The Who Hits 50 / new compilation


As part of The Who‘s 50th anniversary celebrations (which include a 2014 British Tour) a new compilation will be issued later this year.

The appropriately titled The Who Hits 50 will contain two CDs with tracks from across the band’s career. There will be a single CD edition as well, but at the moment no sign of a 50-track version for 50 years (which is what The Rolling Stones did with GRRR!).

This collection is a likely candidate for release on the Pure Audio blu-ray audio format, but there is no confirmation of that at the time of writing. What this space for further news.

The Who Hits 50 will be released on 27 October 2014.

*Update 2/11/14: 2LP coming early next year. No confirmation of blu-ray audio as yet.


2CD Edition


2LP Vinyl Edition

Track listing

Disc 1

  • 1 “Zoot Suit” (as The High Numbers)
  • 2 “I Can’t Explain”
  • 3 “Anyway Anyhow Anywhere” (mono)
  • 4 “My Generation” (mono)
  • 5 “Substitute” (single version)
  • 6 “The Kids Are Alright” (mono)
  • 7 “I’m A Boy” (mono)
  • 8 “Happy Jack” (single version)
  • 9 “Boris The Spider” (new remix)
  • 10 “Pictures Of Lily”
  • 11 “The Last Time”
  • 12 “I Can See For Miles”
  • 13 “Call Me Lightning”
  • 14 “Dogs”
  • 15 “Magic Bus” (mono)
  • 16 “Pinball Wizard”
  • 17 “I’m Free”
  • 18 “The Seeker” (edit)
  • 19 “Summertime Blues” (live at Leeds 1970)
  • 20 “See Me, Feel Me” (single version)
  • 21 “Won’t Get Fooled Again” (single edit)
  • 22 “Let’s See Action”
  • 23 “Bargain”
  • 24 “Behind Blue Eyes”

Disc 2

  • 1 “Baba O’Riley”
  • 2 “Join Together”
  • 3 “Relay”
  • 4 “5:15”
  • 5 “Love Reign O’er Me” (remastered)
  • 6 “Postcard”
  • 7 “Squeeze Box”
  • 8 “Slip Kid”
  • 9 “Who Are You” (single edit)
  • 10 “Trick Of The Light” (edit)
  • 11 “You Better You Bet”
  • 12 “Don’t Let Go The Coat”
  • 13 “Athena”
  • 14 “Eminence Front”
  • 15 “It’s Hard”
  • 16 “Real Good Looking Boy” (radio edit)
  • 17 “It’s Not Enough”
  • 18 “Be Lucky”

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Any new about this album in Blu-ray audio?


Please, now, we need to have a deluxe version of A QUICK ONE !!!!!!


I swear, The Who are in danger of becoming The Style Council—who have had at least twice as many compilations released as they’ve had bona-fide albums…

John Mason

About freakin’ time Relay made the cut after over a DOZEN chances wasted over the years. My only wish is that not only is it also remastered (which is a gimme), but that it’s NOT meshed together with the end of Join Together like the 30 Years of Maximum R & B boxed set did so UN-helpfully, cause that would be a colossal rip-off.


Oh there is a 42-track Blu-ray edition coming out….

Dieter Petzold

A compilation at the occasion of 50 years makes only sense if
-tracks are chosen that are either longer versions (like Magic Bus), rare mono or stereo mixes, unique single versions differing from albums, and (additional) tracks that only a few ardent fans already possess.Especially on a 2-disc CD. It can´t really be a hastily compiled best of like so many others before. Such a CD should be the last word on that matter and not any stupid compromise. It has to be approved by specialists on that field and not only some record company guy. Why not invest a bit of research for such a project? If it´s out it´s too late to change.So get your grey cells working, people in charge!

Ian Morill

Hope the ‘magic Bus’ is the full length version that featured on the initial vinyl release of ‘Meaty Beaty Big & Bouncy’ but was only the edited version on the CD release.


It sounds like more a singles A-Sides collection that a greatest hits album. Maybe it’s the reason that the single edit of “Won’t get fooled again” is here on this complitation. In the same case with songs like “Relay”, “Dogs”, “Trick of the light” or “Slip Kid”. I think it’s not like “The Ultimate Collection” the best Wh0’s compilation, but this compilation is different, interesting.


