Blank & Jones announce So80s 11 / 2CD set of 12″ extended mixes from the ’80s

Get the 1980s remix set early from the SDE shop!

Eighteen months after the last in the series was issued, electronic duo Blank & Jones have announced so80s 11, a double-disc collection of newly remastered rare and forgotten extended mixes from the 1980s.

Highlights of this 22-track set include the extended version of Tina Turner‘s We Don’t Need Another Hero (Thunderdome) [missing from the deluxe edition of Private Dance], the extended mix of Climie Fisher‘s Rise To The Occasion (remarkably, the first time this mix of the Stephen Hague produced song has been issued on CD) and State Of Shock (Dance Mix) which features a certain Michael Jackson and Mick Jagger sharing vocal duties.

so80s 11 comes packaged in a jewel case and includes a 36-page booklet which features notes about the selections (in English and German) as well as full page cover images for each of the singles included.

The ‘Rise To The Occasion (Extended Remix)’ master tape used for so80s 11.

Blank and Jones (based in Cologne) write eloquently in the booklet of this new release about the challenges of licensing what can be quite obscure remixes from major labels. ‘Clearing’ (the term for getting legal approval to licensing the audio) these 22 tracks took six months and remixes of certain songs have, regrettably, to be crossed off the wish-list for a variety of reasons, such as the label not being able to find the tapes (there are no vinyl rips on this collection), or the record company simply lacking the digital ‘paperwork’ to show that it’s theirs to licence (i.e. music industry version of ‘computer says no’).

SDE is always pleased to try support the efforts of those who show commitment to physical product and Blank & Jones and this new collection is a case in point. While these third party releases can never hope to match the budget price of the in-house sets that we see released with such regularity (the majors normally have no licensing costs, benefit greatly from economies of scale and will likely source audio from ‘wherever’) you know that there is real passion behind these smaller projects and a true love for the era and indeed the ‘1980s remix’ itself, which you could argue is something of a lost art, being replaced in the 1990s and beyond by the ‘named’ remixer phenomenon (Trouser Enthusiasts, anyone?).

With that in mind, SDE is pleased to be able to offer so80s 11 via our online shop, ShopSuperDeluxe.com. We are taking pre-orders right now and will ship worldwide from 18 December 2017. All orders via SDE come with a free ‘so80s’ sticker and if you’re in the UK then orders will almost certainly arrive before Christmas (the official release date in Germany is 5 January 2018).

so80s [SoEighties] 11

CD1 65:49

01. Rise To The Occasion (Extended Mix) – Climie Fisher 6:10
02. That Was Yesterday (Extended Remix) – Foreigner 6:14
03. We Don’t Need Another Hero (Thunderdome) (Extended Version) – Tina Turner 6:08
04. Young Turks (Full Length Version) – Rod Stewart 5:02
05. State Of Shock (Dance Mix) – The Jacksons & Mick Jagger 5:41
06. Your Touch (Club Version) – Bonnie Pointer 6:35
07. Hey DJ (Extended Version) – The World’s Famous Supreme Team 6:07
08. The Right Stuff (Remix) – Bryan Ferry 6:34
09. We Run (Extended Single Mix) – Strange Advance 6:07
10. Working In A Goldmine (DJ) – Aztec Camera 4:01
11. Call It Love (Trego Snare Version 2) – Yello 6:46

CD2 76:03

01. Forever Dancing (12“ Version) – The Beloved 8:35
02. We Need Protection (Screamix) – Picnic At The Whitehouse 6:04
03. Heartbreak Beat (Extended Mix) – The Psychedelic Furs 8:07
04. So Much For Love (Rock Mix) – The Venetians 5:39
05. Fascinated (12“ Version) – Company B 7:32
06. Magic’s Wand (Special Extended Mix) – Whodini 11:19
07. Vanity Kills (The Mendelsohn Mix) – ABC 6:15
08. Be Free With Your Love (Extended Dance Mix) – Spandau Ballet 6:40
09. Sleeping Bag (Extended Mix) – ZZ Top 6:11
10. Strong Me Strong (12“ Version) – Yellowman 5:15
11. Vor all den Jahren (Full Length Version) – Stahlnetz 4:05

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Yello Call It Love (Ian Tregoning Version 2)!!!
Thank you so much to remember my wishlist.

