Smashing Pumpkins / New photos of Mellon Collie deluxe box sets

The Smashing Pumpkins Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness is reissued on 3 December 2012 with two deluxe box sets being available, as well as a standard 2CD remastering. Below are the latest pictures of these sets. which look fabulous. Click on the images to enlarge. Full track listings and further details here.

Smashing Pumpkins / Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness 5CD+DVD box set
Smashing Pumpkins 5CD+DVD Mellon Collie box (Click to enlarge)

Six disc set (CD/DVD)

Smashing Pumpkins / Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness Vinyl box set
Smashing Pumpkins 4LP Mellon Collie box (Click to enlarge)

Four LP set (Vinyl)

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David M

My CD version arrived from Amazon Canada last week (released on the Monday, delivered on the Thursday!), and it’s as good as it looks! Nothing cheap or shoddy. The booklets are well designed and not reprints of the original albums inlays. The packaging won’t fall to pieces in about 6 months, but the best part is the actual music. I’m usually weary of demos as well… they are usually just that. These however are of excellent quality and you will spend time listening to them over and over again. My reissue of the year without a doubt!

[…] A massive box set to celebrate the double album from 1995. This set is unfortunately very expensive to get hold of currently retailing at £140 on amazon.co.uk., as is the 4LP vinyl box, which was available for $26.99 on amazon.ca at one point. Details and various buying links can be found here. […]

Brenez Alain

For those of you who ordered like me the vinyl box set on Amazon Canada, as their initial price of $26.99 was obviously a mistake, they cancelled all the orders. Technically they said the item wasn’t available at all which is an alternative and more polite way to cancel based on their mistake. I guess there must have been a lot of complaints as I received an e-mail from them this week allowing me to place an order again with a discount bringing down the price to …. $26.99.

[…] Out next week, this remastered vinyl of the Mellon Collie album features the original record spread out over 8 sides (4 LPS) for the first time to ensure optimum sound and it comes housed in 12×12 rigid slipcase with two books containing personal notes, new collage artwork,  and lyrics. More here. […]


Haha Nice one. I ordered 3. I don’t even like them!


It’s a speculative chancer’s world we live in, Paul….join the ride!


Ha! I genuinely can’t believe I just got the vinyl that cheap. I was really pissed when the prices came out as they seemed really steep. Ordered two of them!


I’ve ordered the vinyl from Amazon Canada. Absolute bargain. Thank for the heads up.


Interesting enough http://www.ginza.se à swedish internet retailer has the price of SEK 629 for the 5 cd dvd set. SEK 629 is about 59 pounds. They ship to the european union and norway , shipping cost is SEK 99 . I have ordered one set at this price. The other internet retailer cdon.com has the same price but no info regarding the actual product.
Hello from hans

Matteo L

Well, this is really interesting. Thanks Hans for the information! :)


Well, I have a record label and the swines won’t stock more than one of our albums at a time, so I have to go down the post office every week, having filled their shitty forms in, and then I have to believe them when they say thye got damaged in the post. And then send another one. And then wait 2 days for a reply to a question about my vendor account. I will feel like it has all been worth it if this comes off.

On another note, Billy Corgan, the crusader fighting the devaluation of the music industry, would love this about as musc as I love his latest album.


Little bit of dishonesty going on here.


This website is ace. Cheers!


And then I ordered 5 more.


Just ordered mine from Canada…let’s see where that takes us.


If you are interested in the Vinyl version, I suggest Amazon Canada. Yesterday it was $77.99 CDN but in their effort to change the price to $76.99 CDN they have mistakenly put in a price of $26.99 CDN. I suggest you order from here until they realize their mistake. I think those of you who live outside of Canada, even with the shipping charges, will find this option much cheaper than the other 3 Amazons. They made a mistake similiar to this for the Pisces Iscariot Deluxe Edition. It was supposed to be $35.99 CDN but for about a week they had a price of $15.99 CDN.

Matteo L

I’ve checked the price in various Amazon stores: in the U.S. is 133,81 $ (about 103 €), while in Germany is 199,99 €, in France 218,80 € (!), and in the U.K. 140 £ (about 174 €).
Why these enormous differences?

Roberto R.

Matteo, on Amazon.it only € 125,00


Those look incredible. I have both on preorder already. Though, I hope they keep the vinyl tracklist the same as the original vinyl, which was different form the CD tracklist. Any news on that yet?