FIRST PICTURES: Ocean Colour Scene deluxe box set


Ocean Colour Scene‘s 1997 album Marchin’ Already is reissued this week as a two-CD deluxe edition and this four disc box set.

Surprisingly, Universal have opted for a square box (slightly bigger than seven-inches) rather than the usual rectangular ‘shoe box’ (see: Tears For Fears, Level 42).A 40-page hardback book with photos and quite informative sleeve notes (featuring new and frank interviews) sits atop the rest of the content which includes a large foldout poster, a set of badges and four discs.

The first two CDs simply repeat what’s on the deluxe version, but this box then goes beyond that and offers Live at Manchester Apollo on CD and a DVD of Travellers Tunes / Live at Stirling Castle (originally a VHS release in ’98).

Marchin’ Already is out now. Full track listing here.

Marchin’ Already (3CD+DVD limited box set)

Marchin’ Already (2CD deluxe)

Box with 2CD deluxe in foreground (click to enlarge)
Hardback book with new interviews and sleeve notes (click to enlarge)
Contents set in square box (click to enlarge)
3CD+DVD and badge set (click to enlarge)
Large poster (click to enlarge)
Click to enlarge

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[…] a solid gold rock classic like GBYBR is packaged on a par with the recent Ocean Colour Scene Marchin’ Already […]

Simon F

I wish OCS had chosen the far superior Mosley Shoals as a deluxe reissue. Even the band admitted that Marchin’ Already has far to many ballads on it so I think I’m gonna pass on this and just stick with my original double vinyl copy instead.


I would rather they had left out the badges and the poster so that it could retail for nearer £25.

Would be interesting if you did a poll to see which of your subscribers actually want the non audio/video items that seem aimed at adolescents that are bundled with a lot of box sets and which push the prices up, not including books or booklets.

Might help future releases to be stripped down a bit and have more realistic pricing.


Yes that is odd because the audio and video on the discs are nearly identically laid out in both sets.

I guess sensible and comparative pricing is a forlorn hope.

Iain McCarthy

Yeah, could point! The Primal Scream “Screamadelic” box even came with a T-shirt! Just a generic size large in every box as well, so i would imagine most of them are left unworn.

Iain McCarthy

It is “Stirling Castle”, not “Sterling”……just to be pedantic :)