Frankie: Rage Hard (Blank & Jones so80s Reconstruction)


WORLD PREMIERE: Listen to the full 10-minute Blank & Jones so80s Reconstruction version of Frankie Goes To Hollywood‘s 1986 single Rage Hard.

The track is one of 13 brand new remixes that have been created only using audio from the original ZTT Records‘ master tapes and compiled on the forthcoming two-CD release so80s presents ZTT which is out on Monday 28 April (full track listing here).

Leave a comment and let us know what you think of what Blank & Jones have created.


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Larry the Cat

my points:-
1. Talking \spoken parts are usually irritating after a few listens
2. The singles often sounds like a Medley of the original 12″ mixes
3. Stephen Lipson ‘s voice. yuk.
4. Reuse of the “Stan” spoken part from ‘Warriors’ on ‘Wildlife’. Why?
5. Features great new stuff found on the tapes, but sadly not enough.
6. The Extended versions of “black white light” and “san jose” are the hidden gems. Probably could have better with more remixes of the non-single tracks.

[…] I pre-ordered it as soon as it became available on Amazon UK. In the intervening weeks, some nice YouTube videos emerged and then, a few weeks ago, they officially leaked a track, their reconstruction of the […]


Rage Hard from the preview is exactly the same as from the CD! I’ve played them simultaneously (left ear from one file/right ear the other)!

Paul Rymer

I’ve been listening for a few days and overall this is superb. I’m a big Propaganda fan and the mixes of Mabuse and Duel are stellar. Dream is good too but I don’t think any remix can beat the stellar vinyl LP version with such an intense build-up to the guitar solo.

I’ll probably get burnt at the stake as a heretic but I wonder what they could do with the Japan Tin Drum album?


I’ve got my copy today! Checking out the booklet I saw Paul Sinclair’s name in there! I hope to see more of your involvement (any kind) in the future reissues ;)

I like them all @, except something I would have left out! All the irrelevant talkings, accapella’s from the song itself is fine, but those talkings ruined the 12″ sphere for me (except it’s a crazy/fun mix like Swing Out Sisters Surrender Road Runner Mix or Level 42 Children Say Extended Remix)! I hope there’s a way to fix those beginnings & endings with parts from the ZTT CD’s I’ve bought in the recent years.

Frankie Goes To Hollywood
Relax @
Two Tribes @
The Power Of Love @
Welcome To The Pleasuredome @
San Jose @ (I would have left those in/outro: drum+talking, don’t really belong to an extended version, in my opinion. I hope there is a version of San Jose without the talking at the end)
Black Night White Light @

Rage Hard @ (is this the same mix as the preview? Or am I started to like this already?)
Warriors Of The Wasteland @ (once again I would have left out the talking @ intro & halfway down the mix)
Watching The Wildlife @ (why always the talking? Again at the end, I hope there’s a clean ending I can find from all the ZTT CD’s I’ve bought in the recent years)

Dr Mabuse @
Duel @
A Dream Within A Dream @

Art Of Noise
Moments In Love @ (for my taste a bit on the short side)

Mike F

I’ve listened to sound samples on itunes today. I don’t like it! I guess I could be mistaken with only 90 secs, but tracks seem to take the same approach in terms of build up and reverb. It seemed quite boring. The BBC presenter samples on Moments in Love did nothing for it either IMHO. Disappointed.




The real question should be: Is Anne Dudley happy with the mix of “Moments In Love”? That seems a tough and worthy bar to reach for.
Can’t wait for the whole album. Cheers!


Listen to this as I write. First impression: Fantastic! I’m really enjoying this. First favourites: Black night, Wildlife, Dream.


To Blank and Jones,, I am a long time Alternate subscriber and have not listened to anything, awaiting the cd in full glory.

I was also going to ask for a double vinyl edition and gladly support the six-piece suite.

Again, thank you both for interest, kind care and attention. It is important, if you can embrace and share conclusions with FGTH .. Vox, Bass, Lead, Drum, and Feet !

Stuart Graves

Wow, love it :-)


@Piet, many thanks for the extra info’s! I thought you guys have access to all bits/parts from all the different versions/mixes. If you only have the access to the bits/parts of the album versions alone then it’s pretty good extended version/remix! It’s not completely fair to compare yours with those big 80’s remixers’ works since they probably had access to everything like all instruments separated etc etc! Like I said I like you guys’ remix which has more vocals in it than the original 12″! To show you guys my support, I’ve already ordered my CD copy :)

I hope you guys can do the So80s presents… Perhaps Nick Kamen, Whitney Houston, Eighth Wonder, Climie Fisher, Brother Beyond, Taylor Dayne, Jermaine Stewart and many others which Edsel/Cherry Pop haven’t touched or only 1 CD reissues with many leftover remixes!


