Walt Disney Records / The Legacy Collection / 28CD box set



Dive into 25 hours-worth of music from a dozen classic Disney films with Walt Disney Records The Legacy Collection Box Set, an epic 12-album, 28-disc collection…

The ultimate indulgence for fans of Disney music, this bumper set celebrates milestone anniversaries of 12 films, from Pinocchio and Fantasia (both reached their 75th anniversaries in 2015) to The Lion King and Toy Story (both 20 in 2015). The series of albums features remastered versions of 130 songs, 270 instrumentals, 75 ‘Lost Chords’ deleted songs and demos and more. The full list of albums in the box set – and some content highlights – are as follows:

The Lion King (2CD)

The Oscar® and Grammy®-winning songs by Elton John and score by Hans Zimmer plus 30 minutes of expanded underscore and ‘Lost Chords’ demos not used in the film.

poppins_legacyMary Poppins (3CD)

Includes the debut new recording of the lost song, The Eyes of Love and the largest collection of Lost Chords original demos and new versions in the entire series.

Sleeping Beauty (2CD)

The music of Tchaikovsky is transformed into one of Disney’s most memorable scores, plus special versions from vinyl record master tracks.

The Little Mermaid (2CD)

Howard Ashman and Alan Menken’s multi-award-winning music and songs with the original demo recordings and previously unreleased background score.

Fantasia (4CD)

Leopold Stokowski’s complete FantaSound score, the complete digital score conducted by Irwin Kostal plus bonus tracks by Sterling Holloway.

pinocchio_legacyPinocchio (2CD)

One of the most acclaimed scores in movie history, plus six new-to-CD Mickey Mouse Club songs sung by Jiminy Cricket (Cliff Edwards).

Cinderella (2CD)

The Oscar®-nominated score and all the songs from the animated classic, plus The Lost Chords, featuring 7 original demos and new versions.

Toy Story (2CD)

Randy Newman’s hit songs and score, plus bonus tracks and three never-before-released background tracks.

poca_legacyPocahontas (2CD)

The music of Alan Menken, lyrics by Stephen Schwartz, plus deleted songs and original demos sung by Menken himself.

Lady and the Tramp (2CD)

Soundtrack showcasing the songwriting and voice of Peggy Lee, plus bonus track and rare demos.

The Aristocats (2CD)

The famous score, including songs by the Sherman Brothers, the voices of Phil Harris and Maurice Chevallier. This is the first time the original soundtrack has been available in full.

disneyland_legacyDisneyland (3CD)

Beginning with recordings from the opening day of Disneyland in 1955, the collection guides the listener down Main Street USA, through the greatest attractions, shows and lands, both past and present.

The albums are presented together in a simple slipcase. Each individual album comes in its own hardcover book, filled with exclusive essays telling the stories behind the music and original artworks. To create a coherent overall look to the books in the collection, new illustrations celebrating Disney’s rich heritage have also been commissioned, provided by Lorelay Bove, a visual development artist at Walt Disney Annimation Studios who was recently nominated in Variety magazine’s ‘10 Animators to Watch’ list.

Walt Disney Records The Legacy Collection is out now.



For full track listing for each Legacy Edition soundtrack refer to this page.

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[…] up a couple of those Disney Legacy editions (Toy Story and Mary Poppins) which form part of the Legacy Collection box set and Neko Case‘s Blacklisted on orange […]


Now that all these titles have long been individually released, and everyone has already picked his choice, now they are asking € 360 for the box set? – Honestly I don’t know why SDE even bothers with things like this. This is a commercial, it’s got nothing to do with music.
I really wish SDE would spend more time reviewing the music rather than advertising for Amazon…


No love for the excellent score for “20,000 Leagues Under The Sea?!?”


No Jungle Book… mmmh

Scott G

Agree… Where is Jungle Book?

I am sure I read somewhere that Disney don’t own the rights to the Jungle Book soundtrack..


Utter crap. I wouldn’t take a copy if they were handing them out for free!


In my opinion, this set would have been much more interesting if aladdin and beauty and the beast were included

Paul Lewis

Be nice if they sold the empty box for those of us that already purchased the individual releases…

CJ Feeney

Hardly the most overpriced release when compared to the Dylan and Roger Waters superdeluxe boxes. However I won’t be buying it!

The releases are available individually and the the box doesn’t look that impressive, so it would be simpler to cherry pick the ones you want, based on previously unreleased material or what you think is the best soundtrack.

Michelle Marshall

looks fab but , oh dear the price!!! USA looks the cheapest but then I suppose you get hit by the customs and import duty so it works out not such a bargain

Geert De Wilde

OK, this one may win the prize of most over-priced release of the year to me ;)


My thoughts too!


Interesting but can’t afford at this price.