Frankie Goes To Hollywood / Inside the Pleasuredome unboxing video


The new Frankie Goes To Hollywood Inside The Pleasuredome box has shipped to fans who ordered (or ‘pledged’) via PledgeMusic.

The set contains a remastered and repackaged double LP of the 1984 Welcome To The Pleasuredome album, along with three 10-inch EPs, all with exclusive, previously unreleased tracks. A 13-track Relax cassette (“Suck It Up”), a DVD with 5.1 surround mixes and videos and a 48-page hardcover book – And Suddenly There Came A Zang! – are also part of the package. All audio content is also supplied as FLAC files and/or MP3.

Only 2,000 of these sets have been manufactured and PledgeMusic appear to have sold out of their initial offering. If you didn’t manage to pick one up then it seems likely that a small quantity my surface through more conventional retail channels at some point.


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[…] this is a box in the style of When Slade Rocked The World, or Frankie Goes To Hollywood‘s Inside The Pleasuredome. The CDs reside within a foam fitment at the bottom, with the vinyl, book and wallet stacked on […]


Download on ebay but mp3 I think


No CDs, no sale!


I’d pay a reasonable amount for a download of this box set, but over a hundred quid for some printed cardboard and a cassette? No ta!


Received mine the other day and it’s magnificent! Haven’t done much more than look at it with awe yet but will be doing so in the next week or two.

The only thing missing from that era is the old ZX Spectrum FGTH game!

Awesome, and well worth the money :-)


I really, really wish they’d put some sort of ribbon or something underneath the 12″ vinyl to make it easier to get the album out of the box, as I can see the front of the cover getting torn, eapecially with the cutout.


Any idea where I could order this online if it’s not too late, thanks


The set is announced for a 24 November release in Germany (preorder is 133 euros).


Just wonder if this is for per order online


One of the more beautiful packages I own.

Wouldn’t hold out much hope them surfacing through traditional channels though, they’re already fetching high prices on eBay.


I imagine that’s because it was only being shipped to Europe and there were a few requests from the folks in other countries wanting the buy the set.