Picture: Michael Jackson / Off The Wall / CD+Blu-ray reissue


Off The Wall reissue / click to image enlarge

Here’s a look at the packaging for the forthcoming Michael Jackson Off The Wall reissue.

The two-disc set is available in CD+Blu-ray or CD+DVD configurations, but bonus material is confined to Spike Lee’s new documentary: Michael Jackson’s Journey from Motown to Off the Wall. There is no additional audio at all.

The above visuals confirm that this is a deluxe ‘softpak’ and does indeed include a piece of chalk with inside panels (the brickwork on the gatefold) with a chalkboard finish. It looks as if there is an overprinted transparent sleeve which slides over the top of the softpak featuring the iconic image of Jackson in his tuxedo (original hair restored).

Off The Wall will be reissued on 26 February 2016.

Update: 26 January – Sony have told SDE that the source for the Off The Wall audio is an “upgraded MFIT master that was created for iTunes”






1. Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough
2. Rock With You
3. Workin’ Day And Night
4. Get On The Floor
5. Off The Wall
6. Girlfriend
7. She’s Out Of My Life
8. I Can’t Help It
9. It’s The Falling In Love
10. Burn This Disco Out

Spike Lee documentary: Michael Jackson’s Journey from Motown to Off the Wall

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When was the CB actually remastered? I know they remastered it in early 2000’s. Has the CD been remastered again for the 2016 release? I have the 2001 reissue and I’m not sure if I should pick up this one

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FWIW, some fan clubs in the UK got a preview of the documentary, and during a Q+A, apparently it was revealed that MJ wanted a stick of chalk to be included in the original pressing of OTW.

Source – http://www.mjvibe.com/mjvibe-review-on-michael-jacksons-journey-from-motown-to-off-the-wall/

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Mathew Lauren

Richard (above) is right. We must disabuse these Music Execs of the idea that re-hash is “edible” (no matter how the offering is (re)packaged) let alone deemed acceptable by the current batch of music executive miscreants. ALL music where possible should be made available as hybrid, multichannel (READ DISCRETE 5.1) SACD nipping this argument in the bud. Other formats such as hirez DVD-Audio (with DVD-V default for 80% US market penetration) & BR-A (with hirez discrete 5.1 audio AND visual extras) should be released as well in concert (with the above SACD specs) or à la carte as per project in discrete 5.1 where applicable. Otherwise we MUST boycott ALL of these substandard re-offerings.


Some bonus tracks that could have been included that has been previously released.

1) Rock With You (Extended Version) (Japanese 12″ promo)
2) Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough (Roger’s Underground Club Solution)
3) Off The Wall (Junior Vasquez Remix)
4) Rock With You (Masters At Work Remix)
5) Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough (Masters At Work Mix)
6) Rock With You (Frankie’s Favorite Club)

Okay, I know tracks 2-6 are 1992 remixes some of which were released as b-sides but they are not as bad as the Thriller 25 remixes and do keep some of the original feel.


Piece of chalk with ‘Off The Wall’, I look forward to the can of red spray paint with the ‘Bad’ reissue.


Why do they bother with crap like posters, badges and, in this case, a mind boggling piece of chalk? Most box sets are bought by forty-something blokes who, despite having more money than sense, will have no interest in pointless crap.


The packaging looks beautiful (apart from the ridiculous chalk) and I’d like to see the documentary, but without any bonus tracks/mixes/demos I think I’ll give it a miss. I already have the 2001 re-issue which I am more than happy with. If I get desperate, I can just fork out a $ or 2 for a box of chalk and deface that one.

At least Sony haven’t let Will.i.am, Akon, Fergie and Kanye shit all over this one like they ruined Thriller 25.

Louis Philia

First I started to imagine how many people would return their set because of a broken chalk. Then I tried to imagine how many people would even buy this thrilling item…


I wonder if there could be any retailer exclusives that could include bonus material? Nothing on Target’s website as of yet.


They used a master that has been created for iTunes? Oh dear, this release is getting worse by week and we have another 4 more weeks to go. Can’t wait to hear new exciting details next week.




I don’t understand why people are complaining…

This is NOT a reissue of the album, with a DVD/BRD of the movie as a bonus,

You’re not buying the album, you’re buying the movie; the album IS the bonus, not the other way around.

If you’re interested in the album and bonus tracks, the 2001 issue is the way to go.


There ain’t only a picture disc of Thriller 25. I’ve got the full edition on double vinyl. Disc 1, the classic album, disc 2 the remixes included on cd.

Rob Wilcock

There is also a “definitive remaster” of the CD for under £6. Maybe BBC Four will show the documentary sometime…


Not one single Bonus track? Why not sell the DVD separately? Bit of a rip-off, me thinks.


Wow… almost excited when you see Cd+Blu-Ray but looks like no hi-def audio version of the album or 5.1 mix??

Rob H

Wow, another failure. Where’s the hi-res? The multichannel? The remixes? The demos? The bonus tracks? I’ll buy my own chalkboard and stick with the last remaster.

Rob Deighton

A nice vinyl reissue would have been better – and not a picture disc like Thriller one from a few years ago

Le Baron

Are there any informations about which remaster will be used for this edition?


You’re better off getting the 2001 remaster of “Off The Wall” which has some bonus material including some demo’s. This 2016 re-issue is a no go.


Hi Paul, could you ask Sony if they used the original LP-master with the original mixes of “Rock With You” and “Get On The Floor” (which were swapped for new mixes on the further releases)?

Dave Butterfield

No Jackson fan but given the material originally mooted for this and then the total absence of any….this should be avoided. Ripping fans of is my opinion


That means we have to wait another 5 years for any form of bonus tracks. What are they waiting for?


Personally I love to chalk over all my special edition re-issue CD covers – and so does my 14 month old daughter!

Beggars belief as to why this would be a better idea for a re-issue than bonus audio material!


I am no longer buying any music product with a badly conceived design that involves an immature and entirely pointless, cost increasing addition such as the chalk in this abomination.

I have recently started streaming music using Apple Music through my AV and when comparing to lossless files I own of the same album tracks, sounds exactly the same. All the deluxe editions are released on there too and as much of the bonus audio released on deluxe sets is one time listen material, it works well for dipping in and out.

I’m struggling to find a reason to buy physical music product unless it is a 5.1 disc at the moment.


Erm – maybe because it is a PHYSICAL product…?


I suggest HS you read that last sentence again because you clearly don’t understand it.

Andrew Mogford

Then obviously I don’t understand it either. I also don’t understand how you can POSSIBLY think that Apple Music streamed tracks sound exactly the same as lossless files. That leaves me completely lost for words – and that is as someone who is a big Apple Music user.

Maybe both me an HS are both thick…….


The first thing I thought when they announced the packaging was, “Uh….wouldn’t putting chalk in with a CD mean you’re going to be constantly cleaning chalk dust off the disc or else messing up your laser?”