@Piet: thank you for your information about the available parts, I do like the mix, and I am so looking forward to the release. About the vinyl version: did you think of a Kickstarter project? I am sure, many people would be more than willing to finance such a unique release idea!

Paul Kent

@Paul – totally agree. These are mixes that are tied up with memories of a musical golden era (sorry, cliché, but it’s true) and, for me, anyway, a childhood where life was less complicated and the sun was always shining. At the age of 12, 13, 14 it was a titanic struggle to get the cash together to buy all these mixes and hearing them, to this day, takes me back to mates’ bedrooms where we used to blunt the stylus playing them over and over. It’s in the DNA, innit? Good times! So, to expect new mixes to capture the imagination and stir the loins in the same way is an impossibly big ask. From what I’ve heard, so far, B&J have done a great job in rekindling some of that magic and excitement.
@Piet – thanks for all the communication and involving SDE readers in this project. Please don’t take my comments about the Pamela samples as a criticism. As I said above, the original mixes are SO well loved and SO familiar that the smallest change can hit you like a tornado. That’s the point I was trying to make, without putting down the mix itself, which I think is excellent and truly evocative, taking me back to those schooldays again and resurrecting wonderful memories. I’d like to think that, in some small way, that’s part of what you’re trying to do with this album. Can’t wait to hear it!

Piet Blank

i would really like to thank everyone taking their time to listen to the mix and looking at our so8os ztt project. no matter good or bad feelings.
as you might have recognised, we are trying to be as open as we can with this project, so nobody has to buy something where he isn’t convinced about it. we tried to involve you with the clips from the studio and made the rage hard mix available on you tube and the full version of black night white light via iTunes to give you an idea about the project…but still there are so many things we were not able to communicate for now – for example that we only had access to the multi parts of the album versions of all songs, which makes it impossible to do a “best of all 12” mixes”…also we had many soundbits with no labeling where we went through and found things like the outtakes from pamela for instance…we know what a challange this project is, and are aware that we can’t win every fan with this idea, but we are very happy that involved people like holly johnson or parts of propaganda show us their support and that many of you send us so many good vibes. this really helps a lot to make this happening…also for the artwork we got kind support from collectors and fans as well. again, this project is completely self-financed and will be released on our soundcolours label. we pay all productions, cd pressings etc, we pay all royalties to artists, label, publishers etc. we are artists ourselves and therefore think it is only fair to give everyone involved his share.
we hope you will enjoy the music and we can tell you one thing: if this release is a bit of a success we will try everything to make a 6 vinyl box happening, but please understand that it is a massive financial investment and we have to see who is interested first….thank you


in the vocal style of Holly Johnson

a very very proud fan here

thank you B&J


I think Paul is right insofar as not every original FGTH remix is a good one, there are many mixes out there that just are another remix with no vocals, akwards sound effects etc. And of course, the old mixes are well known and are of course more than just sound, they are memories of our youth. But at the same time I still feel a bit dissapointed, as B&J (at least with the ‘Rage Hard’ mix) didn’t create a more coherent mix, adding all the good stuf from the good remixes, correcting things, creating a mix which has a flow of its own. It’s hard to describe, but for me it’s a bit of a missed chance to create the “perfect mix” with elements of all the old mixes. But of course, as a fan of the so80s series and B&J and FGTH, I will happily buy the ZZT CD. It’s maybe a luxury problem and maybe I am asking for too much but somehow my hopes were a bit higher…




I agree about the curious lack of vinyl, strange that it will only be available on digital, think of the picture disc opportunities lost, not to mention the improved quality of vinyl…

I also agree with what Paul says about the era of awful (frequently seemingly endless) 12″ remix horrors from the 80s, prime offenders to me was the Talk Talk stuff, although there are tons of other examples. I would like to think that B&J provide these extended clips in order to gauge public opinion and to go away and tweak what they’ve done so far, incorporating people’s views for the final version. Who knows? :-)

Michiel van Bokhorst

It’s exactly what I wanted. This is not a mix to attract 21st century youth to the dancefloor; this is a retro mix that reveals, extends and highlights all the brilliant elements of the original, just like an 80’s remix might have done. I love the concept and I really hope this trend takes off. Remixing with original elements only also worked wonders on the stripped version of David Bowie’s “Sound And Vision” last year. And now a full double CD? Bring it on, I will enjoy the hell out of that upcoming release!


