is a very heavy handed remark to make. It’s like saying that a black and gold stereo first edition of Please Please Me became worthless in 2009 when it was reissued

Allen Rendel

Very enthused about this.


If this means they’ll also bring out A Storm In Heaven on LP I’ll probably pass out with excitement.

Charles K.

Forget my question, it’s way early in States right now and just read that horribly wrong.

Charles K.

Wait, it only came out on CD and cassette in the US? Can someone expand on that please? Either way it’s about time for a vinyl reissue. As much as I love Urban this one was always my favorite.

Donal O'Connell

Great spot – the best Verve album. I saw a copy of it second hand once but was £50 quid and was missing the inserts which mirrored the paper sleeve CD packaging so for once resisted.
I wonder if the packaging will be the same for the reissue?

Sylent Syd

Yes! Been wondering for awhile if this one was available on wax. Very much looking forward to this


I was only yesterday that I watching an interview with Richard Ashcroft and thought if ever a band was due a good reissue campaign, its The Verve.