Hope the other FK mixes get released some time in the future.


Hi Paul
Just received my box set purchased from Super Deluxe Shop today in Melbourne.
Second item I’ve bought from the shop and very pleased: this So80S set is a ripper! Great mastering, great sound and some very unusual and enjoyable tracks not normally found on these comps – the Company B track “Fascinated” transported me immediately to the decadent gay bars and clubs of Soho circa ’87.
Also, thanks for the tip regarding the Amazon Spain sale. I scored the Dinah Washington vinyl box set at an excellent price.
Thanks for everything you do with SuperDeluxe!

Stephen K.

Thanks Daniel (from Berlin) for the reply and the list of ABC mixes.

Andrew Robinson

I have the same problem as Yani P… nine more sets and a second box please!

Come to think of it, have you considered this approach for the ZTT 12″ idea, to reduce risk? One disc at a time and the last one with an optional box to put them all in would save you from a big investment up front. I could see a lot of ZTT fans wanting this, especially if you gave each disc a different mix/extra track/dub/instrumental version.

Paul Jones

Thunderdone 12″ on CD….OMG! bought…thank you B and J

Yani P

Oh no….I already have 1-10 in the case that fits them all

No room at the inn for 11 !!!

Proper first world problem right there :)


Hi Piet, I ordered So80’s 11 and also the Formel Eins CD.

Charlie Shine

Hi Piet, what about Robin Gibb ‘Boys Do Fall In Love’ Extended or Long Version [aka Dub Version in Europe]????. Is there any chance for future volumes??? … Thank you!

P.S. I’m still waiting for your reply to my other question dated December 7, 2017 at 01:39

piet blank

hey chralie, sorry, i try my best to answer as much as possible…will look for your question…but please don’t let this news become a wishlist for future releases…we are always very happy to receive suggestions, but i will never find everything here again…you can email us at office@soundcolours.com. please include a discogs link and/or youtube with the correct version…we will then include it on our want list for the next volume.
Robin Gibb: as will all big names and of course also bee gees: it is close to impossible to even license the radio version…but that was also the answer we got for year regarding rod stewart or what’s on your mind by information society…and then, when you try for the 6th time it suddenly works…

Charlie Shine

Piet, thank you so much for your reply regarding my inquiry, I really appreciate it from you. On the other hand, what a shame you can’t get license authorization from the labels for all those big names, because you both guys really do a wonderful and amazing job in sharing with us all our favorite music with the best sound quality. Please continue in doing this job, I am sure all music lovers will be thank you for the efforts you put on it. Just like Paul says, that there is real passion behind these smaller projects and a true love and I personally value that from you. By the way, I never had the opportunity before to express my gratitude for the release of one of my favorite songs ever from that era… ‘Your Heart Keeps Burning [Burning Mega Mix]’ By Blind Date from the original master tape. I’m sorry for the delay but, never is too late.

Happy holidays and all the best for the new year!

Kind regards!

P.S. Is there any chance to include in future volumes the Special Extended Club Mix of the song ‘Madonna’s Eyes’ By Jayne Collins which was a big hit in Germany under Hansa label back in 1985 and was produced by Frank Farian?
That was my other question to you… Thanks!


Really excited for a remastered Working in a Goldmine. Brilliant, classic track and should’ve been at least top 10. Also, +1 for the WIN reissues


Piet, after buying all So80s artists and remix compilation discs (including the 10 volume box set because I wanted the remastered volume 1 thru 4), many, many artist reissues and many 12″ compilation series (Grand 12″es, Italo Disco series, etc), I have pretty much hunted down every 12″ song I used to be really into in the 80’s, except for two 12″es that are unfindable on CD:

1. Loz Netto – “Fadeaway”
2. Marilyn – “You Don’t Love Me”

Since you are responding to some of the messages, I thought I would indulge and ask you to check into these for possible future So80s volumes. Again, many thanks for your outstanding work!!!

piet blank

same asnwer here as below: but please don’t let this news become a wishlist for future releases…we are always very happy to receive suggestions, but i will never find everything here again…you can email us at office@soundcolours.com. please include a discogs link and/or youtube with the correct version…we will then include it on our want list for the next volume.
thank you for collection our so8os releases!


