BBC Radiophonic Music pink vinyl

Coloured vinyl • Limited – only 350 for the UK

Silva Screen will reissue the BBC Radiophonic Workshop‘s 1968 album on very limited PINK vinyl next month. The hugely influential 10th anniversary album features remastered early electronic works of John Baker, David Cain and Delia Derbyshire.

The album a compilation of short works, often composed as intros to various radio or television programs. Described as “insanely catchy yet deeply sinister”, this is ‘collage music’, produced, according to Desmond Briscoe of BBC Radiophonic Workshop, “with the intention of entertaining rather than informing”.

This is one for analogue and TV theme obsessives, and with only 350 PINK vinyl available for the UK, secure one now with an SDE shop pre-order, via this link or the button below.

BBC Radiophonic Music is released via Silva Screen on 15 March 2019.


1. Radio Sheffield – David Cain
2. Radio Nottingham – John Baker
3. Boys and Girls – John Baker
4. Mattachin – Delia Derbyshire
5. Pot au Feu – Delia Derbyshire
6. Time and Tune – John Baker
7. Tomorrow’s World – John Baker
8. Reading Your Letters – John Baker
9. Blue Veils and Golden Sands – Delia Derbyshire
10. The Missing Jewel – John Baker
11. Artbeat – David Cain
12. Fresh Start – John Baker
13. Christmas Commercial – John Baker
14. Sea Sports – John Baker
15. The Delian Mode – Delia Derbyshire

1. The Frogs Wooing – John Baker
2. Milky Way – John Baker
3. Structures – John Baker
4. New Worlds – John Baker
5. Ziwzih Ziwzih OO-OO-OO – Delia Derbyshire
6. Festival Time – John Baker
7. The Chase – John Baker
8. Towards Tomorrow – Delia Derbyshire
9. Quiz Time – John Baker
10. P.I.G.S. – John Baker
11. Autumn and Winter – David Cain
12. Door to Door – Delia Derbyshire
13. Factors – John Baker
14. War of the Worlds – David Cain
15. Crossbeat – David Cain
16. Air – Delia Derbyshire

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Wahoo, got in on the reprieve before the levee broke! Thanks Paolo!

Chris Squires

Ordered, will sit nicely next to my Clangers and Bagpuss. Who’da-thunkit my favourite albums of the year.


Missing the two previously unreleased Delia Derbyshire tracks included on the 2002 CD. Would’ve only added about 1/2 a minute a side so guess omitted for other reasons.

Trevor King

Ordered whilst on my (evening) lunch break. Thanks Paul. :)

Peter Muscutt

See it’s sold out on your store Paul, I saw this too late but would have preferred to order from you. Bagged a copy though…do you mind saying what your allocation was if it’s so limited?

Geoff Kavanagh

I too have the CD release. A very interesting listen. Hard to believe that this was issued in 2002, why is this out of print? It is nice to see it on vinyl but they should also release it again on CD.


Don’t know where else to put this but have just heard Mark Hollis ex-Talk Talk has died. Terrible news if indeed true.

Bruce Levenstein

Weird they’re not reissuing this on CD. It’s been 17 years since it was last available, and they’ve reissued two other BBC compilations (from 1979 and 1983) on CD recently.


It would be nice if they reissued the CD as well.

Amazon marketplace vendors are charging an arm and a leg for it.



I have this on CD and it is brilliant, highly recommended.