ZTT prepare for anniversary with three autumn releases

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ZTT will release their new compilation Zambient One in a few weeks, but what you may not be aware of is the fact that they are set to celebrate their thirtieth anniversary with a trio of further releases (via Salvo Music) in September 2013.

The third volume of their popular Art Of The 12″ series will finally see the light of day, a full 18 months on from the previous issue. One track we know this will feature is Watching The Wildlife (Movement 2), because this was mentioned when it was included it on the Japanese Edition of Frankie Goes To Hollywood compilation Frankie Said.

Speaking of Frankie, the second release will be a deluxe edition of the standard European version of Frankie Said. No track listings are available at this stage, although we could see the selection repeating the Japanese issue (this was a 2CD set) or ZTT might possibly come up with something completely new.

Most intriguing is the final set, called The Organisation Of Pop. This phrase has been used in various ZTT settings over the last few years, so there is some logic to giving a music release this title. No details on this whatsoever – other than the name – but some kind of multi-disc anthology might be likely.

All three releases are due out on 12 September 2013.

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They’ve all been released on CD now, haven’t they? I wasn’t massively impressed with the one on the 2 disc Salvo edition of WTTP, though, as it sounded a bit wow and fluttery to my ears, like it was ripped straight from a cheap tape player. The one I did from my own cassette sounds better!


What I think they should release is a complilation of all their cassingles exactly how they were, I grew up with them and would pay handsomely for them in digital clarity


Glad I only paid 4 quid for the Frankie Said disc if the buggers are gonna release a deluxe version so soon!


Don’t call me Shirley


As ZTT, in their most excellent and infinite wisdom, are doing what i believe the kids call “hashtagging” or “trending” this at the moment, #fgthdvd, i would suspect Frankie Said Deluxe will feature a DVD, most likely containing the From A Wasteland To An Artificial Paradise laserdisc.

Tracks that are released as Japan only usually remain that way – to be honest they are welcome to have an exclusive CD release of Every Kinda People, it’s not a keeper!


4cd? It must be 10+ shurely shirley?


Looking not forward to the FGTH comp. Theres too many Frankie greatest hits out there. Instead of releasing them every year ZTT should have released like a 4cd anthology and crammed everything on there.


Methinks “their is some logic” isn’t correct either.


Would love to see the FGTH megamix that featured on the Live Lp Welcome to Frankfurt, i have the album but it skips.

Cant wait to see the track listings


Hi – Grammatical error in paragraph two you might want to clear up!