“Trego”, of Call It Love (Trego Snare Version 2) is Ian Tregoning who is a longterm friend of the band and put the Boris Blank Electrified boxset together.


Tracklisting Looks exciting since there really is a lot of stuff I have not hard before on it, so a must-buy for sure!
But why no digipack? I am looking at my shelf with all the nice digipacks of the previous volumes right now, so this would have fit in nicely…

Matt Wells

always great to see these albums – extended 12″ were art forms mostly only available on 12″ vinyl, so to get these in this quality on CD is great… any chance of Early Underworld (pre JBO) getting to one of these releases… see Warner Brothers / Sire – how are they for licencing? I’d love a version of Superpower but not even sure that ever appeared anywhere other than a live version, but Shep Pett remixed some early UW stuff so fits well with these sets imho.

piet blank

good idea with underworld…always loved the freur stuff…and of course the radar album…will see what kind of 12″ mixes there are to hunt for…

Matt Wells

great, I’ve just put in a message to Steve Hall, their current manager, to see where the masters lie… there’s a great Underworld set from Hamburg on you tube from this era…they were big in Germany during this time… :)

Chris Squires

I know I am late to the party but, if you are still here Piet, I have just got the So80s ZTT 2CD set as part of my immense ZTT weekend blow-out on amazon Germany’s 3 for 2 deal.

I am absolutely loving it and as Randy says (just above) I like my remixes to have as much to do with the original concept as possible. Personally my favourite FGTH song for really getting into isn’t the obvious remix targets but it is Welcome to the Pleasuredome, which really…really rocks.

Thank you Piet, I don’t have any of your So80s CD sets as yet, something I think will be put right over the coming months, if I can find them at reasonable prices. If you fancy having a go at a TinTin remix disc then please do, it’ll be a treat.

piet blank

thank you chris…the ZTT project is really so special for us…we still have to pinch ourselves from time to time when we hold the cd in our hands…we always had the dream to do a small edition of a 6 vinyl box with the mixes…but somehow at the same time the massive “welcome ” box was in the making and the quotes we got for manufacturing it were pretty high…so we did not take the risk…really some money to invest in making it happen….

Chris Squires

If it were even half as good and half the fun of “Inside the Pleasuredome”…
They would sell out in an instant……

Randy Metro

The older I get, the more I like the tamer album versions of songs rather than the remixes. That wasn’t always the case, as my younger self repeatedly points out to my older self. Paul, as you have said, the remixes of a certain type in a previous era, have sadly passed on & away. Modern remixes are also brick-walled and compressed, which doesn’t help the listening experience. Nevertheless, I still give every remix a listen as I do find some gems that still “do it” for me :-)


This will make me buy it. Magic’s Wand (Special Extended Mix) – Whodini. Especially because it’s over 11mins :)

piet blank

yes…the sound is so crisp as well…a fabulous Thomas Dolby production…might surprise the one or the other that he was behind this massive tune…the break in the middle is a speaker blower : )


For those who don’t know the “extended” mix of “We Don’t Need Another Hero” is the same as the album version. Why not one of her never on CD remixes??


That album is long out of print Jon. And never been remastered. Last print of that cd was in 1992. Sound must be dreadful compared to a Blank & Jones original master release.

The 12″ of “One Of The Living” is another 12″ that desperately needs a proper cd release. Criminally not included on the “Private Dancer” deluxe edition release. Real shame. Gorgeous song that needs to be released in it’s full 7’35” (Special Club Mix). The 4’56” Dub version would be great too!! May be on So80s 12.

Larry Davis

Well…that’s a Device song (Holly Knight’s later 80s band) and the production is as ace as their lone album “22B3″… A 12” on CD would just kill…

Charlie Shine

Hello Piet! Is there any chance to include in some compilation the Special Extended Club Mix of the song ‘Madonna’s Eyes’ By Jayne Collins which was produced by Frank Farian under the Hansa Label and was a big hit in Germany and has never been released on CD until now, except for a Japanese compilation called ‘Disco Disco Disco’ from 1989, but I ain’t sure if it is from the original master tape. Thanks in advance for your reply!


