The Who / “Quadrophenia” blu-ray audio: details confirmed


Universal Music have confirmed to this blog that the forthcoming blu-ray audio version of The Who‘s 1973 studio album Quadrophenia will contain the entire album in 5.1 surround sound. The Pure Audio release will also include a hi-res stereo mix.

Due to an incorrect track listing on the Universal website a few SDE readers have expressed concerns over the 5.1 content, so if you were in any doubt, then we’re pleased to clarify this.

The Pure Audio blu-ray is available as a standalone product and is also included as part of the Quadrophenia Live in London deluxe box set. Both are due for release on 9 June 2014.

NB: If you order the standalone blu-ray from Amazon, beware! They are incorrectly using the wrong cover image (Live in London) but the product via the links below is correct. The blu-ray audio has nothing to do with the live concert!

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Quadrophenia Live in London 5-disc Deluxe Metal box
(contains 5.1 blu-ray of 1973 studio album)


Quadrophenia 1973 studio album 5.1 Blu-ray Audio (Pure Audio)



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Carl J.

Just picked up the new Blu-ray audio disc of Quadrophenia. The 5.1 mix is good, with my only objection being that John Entwistle’s bass levels are a bit low for my liking. I just increased the bass on my home system and that made things better. I also agree with Roger Daltrey that his vocals on the original 1973 stereo mix (also on this disc) were too low in the background. The 1973 mix is terrific if you want to concentrate on Keith’s drums and Johns’ bass lines. But I do have to agree that Daltrey’s vocals were pushed down too low in that original mix 40 years ago, which was corrected on the Jon Astley remix in 1996.


I preordered a copy of the stand alone blu ray audio of Quadrophenia 1973 studio album 5.1 Blu-ray Audio (Pure Audio) from Amazon.com back in April and the total was only $18.49 before tax when it shipped on July 7th.

At the moment, I can only listen to 2.0 stereo and IMO the original 1973 mix sounds amazing and is clear, balanced, and has plenty of dynamic range. I can listen at a low or high volume w/out hearing a lot of distortion. The menu and screenshots are similar to the Beck “Sea Change” release and is a HUGE improvement compared to many of the Universal “HFPA” releases when this campaign first launched in Spring 2013. While listening to this disc, there are various screen shots from the movie and still pics of the 4 band members. This release comes with a thick foldout booklet and might be the most popular release on this format to date. Hopefully “Who’s Next” will eventually be released on blu-ray audio!

Carl J.

The only thing stopping a 5.1 version of Who’s Next is the fact the multitrack tapes are currently missing for three songs….. Bargain, Song Is Over and Getting In Tune. You might recall that the multitracks for Won’t Get Fooled Again were missing until 1997 or 1998 when they were suddenly found.


This is now up on Amazon UK Paul.


US & Canadian site shows the right picture but still with “Live In London” for the title. Also pricey. Once again, it will probably include low quality FLACs. I have close to a dozen of these and the FLAC quality is nowhere near the quality of HD Tracks.


Wish Floyd would do this as well.. Can’t wait to hear this!

[…] Super Deluxe Edition bevestigt dat “Quadrophenia” volledig in 5.1. surround sound uitgebracht wordt. Het album komt uit op blu-ray, en zit ook in de Deluxe Edition van “Quadrophenia: Live In London”, die op 9 juni uitgebracht wordt. Op de site van Universal Music stond in eerste instantie namelijk een incomplete tracklijst. […]

Andrew Wright

I live in Australia will I be able to get a copy


The answer is an emphatic YES Andrew Wright!

All items from the deluxe Quadrophenia Live In London box set, which I scored for 50 pound ($96 AUS) from Amazon US, are available to purchase from JB Hi-Fi website or you can order it from your nearest store. JB’s have this Blu-Ray Audio listed for $29.99.

Fat Old Bloke

Someone is listening to the fans. Thank you The Who


Do you know if this is going to be available through Amazon UK?

Steven Roberts

Personally I would wait for the Blu-Ray Audio to be released rather than get it on preorder – once released they invariably seem to be cheaper through Amazon third party marketsellers rather than direct from Amazon itself (examples – The Hurting, Imagine, and Nevermind are all currently a little over a tenner + postage via 3rd parties, while from Amazon direct they clock in from £15 to £19).


I just wanted to highlight the cost options also. This is based on pre-orders and prices locked in at the moment.

I pre-ordered the double CD at Amazon UK and will be getting that at £9.67, it has currently increased to £11.

The film Bluray has dropped to £14.00 at Amazon UK which is it’s best price so far.

The 5.1 Pure Audio can be had for less than £20 delivered at the moment through either Universal or Amazon Germany.

Currently then the full contents of the set will cost me £45 (minus the DVD which duplicates the Bluray). That is a saving of roughly £25 on the Box Set at it’s current price of £69 if you want to go down the separate buying route.

If anything ever interests me I pre-order every variation at Amazon and then cancel whatever would work out too expensive a few days before shipping, either the box or the separate items.