The Who / Live in Hyde Park deluxe


The Who‘s 2015 June 26th show at London’s Hyde Park will be issued as a four-disc deluxe book set in November, along with other special editions.

In their fiftieth anniversary year, the band played to a crowd of 50,000, delivering a set jam-packed with hits. It was all filmed in HD of course, and the deluxe edition features two-CDs of audio, a blu-ray and a DVD of the concert housed in a 60-page hardcover book. This is just £30 on Amazon France which is the best price at the moment.

Further DVD+2CD, DVD+3LP, 2CD sets and individual blu-ray and DVD releases will be available to pre-order soon.

Live in Hyde Park is out on 20 November 2015


The Who / Live in Hyde Park deluxe

Deluxe Edition: Book + 2CD+Blu-ray+DVD

The Who / Live in Hyde Park deluxe





  • 1) I Can t Explain
  • 2) Who Are You
  • 3) The Kids Are Alright
  • 4) Pictures Of Lily
  • 5) I Can See For Miles
  • 6) My Generation
  • 7) Behind Blue Eyes
  • 8) Bargain
  • 9) Join Together
  • 10) You Better You Bet
  • 11) I m One
  • 12) Love Reign O er Me
  • 13) Eminence Front
  • 14) Amazing Journey / Sparks
  • 15) Pinball Wizard
  • 16) See Me, Feel Me / Listening To You
  • 17) Baba O Riley
  • 18) Won t Get Fooled Again

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I was at Hyde Park and was absolutely blown away by their performance. The crowd was fantastic, it was a a perfect day. And of course weller was his beautiful self

Willy Raubach

I was there, along with my daughter and son-in-law. It was a bucket list item and I will certainly be buying my own memories on DVD.


It appears that The Who store has the cheapest price for the 3LP+DVD version at at 28.99.


andrew R

They weren’t very good at hyde park or glastonbury .Roger daltrey in particular still obviously thinks he cuts it and Townshend goes along
because he has just finished a very expensive restoration of the manor house he bought. I got fed up with the current incarnation of the Who and
their attitude to their back catalogue years ago .Iam sorry but for a band steeped in pop art that cover is atrocious . No sale!

Rob Deighton

The UK bluray link doesn’t appear to work ;)


Deluxe book still at £23 at Amazon UK. Just ordered one


Deluxe book edition is only £23 at Amazon UK


Another odd one. why are there CD/DVD combos but not as common CD/BR combos – although this release will get it.


I was at this magnificent concert. Happily had a great position. I was surprised to learn later of The Who’s disappointment with the Hyde Park audience. Perhaps this was why there was no encore? They were much happier with Glastonbury two days later.


Sorry but the crowd were great at HP & importantly the sound was excellent – far superior than Glasto hence this release !

Benn Kempster

This is a sop release covering for Trinifold’s failure to deliver the career spanning box set announced earlier this year. As a 50th anniversary, there has been precious little to celebrate in terms of the history of the band; you’d never believe the band existed before 2002. Will be surprised if any of these sets shift 10k units. Sad times for fans and collectors.


Again. why bother with both BR and DVD in the same package.
I am guess limited or no extras.

Alan Blevin

There was a UK release of an LP sized Sweet Summer Sun that contained BR,DVD and 2 CD’s.I’m looking at it now on my shelf.
Only pity with the setlist here is there is not at least one rarity/non hit to spice it up a bit.Loved Naked Eye on the Shea Stadium concert that was released this year for example.
Anyway regardless of format and set list I am in for this.Also looking forward to seeing the contents of next year’s box set.


1996 Auburn Hills, MI
1997 Clarkston, MI
2000 Auburn Hills, MI
2002 Auburn Hills, MI
2006 Auburn Hills, MI
2008 Auburn Hills, MI
2012 Detroit, MI
2016 Detroit, MI
2016 Chicago, IL

And any live releases released in between. I will buy this and enjoy the hell out of it, just like SDE.

Keith Coleman

Just about to order from Amazon,fr, having checked it out earlier today, and now the offer has evaporated, Mr Google does not give any alternatives for vinyl and the other European Amazon sites appear equally barren. Wee bit miffed!

James Barker

Do we know how the dimensions/style of the 4 disc set? I got the last live Blu-ray/DVD/CD set as was quite surprised at the Mod dome box (thought it was quite cool though)


Bruce, agree about A Quick One, they did it in Leeds last year and it was a highlight for me, particularly Pete Townsends passionate singing at the end.