I very much second that emotion … ;) love that song!

Geoff C

Yes, please keep pursuing the ABC collection! So many mixes still unavailable. Very much looking forward to the new collection and thanks for all your comments, Piet! I will order that Formel Eins collection soon so I don’t miss out!

Stephen K.

I’ve waited decades for Vanity Kills (The Mendelsohn Mix) to get a digital release. Fantastic job! Of all the commercially released UK remixes, I think that was THE ONE that most needed to appear. Followed by the obscure 7″ b-side mix How to Be a Billionaire.

I can’t recall off the top of my head, but either the Nickel and Dime Mix or the Bond St. Mix was an edit of the Wall St. Mix. I think the Nickel and Dime Mix was the one. I don’t know if it was entirely edited from the longer mix, or if it had any unique sections to it.

Oh, and we still don’t have the Accapella mix, do we?? We really need another (another!) deluxe re-release of How to Be a Zillionaire! Or of course, a Blank and Jones ABC compilation. Never give up the dream!

Does anyone know the source of (How To Be A) Trillionaire (Harajuku Mix) that showed up in 2005? Was that an unreleased mix sitting archived in a vault, or was that a new mix that was made?

Daniel ( from Berlin )

hi stephen
i have following mixes of “zillionaire” in my collection.
maybe it helps you.
( the nickel & dime mix is a different mix not an edit )

how to be a millionaire ( 12” bond street mix ) 6:06
how to be a millionaire ( 12” wall street mix ) 7:32
how to be a millionaire ( 12” nickel & dime mix ) 7:32
how to be a millionaire ( 7” instrumental $$$$$$ ) 3:35
how to be a millionaire ( original 7” single version ) 3:31
how to be a millionaire ( 12” a-capella version ) 3:30
how to be a billionaire 3:37 ( complete different dub )
how to be a millionaire ( new single + album edit ) 3:35
how to be a millionaire ( harajuku mix ) 3:36
( re-release germany only bonus track – i think that mix was not newly mixed – it is a combination of only synths and vocals )

be near me ( 12” munich disco mix ) 5:28
be near me ( 12” ecstacy mix ) 4:45
be near me ( munich disco mix edit ) 5:00
what’s your destination 3:37
be near me ( re-recorded version ) 3:52
( using the original elements plus new drums )

ocean blue ( 12” atlantic mix ) 5:10
ocean blue ( 7” pacific mix ) 3:38

tower of london ( 12” extended mix ) 5:58
tower of london ( 12” instrumental ) 3:38

vanity kills ( 12” the abigails party mix ) 5:09
vanity kills ( usa mark stent 7” single remix ) 3:34
vanity kills ( 12” usa mark stent extended remix ) 5:38

+ judy’s jewels 2:01
+ fear of the world ( in cinemascope ) 4:41
+ megamix 8:54

there was also a promo only version of the album
with different edits and guitars completely absent from side two / tracks 6–10
this would be interesting to have ! has that promo any user here ? maybe piet blank ? ;))


Hi Daniel
how to be a millionaire ( 7” instrumental $$$$$$ ) 3:35 – is this an official mix? I thought all 7″ editions had the Billionaire dub as the b side?

Martin replied to a Tweet of mine saying he is thinking about doing a Lexicon musical. He did like my tweet though requesting a remix collection.


Another vote for a Super Deluxe Edition of How To Be A… Zillionaire!

There are no less than 6 versions of HTBAM: Bond St, Wall St, Harajuku, Nickel & Dime, $$$$$ and Billionaire. Last 3 have never been on disc.

Be Near Me has 3: Ecstasy Mix (only 1 obscure CD release), Munich Disco & What’s Your Destination (instrumental)

Vanity Kills has 3 : USA, Mendelsohn, Abigail’s Party.

Plus remixes for Fear of the World, Tower of London… so much material.

Seriously why has this not happened? It feels like a no-brainer.


Hi Piet, I don’t know all the songs. But I will still buy this to support you guys, hoping the next one will have more the ones I like/know. I’m a fan of Climie Fisher, ABC, Spandau Ballet, etc. So I’m pleased to see theirs are here.