Wow. Seriously. Wow!

This is simply breathtaking and brought the hairs on the back of my neck to attention! An amazing reconstruction gaining an insight to some of those layers the original mixes smothered.

I am really looking forward to my copies hitting my home here in the States soon. Based on this, I am confident this will be a well recieved project. Sure, there will be (and are) those who will never accept anything other than the original productions, but it’s a tough world to please us all at once.

Maybe there be a second and third volume!


Rather good indeed!


It’s great! To quote a comment on Youtube: ‘ It’s made in the tradition of FGTH, according to the 12″ recipe of Trevor Horn with respect of the sound of the 80’s.’
I’d buy it if it was released on 12′ Vinyl, but CD or mp3?…nah… I want the real thing!


It feels a bit like vistiting an old friend again after 30 years of not seeing each other. At first you think, wow, he’s grown old, fat, gray, did he always sound like that,and after a couple of minutes that old ‘click’ that once made you friends is there again. And so I fekt with that rage hard re-remix. Ofcourse you know all the old bits and segments by heart, so for me it was very refreshing to hear an instrumental break (an esential part of the 12inch is the cimax, but first the anti-climax) right at the beginning, etc. Yes, it might be reconstructed, but so were teh cassette tapes the 3rd or 4th versio of a 7 or 12inch as well. As paul said, I have had 30 years to grow into the originals. Ask me again in 30 years tiem how i feel about these reworkings. At least B&J did not ruin everyting (as all those awfull 90’s remixes) from dj’s who had to put their own signature in. B&J treated ut with respect for the original, took a stap back from the ‘look at me/us beeing great and see what we can accomplish with a song and a lot of PC-sounds and mixes’ and actuaky tried to make a 12inch that could have come from that area. Shame it will take me years and years to grow acustomed to as the originals…

Mike the Fish

Yep, good points. A release like this is a real treat, and at the moment a real rarity.


What a treat B&J have delivered a very testing and exciting product to release being that we are very critical of releases from Frankie but i feel like these mixes could easily have been on a Remix Album release of both frankie albums which i always wanted to be honest … Sometimes wish’s do come true



Very nice indeed, but i think too much Frankies songs on this release


A great, if slightly barrel-scraping exercise, most notably Dr Pamela Stephenson Connolly’s bits of spoken words, which sound like they were rescued from the cutting room floor. But I look forward to the album, seems like the choice of B&J was a wise one.


Yep, just ordered it (blank & jones so80s pres. ztt) on groovesinc dot com for €20,09! Releasedate is still 25-04-2014 ;)

€2 shipping! Order over €20 free shipping worldwide! I hope you guys/girls (Neil for example) will appreciate an alternative other than amazon! ;)


Hmm, not completely my cup of tea! After listened/watched their 2 previously videoclips (with the original ZTT/FGTH-parts/bits) from this project. My hope/expectation is high! Agreed with mike & others about the B&J’s!

I like the original 12″! But always find the intro was way too long. Too much music & not enough vocals. But still like it as it was as an original/official 12″!

B&J’s has more vocals and music/instrumental trimmed! I like that but elements (for example narration, what others refering to) in there are too repetitive (excitement/”mysterious-aspect” got worn off)! I just hope one day Ben Liebrand can get his hands on the same archive. I believe I would love his touch on these!

I didn’ find a videoclip like this one (complete song/mix) for Black Night White Light! Only a short preview on itunes! So far I like it. I believe I will/can appeciate/like the B&J mix more as no official/original 12″ of the song has set the standard, so no comparison. Like others here, let’s hope the other songs are better on this project.

I will still buy/order this CD to support B&J. I hope they can do more “So80s presents …” like Sandra, Falco, OMD, Culture Club, Kajagoogoo, Billy Idol, … Perhaps Nick Kamen (with all the Remix Edits, Remixes, Instrumentals, etc :P). Or if some mixes have been left off the first time around they can do a follow-up/volume 2 for the artists mentioned above.


The release date has changed to the 5th May. I think the price amazon are asking for this is disgusting £17.99 and they are certainly taking advantage with having no competition with the demise of sainsburys selling CD’s as a prime example.

Mike F

Rage Hard has never been a favourite, but the mix is very cohesive to me – and I’m quite fussy! Took me back to the 80s and playing a new/borrowed 12″ for the first time, so job done. I’m most interested in the stuff that’s not Frankie, so I may be waiting for reviews and/or sound samples before buying.

