Behind-the-Scenes: Blank & Jones reconstructing “The Power of Love”


Another fascinating video update from Blank & Jones as they work on their forthcoming so80s presents ZTT remix project. In this video you will see how the duo discovered that Frankie Goes To Hollywood‘s The Power Of Love was originally recorded seven beats-per-minutes (BPM) slower than the released version and you can take a listen to how the 12-minute ‘Blank & Jones so8os Reconstruction’ version of the track (created using only original multi-track parts) is shaping up.

so80s presents ZTT is released on 28 April 2014. Full track listing here.


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[…] most sacrosanct of Frankie songs. This might well be the next in line. Interestingly, in one of the YouTube previews for this album, B&J demonstrated how the final version of the original release had been sped up […]

Ian MacFarlane

It may well have just been a Frankie Goes To Hollywood project – not many other ZTT artists. Goes to show that FGTH was the biggest and best that they had in their stable. Pity the band split after only two albums – could have gone so far! At least Holly has given us some great music since then!

Chris Lancaster

Great insight from Blank & Jones, and fascinating about the change in speed of the vocal on The Power of Love. But even more exciting is the news that Holly is working on new material! Hope to see this released before too long!


I loved Holly’s first album, I remember trying to get all the mixes from “Love Train” and “Americanos” which where really hard to get by back then in pre-online Austria in 1989. I would love to hear such poppy songs from Holly on his new album!


Light in my life, thank you Holly.


I love the track list for this cd. The only gripe I have is that the Propaganda track ‘P-Machinery’ has been left out but really looking forward to it nevertheless. I have pre – ordered it, just have to wait now ☺

Mike the Fish

From what I gather, a semitone is a 4% speed adjustment, so lowering by 4% should get close to the original speed if you want to play the original mix with Holly’s vocal not slightly heliumised.

Mike the Fish

Hi Holly

Thanks for your comments and the info on The Power of Love – I love finding out stuff like that. On the Blank & Jones video with the vocal isolated I could hear the sped-upness (if you like) on your vocal that I’d never noticed before.

All the best

– Mike


Really looking forward to hearing this project of respectful remixes. Great to read the comments from Holly Johnson.


My only gripe with this cd is that it contains too much Frankie and too little other artists. When this project was first announced I got very excited, and now I’m quite undecided about buying this package. I mean, no Grace Jones? No Seal? One Propaganda track? Really??? I think FGTH have been milked quite enough and their handful of hits have always been overrated. But that’s my 2 pence.


This was already addressed in the post that had the tracklist: B&J only had access to a limited number of multitracks, and then there’s also the issue of which rights belong to which company.

Mike the Fish

Hi Marcel

There’s three Propaganda tracks on there. Mabuse, Duel and Dream Within a Dream.


Hi Paul, I did click on the Blank & Jones tag to look for all their posts here. Probably I saw “behind the scene” in a hurry, thought it was the same one & went on googling.

I just rechecked it, you are right, it is here :)

February 17, 2014 by Paul Sinclairtags: Blank & Jones, ztt
So8os Presents ZTT (Mixed & Reconstructed By Blank & Jones) will be released at the end of April 2014. More details on this project can be found here. • UK Pre-order: So80s Pres. ZTT (Mixed & Reconstructed By Blank & …


The Power Of Love is the only song that can send absolute shivers down my spine, and what a vocal by Holly. Breathtaking.

Ten minutes of this song is aural heaven.

Rob Puricelli

I am incredibly comforted by the respect they seem to be showing the original works. The fact they’re giving time and attention to Anne Dudley’s amazing string arrangement is testament to that.

I have to admit that I was a tiny bit dubious about this project but I am having my fears allayed at every step so far. Looking forward to the final album very much :-)


Oops, sorry Paul, my bad! The link to the video was probably not okay! That’s why my comment is awaiting moderation. Perhaps you can post that Relax videoclip here!

Googled & found their previous videoclip with Relax! While watching it, my heart kept pounding so hard that I almost couldn’t breathe from all the excitements ;)

Holly Johnson

Somehow these boys remind me of Herr Flick unt Helga :)

Holly Johnson

I do remember the decision to speed the track up . The faster speed raised the key one semitone and shaved quite a bit off from the duration of the song which was already considered way too long for Radio play at over 5 minutes. I always considered the speeded up vocal as sounding a bit like Mickey Mouse and re recorded the song in 1999 for my Soulstream album: In the original key that it was written in but at the slightly faster tempo. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AEEsvezbgBw

Holly Johnson

Obviously I wish Blank & Jones all the very best with their project and particularly like their respect and enthusiasm for the original sounds on the recordings. I would love to visit their studio in Köln
to see their amazing collection of vintage synthesisers and play them some of the new material I have been working on: using vintage synths like the ARP 2600 and my EMS Synthi AKS that belonged to Avant Garde electronic music legend Tristram Carey


Just googled & found their previous videoclip with Relax

Blank & Jones Frankie Goes To Hollywood RELAX so8os … – YouTube

My heart kept pounding so hard that I almost couldn’t breathe from all the excitements ;)


Oh wow, thank you Paul for posting this video here! I definitely will get this CD! I was going to, already. Now I’m so excited like back in those days: just bought an 12″ playing & waiting for what surprises/excitements the remixer(s) will deliver me :P But of course if we/the fans can get our hands on all those original pieces like instrumental, vocal, orchestral piece, etc etc that would be perfect :D

Just hoping someday ZTT will/can release those on itunes or 7digital or some other online download platforms :)

And too bad they don’t have those original bits or parts for Slave To The Rhythm or P-Machinery ;(