Perhaps some ideas: So80’s Climie Fisher, So80’s Martika, So80’s Wham, etc


Pre-ordered. And I LOVE hearing the stories behind the licensing issues and dealing with the tapes, Piet. Keep ’em coming!

To suggest my favorite 80s remix(es) not on CD yet (that aren’t by humongous stars you’d have to pay a fortune to license), any chance you could look into the extended versions of either “Lights Out” or “Oo-Ee-Diddley-Bop!” by Peter Wolf? (Couldn’t hurt to ask, right?)

Thanks again!


No Peter Wolf remixes have ever appeared on CD, even though Lights Out was a pretty big hit (at least in the US). There’s also Come As You Are, in addition to Oo-Ee-Diddley-Bop. I assume they’re lost or something since so many more unknown remixes have appeared on countless compilations.


This selection looks good. I live in the US. And was hoping some of those tracks that we’re not remastered very well from the earlier series (but we’re remastered again but unavailable to US) I was hoping some of those newly remastered tracks might be included on these new releases. (Hungry Like The Wolf, Certain Things Are Likely…. the poor remastering makes those previous releases unlistenable)

There is not many songs on this new so80s release that I’m familiar with but look forward to exploring it.


Piet, please don’t let the ABC project die! It’s badly needed and much deserved. The Nickel & Dime mix of HTBAM was released only on the North American 12″. Am I correct? Did it show up on any offer subsequent UK/European 12″?

Master is most likely collecting dust in a warehouse somewhere in the US. I’m willing to dig for it!


BE.D 12"

Yes Piet, I meant just those artists you mentioned and others such as Fun Fun, The Creatures, Miko Mission, Valerie Dore, Martinelli and so on, from Full Time records, Energy , Discotto and other ones You already know.
Many Thanks.

BE.D 12"

Hi Piet,
I’m from Italy and I’m hoping to see one day some Blank & Jones So80s
with 12″ from the Spaghetti-Dance era in a great audio-quality (from masters).
Only You can do it. There are so many gems.
Regards and Respect.

piet blank

BE.D 12″ – hm…what exactly do you mean with “spaghetti-dance”? i remember that we were looking for some masters from baby records and they really has nothing in their archive. only vinyl rips…so for gazebo, we had to look in the ariola archive in germany…i know that we did get a master for gary low (“i want you”) from the original producer for so8os 7, but we did not use the song in the end…


Thank you so much Piet for these excellent discs of rare remixes again. Always a huge highlight for me. I so hope you will continue to release these the next couple of years. You are the only one who releases these and its pivotal the rare mixes get out to the fans before they are lost forever. I’m particularly excited about ZZ Top’s Sleeping Bag, The 12″ was sadly not included on the ZZ Top box set. So glad that the extended version of “Be Free With Your Love” is finally out on CD. The only extended version of Spandau Ballet to be released I believe is “Raw”.
I hope you will consider including Dub Mixes going forward. You included some on Volume 9. There are so many and so worth listening to.

Too bad the ABC artist collection didn’t work out. I hope you are not giving up on artist collections. They have been excellent. Keep it up guys, many thanks and deep respect!

piet blank

thank you kauwgombie for the kind words…i have to say that reading all these encouraging comments really rewards for the “hair raising” moments while dealing with rights owners, archives etc…one should think that releases like this are welcomed with open arms as we eearn them money which they otherwise would not, but that is so not happening ; )
anyway, finding the ZZ TOP master was really an oddysey…warner finally found one in the US…it had two little bumps, we tried to repair them as good as possible…the sound is amazing…very powerful…yes, the spandau mix was on our hunting list a long time…even justin strauss, the remixer of the song, whom we contacted did not have a master anymore…well more in the liner notes…THANK YOU for your feedback!


The Extended version of “Be Free With Your Love” was issued on cd in 1989 on a Brazilian cd called “Remix Hits”



For your ABC project, did you by chance get “How to Be a Zillionaire” (Nickel Dime Mix)? That is my favorite ABC remix of all time and it has never been on CD….

