Best of Keane: super deluxe unbox


This video shows an unboxing of the Super Deluxe Edition of The Best Of Keane.

This edition contains two CDs, a DVD and a 100-page hardcover ‘photo scrapbook’. The first disc is a 20-track hits collection while the second CD contains 17 B-sides. The DVD features an August 2013 acoustic gig, where the setlist was chosen by Keane fans.

The Best Of Keane is released on 11 November 2013

Super Deluxe Edition (2CD+DVD+Book)



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If you are not a fan of the band, I don’t get why you need to post all those comments about how the band “does not have enough good songs”!
The band has its fans, you know? Myself being one of them. A huge one!


One sided 7″!
Probably appeals to someone but clearly not us!


I honestly didn’t know Keane had enough quality stuff hanging about to release anymore than a deluxe 7″. This box set has come as a genuine surprise to me.


It looks like a really nice set, both in terms of content and presentation. But I agree it’s a little bit expensive. Hopefully prices will drop down.


It’s not much larger than a standard CD case and for a 2CD/DVD set by any band I would not pay more than £25.

Huge rip-off. Probably to make more money from a small fan-base.

In comparison, the upcoming Stones ‘Hyde Park’ 2CD/DVD is £13.99. The deluxe 4 disc blu-ray set is less than £30. Massive band, massive songs, massive gig.

Please find out the rationale behind the pricing of this Keane set. I’m not a fan of the band and wouldn’t dream of buying it but I don’t like this ongoing scattergun approach to pricing on ‘deluxe’ sets.


Agree with Ricky. EP of three or four tracks from this band is enough for compilation.


The Best of Keane would surely be best suited to an EP presented in a carrier bag!!

Stan Butler

It’s a rip off anyway. £47! Adding a scrapbook seems to give record companies the excuse to treble the price of a deluxe set.