Alan Blevin

Does anyone know if the packaging for the Deluxe is LP sized like the deluxe editions of Slowhand At 70 and Sweet Summer Sun?


I totally agree with kens question about blu ray and DVD in the same release which seems pointless to me , why do these releases never come in a blu ray/cd combo ? They are only ever DVD/cd or stand alone blu ray….. Other than that this will definitely be added to the “growing by the day long list of to buy” releases/rereleases

Greg Lawrence

I’ve seen the The Who live three times, twice in 2007 and again on the Quadrophena tour in 2013. They are easily one of the best bands I’ve ever seen live and I will definitely be buying this live DVD! I’ve also got a wide selection of DVDs of classic shows from the 70s like the Isle of Wight concert, Kilburn 1977 and The Kids Are Alright film. The Who are just as good now as they were then, so if someone isn’t able to summon up enthusiasm because all the original members can’t be there anymore then it will be their loss! Plus I think the artwork is perfectly fine, the classic Who logo that anyone will instantly recognise and a picture of the Hyde Park stage. What should they have put on the front cover if that’s not good enough?!


I’m looking forward to this forthcoming release.

The Who performed @ the Odyssey Arena in Belfast on 21st June 2015 and they were outstanding. Roger’s vocal chords were in superb fettle and he was hitting and holding high notes where he would have been expected to do so.

Pete was playing passionately too. They were the best live band I have ever seen, bar none.

As for the frank exchange of views earlier, perhaps the first commentator ought to read carefully what the third commentator wrote.

No person was accused of being boorish. That adjective was only applied to the comments, not to the writer of those comments.

When responses become personal and derogatory, then sadly this removes any and all validity that the perpetrator’s perspective might otherwise have had.

And for all this hot air about the right to say this, the right to say that, remember that with rights come responsibilities.

This is Paul’s website, it’s brilliantly presented and put together.

I check it every day.

He has the right to censor comments if he so chooses, including mine.

If this happens, I will not feel offended at all.

This forum may be suited to some, but it’s clearly not suited to those who seemingly cannot stand even the slightest criticism of what they write.

So they don’t have to stay here.

Keep up the excellent work Paul, and let the naysayers go to hell in a bucket.



Hoping to see them stateside. Saw the Quadrophenia NYC show and it was one of the most entertaining shows I have ever seen.


This is an instant purchase for me but I’m very disappointed to see that A Quick One isn’t included. I assume they didn’t perform it? I saw them in Nashville a month before the Hyde Park show and it was easily the highlight of the concert.

BIlly S

Right, they didn’t do A Quick One at Hyde Park. Without meticulous checking, I believe this release contains their entire show, unedited. Some of the banter I remember was included.


Why a Blue Ray and a DVD in the same package?


If you have a Blu-ray player, the DVD becomes a Frisbee or it will never be touched. At least Springsteen had it right with Darkness on the Edge of town deluxe editions by releasing one with Blu-rays and one with DVDs.


I saw them in Leeds last year and they were fantastic. The energy was unbelievable!


What a couple of boorish comments are these.

I saw the band a few days later in Paris. They were superb. Clearly very tight having been on the road for some time.

As the songwriter Pete Townsend together with Roger Daltrey the singer have every right to call themselves the Who. Do yo really think those members now dead would have ant serious objection to them doing so?

As to the artwork quite frankly it looks fine to me. Also hello isn’t it about the content?

Please both of you need to get lives. Let’s please up the quality of comments on this fantastic website.


I wasn’t ‘boorish’ Simon and who the hell do you think you are dictating how the comments have to be directed. If I have a view I will damn well make it and it doesn’t have to pass muster with your particular censorship.

If you are a loved up Who fan that can’t stand criticism of any kind then I suggest you stay away from public forums. I don’t equate not lavishing untold praise upon every musical offering with not having a life.

I prefer to listen to bands like The Who, Queen, Led Zeppelin etc through their contemporary studio and live albums when all the band were there contributing. That’s what made them unique and that’s what gets me enthusiastic about hearing the music. That is clearly what I stated.

Also, if someone doesn’t like the artwork then that’s their personal view and they have as much right to state it as you do.



Agreed !

Jimmy King

As a diehard Who fan and one who has seen them on their recent tours, I echo your statement wholeheartedly.

Richard A

Horrible artwork. I know lets use a Mod Target… and an arrow


What’s the biggie ?!


I can’t summon up any enthusiasm for two or three band members playing under the name of a group that is missing key original members. Looking at you too Queen.


You’re so mistaken ! This was the best performance since Mooney in ALL respects – Excellent sound quality too