SDEtv / RSD Previews: Sparks The Best & The Rest of the Island Years 74-78

More Record Store Day 2018 previews on SDE. Today we take a brief look at Sparks The Best & The Rest Of The Island Years 74-78, which is pressed on double red vinyl.

This limited edition vinyl package will be available to purchase from participating independent record stores on Saturday 21 April, 2018. Good luck!


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You should stop those previews.. My Wallet and my Wife do not agree with the ensuing wish-list..

Michael McA

Best band in the world.

Paul Mann

This was also something odd about the original vinyl box – Sparks’ ‘Island years’ were ’74-’76, not ’78. By ’78 They’d already released “Introducing Sparks” on CBS.


Yeah but, inexplicably, ‘Introducing Sparks’ came with the label note “licensed from Island Records” which always confused me. Mayhap it was an issue with their management or some strange legal anomaly?


I think your “Good luck!” sign off more or less sums up RSD.

Ade Swatridge

Hi, what’s the tracklisting please?


Assuming it’s the same as the original vinyl releases …

The Best Of Sparks
A1 This Town Ain’t Big Enough 3:04
A2 At Home At Work At Play 3:04
A3 Hasta Mañana Monsieur 3:42
A4 Tearing The Place Apart 3:30
A5 Never Turn Your Back On Mother Earth 2:25
A6 Get In The Swing 4:26
B1 Looks, Looks, Looks 2:32
B2 Amateur Hour 3:34
B3 Thanks But No Thanks 4:12
B4 Gone With The Wind 3:02
B5 Something For The Girl With Everything 2:15
B6 Thank God It’s Not Christmas 5:04

The Rest Of Sparks
A1 Lost And Found
A2 Barbecutie
A3 Alambamy Right
A4 Marry Me
A5 Profile
A6 The Wedding of Jacqueline Kennedy to Russell Mael
B1 I Want To Hold Your Hand
B2 England
B3 Gone With The Wind
B4 Intrusion/Confusion
B5 Looks Aren’t Everything
B6 Tearing The Place Apart


As much as I love Sparks and am considering getting this, I’m disappointed they didn’t make any effort to replace some of the repeated tracks between the two LP’s. The original Best Of LP included a couple of rarities, those were included on the Rest Of LP that was exclusive with the vinyl box set from a few years back. So by making this a double package, there are some repeated tracks between the two. They could have replaced those tracks with other album tracks on the Best Of.

J Marre

I agree with Scott – New tracks should have replaced the duplicates on the 2nd LP – hands down UNIVERSAL SUCKS


They should’ve just removed them from the tracklist and make it a 3x 12″ 45 RPM half speed set :D