Fahvah Nepitah

“Maybe now they will appreciate me.” said Steven Lipson




This is not very good – lacks coherence. The narration should have been left on the original 12″ – it is the identity of that mix. The new mix feels like lots of odd bits spliced together – they have missed the building beauty of the original ZTT mixes. FAIL. I hope the other mixes are better.

Steven O'Connor

Unlike most of my 80s buddies, this was my all-time favorite Frankie song. And I reckon this feels like an authentic remix from the time. For me, the sense of a ‘constructed collage’ some others have referred to feels like part of that authenticity. Including the clever Pamela Stephenson narration about 12″s. It’s great to get a brand new version of this song. I love it!


Hopefully the release has been put back so they can have another stab at this track!

Shaun Jones

I’m a huge FGTH fan and I like the B&J So80s series a lot, but honestly… this remix sucks. The magic of the original song echoes in the background, but everything B&J added or changed is for the worse – making this FGTH anthem a mediocre song in the end.

Chris Lancaster

The new mix of Rage Hard will grow on me… But the new version of Black Night White Light won’t, as it doesn’t have to. It’s great to hear an extended version of what I always thought was the best non-single track off WTTPD, and genius to use snippets of One September Monday throughout.

I’m greatly looking forward to the album… Although, like one person above, I too have received an email saying that the release has been put back into May.


Too long and really boring. Wanted to turn off after about 5 minutes. Hopefully this album will be on Spotify as I probably won’t be purchasing it…

Lazlo Nibble

I agree it’s a bit kitchen-sinky, particularly early on…but so were the official mixes off Liverpool, so the “phenomenon of megabytes” feeling is completely period-appropriate. It would have fit in beautifully as the third 12″. The more I hear from this project the more excited I get about it!


I agree with a Co-listener who expressed that it all sounds a bit like out of a construction set…
I miss the Grandezza and sparkle of the ztt-mixes. The drumsounds are dull and monotone…I hope there are some better mixes on the album…


On Friday, I had an email from Amazon saying the release date is now 7th May.


I still prefer the original . Although B & J’s version is interesting.

Boaz Halachmi

I am excited as the first time I put the needle on the 12″ after buying it.


I love the idea of getting new ZTT mixes and especially by FGTH. Having said this I find it really difficult to listen to Rage Hard and not trying to compare it to the original mixes. I realise that this is not fair but happens anyway. As such I tend to prefer BNWL over RH as it is completly new in its own right a great 12″ version of a “new” track. I really hope the album will be succesful and my pre-order arrives really quickly upon its release and will allow B&J to remix more ZTT material in the future. i would love to see them reworking Maximum Joy, Kill the Pain and Lunar Bay some day as this would be a more fair comparrision. Well done by B&J but fans will be really critical.

Paul Kent

The only incongruous element, to my ears, anyway, was Pamela Stephenson’s narration. With something as well-loved and admired by FGTH fans as The Young Persons Guide To The 12″, B&J would have been better off using the original narration. Stephenson’s presence was a little jarring. But, that’s my only gripe about an otherwise bang on mix. Hearing this has allayed all fears I hitherto had and now I can’t wait for the album!

Larry Mac

Overall, enjoyable. I don’t think using the narration was necessary – that was a fantastic novelty when The Young Person’s Guide to the 12″ came out, but I’m not sure what it adds here.

Peter van noort

Normally i would say: “do not touch what has been created”, but hearing this i can only say…WOW. This is great additional material and perfectly mixed. Bring on this disc…and a world tour i would say to the Lads…

Rob Puricelli

Superbly respectful, faithful and highly enjoyable! Bring that album ON!! ;-)


A fascinating new mix of a classic FGTH track. It is truly endless as to what to use and where but I’m definitely loving this work of art, thanks B & J for a unique re-imagining. Looking forward to album release


Now it is Time… time for Frankie…
What an amazing Reconstruction!
This is what comes out, when two German Boys Keep an Eye on the finer Details…
What a great Gift for any Frankie Fan!
Thank you. For me you are HEROES!


As great as it is to hear a “new” FGTH mix made from the original masters, I can not help but notice that the mix somehow sounds like a incoherent collage out of a construction set. Don’t get me wrong, I like it and I really appreciate the work of B&J, but somehow it’s not more than the sum of its parts, there is no real flow, it somehow sounds like layers added to layers and it never really gets off. But still, I love the idea to do such new mixes made from authentic elements, hope the other songs sound a bit more coherent though


I agree. It’s fine to hear that good old stuff in a nice new re-build, but I am missing something… However couldn’t describe it. The new equipment deleted the spirit of the Fairlight maybe. Will see if it is depending on the media you listen to it….