Guy Pratt plays Madonna’s Like A Prayer

The musician recalls working with Madge and gives a masterclass

Guy Pratt has had a prolific career as a session bass player contributing to recordings made by Pink Floyd, Bryan Ferry, Tears For Fears, The Dream Academy, Echo and The Bunnymen and many more. While in self-isolation at home in Brighton, he has started a YouTube channel and is posting ‘Lockdown Lick’ videos where he shows how he played the bass line of a specific song and tells a few stories to go along with it. These are really entertaining – even for non-musos – so check out episode two as he recalls his time playing on Madonna‘s Like A Prayer album…


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Pete Goddard

I thoroughly enjoyed watching this. Guy is a very interesting chap, and he tells a good yarn. I remember initially hearing him play with the Australian band Icehouse (with Iva Davies) back in the early 80’s. Guy’s playing was to the fore on their album ‘Sidewalk’ from 1984.

Looking forward to hearing his third Lockdown edition.

Kerry Tucker

Guy has also written a great book. Worth reading!


This is brilliant,

I shall keep a good eye and a better ear on Guy Pratt’s lockdown licks.

Another of a similar nature and tone that I recommend include Rick Beato.
His what makes this song great, episode 17. Boston hitch a ride. Is a masterclass.
I was blown away when i realised that within a song I knew well was a bass line that could of itself have been a great song.

Tom Walsh

This is brilliant. I love the insight from the “unsung” people behind the songs we all know. He’s a great story teller too.

Alastair Doggett

Fantastic entertainment, thanks so much

Tony O

best maddy song of all time in my opinion

paul wren

Working with all these big names pays well judging by the Rolex Oyster on his wrist!

John McCann

Paul I think hes married to RichardsWright’s daughter,the guy can have the best watches Switzerland’s can throw at him,and in Swiss watch land a rolex datejust is nothing.

Paul Winterburn

Great video, thanks Paul. I’m now off down a rabbit hole and listening to the “Toy Matinee” album.


How I love the fact that you’re sharing a BASS player’s video here, given all musicians that may come to mind…! That guy is really entertaining (of course I knew his name and part of his work already) and made at least one German guy pick up his bass again. Thank you so much, Paul!


Prince did the opening guitar you hear in Like A Prayer. He also did Keep It Together & Act Of Contrition. Like the work Patrick Leonard (and probably Guy Pratt) did with Bryan Ferry. Kiss and Tell. That still sounds good.

There is a photographer who also been doing stories back stories about the cover shoots for Donna Summer records. They have been really interesting.


Craig Griffin

He gives mention of the Toy Matinee album, and if there is anyone here who has not heard it I cannot recommend it enough!! An absolutely BRILLIANT album. A perfect album as a whole, and each song is magnificent. Please, please check it out.

John McCann

Guy might owe you a drink Paul,looks like his book might get a another edition published if people who read the comments buy it.


I caught his show at Glastonbury a while back and found him very entertaining, then read his book which was great too. Such a varied career and a charismatic character.

Jeffrey Collins

Very interesting video. Enjoyed. Thank you!


His dad was the non ghost in the original Randall & Hopkirk deceased.

Very cool TV show.

Actually Paul, I would say Guy’s role in Pink Floyd as well as David Gilmour’s solo band and Nick Mason’s Saucerful of Secrets is a bit more than just session musician…

And one of his most iconic moments was playing bass on “Earth Song”, just in case you didn’t know! Fits that the song has a Floydian feel/structure anyway.

stevie mcqueen

nice :)


Great video. A very charasmatic bloke. Can talk for England!

Chris Squires

Never mind Madonna, he played bass on the multi-aluminium selling Because we love You By Stephen Duffy, we even had a short section dedicated to him on the duffypedia website back in the day. Once you’ve played with TinTin you know you’ve made it.

Chris Thomas

That’s a great record Chris – good shout!


Wow, I never knew that!!

Really enjoyed the video, and like it even more now it gives me an excuse to go back and listen to Because We Love You again!! (not that I needed one)

And…..multi-aluminium LOL (in a resigned kind of way)

Geoff Harrow

Ok. I think it’s time for Mr. Paul Sinclair to step up and give us a song. We all know he’s hiding his musical talent and I’d say a good percentage of us would like to hear something from Mr. SDE! – You’ve got the perfect moment now, Sir…

Who agrees with me?!?

Geoff Harrow

Come on, Paul. I bet you’re a real crooner! Give us a verse of ‘No More Lonely Nights’ and we’ll be satisfied!

Yani P

Leave it Geoff… Walk away..

John Naisbett

If anyone hasn’t already read his book “My Bass & Other Animals” it is well worth a read.

It is very funny in places & gives an interesting view of his fantastic career.

John McCann

Especially the bit he discreetly slides his Rolex off, very good book,does the Edinburgh festival sometimes, great guy,

Agree, his book is a great read.

graeme ewan

yep. seek it out, great book and reminds us all about being young and “Mental” – only 45 and feeling like life as simpler 20/25 years ago folks!! dont be completely insular, get out in clear space and enjoy things when you can.


Yes, his book is great, I´ve read it at least twice. Some pretty hilarious anecdotes in it…


I’m not a fan of Madonna’s but I usually enjoy these behind the scenes videos. I’ll have to check it out later. Thanks for the heads up Paul!

Kevin George

Guy tips his hat to Pino Palladino and mentions Toy Matinee, both class acts, the latter Toy Matinee is such an underrated album and prompted me to dig out my DTS copy which cheered me up in these strange times…