Hans Zimmer / Interstellar Illuminated Projection Edition

Very informative unboxing video for the Illuminated Projection Edition deluxe box of Hans Zimmer‘s score for Christopher Nolan’s recent film Interstellar.

The box was an US-only exclusive (from the official store) but is now available for order across various Amazon sites. Zimmer/Interstellar students will note that this set does include No Time For Caution, although it isn’t listed on the packaging. You can read more about the Interstellar soundtrack here.

Illuminated Star Projection Edition (29 tracks)

Full Track listing

Interstellar Soundtrack Illuminated Star Projection Edition

Disc 1

01. Dreaming of the Crash 3:56
02. Cornfield Chase 2:07
03. Dust 5:41
04. Day One 3:19
05. Stay 6:52
06. Message From Home 1:41
07. The Wormhole 1:31
08. Mountains 3:39
09. Afraid of Time 2:33
10. A Place Among the Stars 3:27
11. Running Out 1:57
12. I’m Going Home 5:49
13. Coward 8:27
14. Detach 6:42
15. S.T.A.Y. 6:23
16. Where We’re Going 7:41

Disc 2

01. First Step 1:48
02. Flying Drone 1:53
03. Atmospheric Entry 1:39
04. No Need To Come Back 4:33
05. Imperfect Lock 6:55
06. What Happens Now? 2:05
07. Who’s They? 7:17
08. Murph 11:21
09. Organ Variation 4:52
10. Tick-Tock 8:19
11. Day One (Original Demo) 3:49
12. Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night (Poem) 1:37
13. No Time For Caution 4:06


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Got my copy for 14 pounds via Amazon.co.uk, seller dodox-online-uk!

Kevin, Glasgow

Ditto all that from Dodax. Exact same, so please boycot this seller.


Yep, just received emails today saying they are refunding me after the non-appearance of the order. It looked too good to be true and it was. Won’t use Dodax again.


Roberto pointed out that this was ultra cheap on Amazon at the end of February and I duly ordered it. Did anyone else? I ordered mine from Dodax (third party seller) but it still hasn’t arrived. They had a two week delivery window but I was wondering if anyone else ordered at this time and whether they have received the box.

Neville Godwin

I ordered the deluxe boxset when it appeared for £14 on amazon by some third party suppliers. They said they sent it and when it didn’t arrive the said they couldn’t find extra stock so refunded the money. It’s an old trick on-line suppliers use when they realise they f**ked up and don’t want to supply at the price they stated.

Mark A.

Mine arrived with no damage at all so I think that it might have taken some serious mishandling by the post office (fancy that) to dislodge the battery pack. The box is nicely designed as can seen in the video linked above, and is quite solid. I would have liked a bit more in the booklet: I had read both of those essays online already, but the photos of the recording sessions are a good inclusion. I would have to say I was satisfied. I paid $40 including shipping, which I thought was a bit steep but not outrageous for a collectible box set: even if it is not very limited in numbers, I imagine it will not be produced indefinitely. Some of the prices I saw on the Amazon sites (and mentioned in comments above) are ridiculous and not worth it, however.


Hopefully I would find this less perplexing if I’d seen the film. It does indeed seem to be a black box with some holes and a light bulb in. Mind you I fell for the Pink Floyd blinking Pulse box, so what would I know :-)

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Roberto Zannini

I saw for sale the [Deluxe Edition – Illuminated Star Projection Box] on amazon.uk marketplace at £ 14.50 plus shipping (3 sellers); Is it possible that there’s a price’s difference of about 30 pounds between these sellers’ price and amazon’s uk price?
Might it be a different edition? The image corresponds to the Deluxe edition.
Does anyone have more information?

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Lo Bern

I am really set to pay an adequately prize for collectable editions. But 75,00 Euro for a double cd in a gimmick box? This seems to be a complete rip-off. 45,00 $ are more than enough.

Hub Hamers

And why the huge difference in price?

Official store (only USA): $40
Amazon Germany: €75

So in Germany you pay more than double and this difference can’t be import tax and postage!

Paul Lewis

Just a warning about my experience with this set. The battery pack came unglued/tore off from the box during shipping and was flopping around in the star area. The battery pack came open and both batteries were rattling around. Haven’t decided yet if I want to deal with getting a replacement. It was $45 so I am thinking it shouldn’t have arrived in this shape… I am in the USA and ordered from myplaydirect.


@Paul Lewis
Exactly the same experience here, though the batteries didn’t come out, but the battery pack tore off most of the backing presumably during shipping. Very underwhelming.

Friso Pas

to = too

Friso Pas

Indeed way to expensive for what only can be described as a double disc, with some little cheap LED thingy.

Hub Hamers

For that price a 3-D blu-ray should be included!

PS in the video (and on amazon) you can see that disc 2 has 12 tracks, not 13. Or is it included as an easter egg?


More videos with that adorable cat please!

tempus fugit

the soundtrack was like the film, confused and unremarkable.

Mark A.

Not sure how a soundtrack can be “confused”. It might be “confusing” to you, but I think it is very well done. Of course, I also think the film is excellent.


Are people really going to pay way over the odds for a soundtrack because it comes in a box with a bulb and some holes in the cardboard?

This is over-packaging at it’s worst.