Good to see Relay get onto a compilation at last

Ian Grimshaw

Absolutely agree about Relay . The only compilation in recent times that it appeared on was a Japanese SACD only compilation .

[…] appears that The Who‘s 50th anniversary release ambitions lie beyond a simple two-CD Who Hits 50 […]


Funny, you musta taken this from when I posted the tracklisting on the Hoffman board. Because I made the mistake of posting “Baby O’Riley” instead of “Baba O’Riley”….ha! Thanks for attributing where you found the info!


Generally I hate edits but I really hate butchered edits. You can’t take a 9 minute track and cut it down to 4 minutes and have the same effect.
Won’t bother with this one unless there is a Blu-ray audio release.


the single edit of Won’t Get Fooled Again is one of the greatest ever crimes in the history of rock.

paul burt

DOGS RELEASED ON rarities vol 1 and 2 on CD in 91(?) , got it but not seen it since! I think Slip Kid was released on The Story of The Who, a compilation from 1975….


I like the cover, a lot. I’ll buy this eventually, just being a completist. I’ll wait till it hits that £10 sweet spot though.

Paul Kent

The Ultimate Collection wasn’t that ultimate, then?

John. Murray

I’m pleased to see that ‘Slip Kid’ finally makes an appearance on a Who compilation – a bit of a lost minor classic in my opinion, and infinitely better than the ghastly ‘Squeeze Box’ which was inexplicably the lead single from ‘By Numbers’ in the UK…

Mic Smith

I only own 3 original who albums – Tommy, Who’s Next and Quadrophenia, plus the Who’s Better Who’s Best compilation from nearly 25 years ago.

I was thinking of getting a new compilation to be honest so if this one isn’t worth getting which one is? It needs to cover the sixties period in particular. Not interested in anything after Moon passed.


I wonder if this will be the final track list since it has been removed from the Universal’s site and replaced with TBC-status.
Anyway, I can’t see myself getting yet another compilation. Come to think of it, why don’t they release a 50 CD box set of previously released “Best Of” discs. :)


Original mix or remix 2014? Subtitute first time in stereo? New song?


Meaty Beaty Big and Cut it Out. Enough already.


Don’t need another comp, we need Who’s Next to get the royal treatment.


Who’s Next has gotten the royal treatment at least twice, if not more. So has “Who Sell Out” and “Quadrophenia”. And the world doesn’t need another Who’s Greatest Hits. How many is that now? I mean really, how many Who’s Greatest Hits are there? Pathetic. The Who died in 1978, the Who are not 50. And they definitely kicked it when the Ox left this earth…..this isn’t the Who, it’s Daltrey and Garfunkel.

Hey, how long before Pete starts whining about how Roger forced him into doing the reunion track, and how much he hates playing, playing with Roger, playing with the Who……how long before they announce yet another farewell tour.

At least they had the honesty to call their third album “Who Sell Out”.

Led Wars

The tracklist is decent enough but do we need yet another Who best-of? Especially with cover art as wretched as this. Paul H is right. I get the “target” and pop-art reference but the Lichtenstein style isn’t something The Who ever used, is it? Am I missing something here or is this just crass?

Paul H

I know this is an inane comment but I really don’t like the sleeve art

Joao Costa

I hope they include “I Can See For Miles” original mono single mix!

Stan Butler

At last “Dogs” makes it on to a Who compilation. Apart from the 94 box set, I’ve never seen it anywhere else on CD.

Should have culled a track to get the full Won’t Get Fooled Again in. A third disc would have solved this and I agree with Paul 50 tracks would have been nice, though it seems limited to singles (plus the ubiquitous Boris), whereas the Stones threw in album tracks to the 3CD Grrr, which sells for under £10 these days.

There’s no need for another single disc compilation with the same old tired track listing.

Who’s this Baby O’Riley by the way?


Dogs appeared on the Spirit of Joy (tracks from the Polydor Underground) box set a couple of years ago.

Daniel Brain

The same with Relay! :D