Tanita Tikaram’s Ancient Heart reissue

Out next week is Music On Vinyl’s reissue of Tanita Tikaram‘s much loved debut Ancient Heart. The 1988 album has been pressed on clear vinyl for a limited run of 1500 copies and the gatefold package includes a personal note from Tanita. Watch the video below to see the vinyl reissue in production and get a feel for what looks like a quality presentation…

As well as the vinyl reissue, there is also a 30th anniversary CD with two bonus tracks. Both can be pre-ordered from the SDE shop, which I’m proud to say Tanita has directly promoted and supported as her preferred place for her fans to go to secure the reissues. You can also use the buttons below to pre-order this reissue from the SDE shop.

Ancient Heart is reissued on 7 December 2018.

1. Good Tradition
2. Cathedral Song
3. Sighing Innocents
4. I Love You
5. World Outside Your Window
6. For All These Years

1. Twist In My Sobriety
2. Poor Cow
3. He Likes The Sun
4. Valentine Heart
5. Preyed Upon

CD bonus tracks

I Love The Heaven’s Solo


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Tim Van Den Houten

Not a huge vinyl buyer, but my MOV records have always been excellent over the 3 last years. Also the coloured ones.

Anthony Steiner

Has the songs on this released been remastered. The original CD sounded kind of weak.


10 out of 11 tracks aren’t remastered, the RMS and peak values match with those of the original CD or are at least very close. Stuck in there is a much louder, compressed version of “Twist In My Sobriety”, albeit lowered in peak level by 4 dB. It still sticks out. The bonus tracks are sonically quite in line with the remaining 10 tracks.

Booklet is mainly a mediocre reprint of the original, with the fine print blurred and occasionally hardly readable (put on your reading glasses…). The new hand-written letter of Tanita is included on the last booklet page and is quite entertaining to read.

All in all the CD is rather underwhelming.

John Lawton

I pre ordered a few weeks ago and eagerly await. Received all 3 of the Dead or Alive releases and have been more than pleased with the sound and ultra glossy presentation.

Jussi Pukkila

So much care effort goes into this project like this and yet they can’t spell. Sticker on front has “Transparant”.

Geert De Wilde

That’s the Dutch spelling :) (and they are in the Netherlands …)

Bjarne Laastad

Am I the only one who wants my vinyl to be black?

Michael Roberts

Yes, quite possibly.

I love all the multitudes of brilliant colors on the vinyl reissues now. Keep it coming!

Tom Elliot

After the amount of handling by machine and man, i’m surprised that *most* records and covers make it to me in perfect condition – as did my lovely copy of Sophisticated Boom Boom this morning, cheers Paul. I pre-ordered Tanita’s 33 1/2 rpm. I do appreciate these MoV reissues, i’ve got lot’s now.

But it is confusing why they decide to occasionally reissue LP’s in gatefold sleeves when they weren’t originally, while many LP’s that *were* gatefold (like a couple of the Dead or Alive offerings) are reissued in a regular sleeve.

I’m not surprised to see Tanita favouring this place. I saw David Sylvian post an SDE link on his Twitter the other week. All the most discerning artists prefer SDE don’tcha know?.

Tom Elliot

Very cool Paul, and I know that Tanita appreciates Sylvian’s work. This place has certainly got the attention of some prestigious artists… (it must be those SDE deal alerts, everyone loves a bargain!).


Cheers Paul. CD/LP Ordered from SDE

Steve F

A quick look at Discogs reveals that a number of tracks are missing from this release. Particularly dissapointing is the ommission of “Fireflies In The Kitchen” which I believe was only include on the 12″ version of “Cathedral Song”. Talking of “Cathedral Song”, the Demo Version (which was released as a B Side) would also have been a nice inclusion. Any comments on the reasons behind the lack of Bonus Tracks for this release Paul..?


nothing is “missing” from the reissue. It’s the original album, and the CD has two bonus tracks.


the video is so satisfying.

Rob G

“Music On Vinyl” does a great job with their vinyl issues. Their “Collected” series are always great and the sound quality is usually superb.

The “Lost Highway” soundtrack is so crisp and clean, it’s worth the price. Comus’ “First Utterance” sounds incredible too. Glad I was able to get that one as it was limited to 750, I believe.

Always looking for what they have coming out.


they cut from digital though


Marshall Gooch

Just because something is mastered from digital doesn’t mean it will sound bad (or good)–it really comes down to a sympathetic mastering job. I have MOV’s Cracker “Kerosene Hat” on 2LP and it’s quite good. So are their versions of Elvis Costello’s “Brutal Youth” and Iggy Pop’s “Party.”


true but 9/10 will not sound great.
likewise remasters usually sound worse than originals.


I just love the way those little rollers flip the album round. Great to see that a vinyl LP is still made in a factory that looks like it hasn’t changed for decades….. to me that’s what owning a vinyl record is all about ….having a bit of history and a bit of the present all rolled up in one.


Nice video. I had no idea that the vinyl production process was that “rough.” :)

Vinyl Score

“I had no idea that the vinyl production process was that “rough.”” How do those inner sleeves not split!


Still sad about the dearth of new material on a beloved album, so no purchases from me, but am chuffed that Tanita thought enough of you to have you as her preferred outlet. Go, Paul!!

And, not only was the video fun to watch, I can never get enough of Twist In My Sobriety….


Filmed at Record Industry pressing plant in Haarlem, Netherlands. They do tours of the premises (I believe on request). Higly recommended !


Great looking vinyl package! Instant preorder on SDE shop. Thank you, Paul! (If only she had also signed the cover :)

Kenny Smith

It looks like a great package.

Is there any word on the remastering? It was originally recorded on analogue and mixed digitally (according to the back of the original CD). This new version must be remastered, right?

Geert De Wilde

Wow, they do things with their vinyl and covers that I wouldn’t allow anyone coming to my house do with mine!!

Chris Squires

Ha yes, I watched it like it was 1973, from behind my fingers and the Cybermen were dealing damage to the Doctor.

I do suppose that these million pound machines know what they are doing but still….ouch.


I was thinking the same thing as I watched the video!