Thanks for all your efforts!

piet blank

hey craig, that is the only master we still needed…we searched all european universal archives. next would have been the US archive…but sadly it never went any further…maybe it was because the wanted to have a clean floor for the lexicon of love II last year…don’t know…we might try again in 2018…


Thanks for the reply! My guess is it is in a US vault somewhere…it was only on the US 12″ single.

Hopefully Martin will be more open to it again next year!


There’s some nice stuff on there. However a 3cd set like the previous ones would’ve been ideal. Maybe they couldn’t find appropriate remixes or masters therefore it’s only 2 discs?

Daniel ( from Berlin )

oh i forgot:
can you tell us which masters you have transfered of ABC or is it a “master-secret”?

Daniel ( from Berlin )

hi piet of blank&jones
thanks for the new good compilation! ( especially ABC is a real treasure for me ).
have you ever tried to become the promo only “heaven’s children” extended mix
by culture club ? it should be the third single from the album but was dithdrawn.


There’s always something on these sets which I hadn’t heard before but now enjoy greatly. BTW, Paul, any idea what shipping to the USA will turn out to be?

Larry Davis

Great news about finding a box of Kajagoogoo…sorry about ABC…and wasn’t there supposed to be a Kim Wilde artist collection?? That would be killer…thanx…

Larry Davis

Only a 2CD set?? Why not 3 like before?? BUT with the booklet notes in English AND German?? Any possibility of getting the previous 10 volume notes in English as well?? Kind of a pain to have to use a translator as I do not speak Deutsch…no offense, u guys are awesome…


Hi Larry,

to be fair you have to say that Vol.1 to Vol.7 technically were also 2-CD-sets with the bonus of one mix-CD each. Only Vol. 8 to Vol. 10 really have 3 CDs of different tracks.

And as to why only 2-CDs this time, i’m guessing that the guys would have to wait several months longer before releasing this if they’d try to clear ten more tracks for it.

Larry Davis

Ah, so in reality, per year. B&J would release 5-6 double CD sets over 2-3 triples?? I would take that trade…and the megamix CDs are cool but only 1 listen deals…the utterly ACE “Formel Eins” collection has a “megamix” CD as well, but that one has songs NOT on the 2 “unmixed” discs…like Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean”, which is a rare licensed track by the Jackson estate…so that one is a unique title in the Blank & Jones catalogue…

piet blank

yes, that “formel eins” so8os was released on the sony label. so they have some extra tricks when it comes to their own label releases…that is also why we try to team up for artist comps with major labels…we had such a beautiful tracklisting for talk talk in the beginning…incl the italian “it’s my mix” album…but it was denied by artist….yes, if you don’t have that “formel eins” so8os, try to get it as the license expires next year and sony will delete it for sure…


Ughhhh….I’m gutted Piet! I would have loved you to put out a Talk Talk release. To have “It’s My Mix” on CD (finally!) would have been fantastic! However, it’s no secret how Mark Hollis feels about some of the band’s earlier work. Thanks for trying, though!

mark e

no WIN 12″ versions :(
one day the WIN debut album/12″ versions will get the TLC it so deserves.

Darren H

Love so80s, what’s been great for me is discovering loads of stuff [usually non UK hits] on these compilations and remembering loads of great stuff I’d forgotten. I was disappointed when the continuous mix disc was dropped but still love them.

piet blank

yes, darren, we loved doing the non-stop mix as well…but due to a change of licensing process for mixed tracks (in the mix) is was impossible to continue with it on cd. we still do the mixes for each release and give them to radio stations. usually we post the air date upfront, so you can prepare for recording ; ) if you know a radio station we can approach, let me know…in the meantime, you can enjoy the “so8os 10” non-stop mix here: https://www.mixcloud.com/blankandjones/so8os-10-mix/

Darren H

Great! Thanks so much for that.


Very slightly off-topic but have you ever considered stocking the 4″ anti-dirt, anti-scratch, anti-static, anti-dust (to quote the packet) CD inner sleeves for those of us that don’t want to scratch the discs getting them out of the card sleeves or backing sheets. That has been my only disappointment with the King Crimson box sets. They are rather expensive to buy by pack but surely should be much cheaper to buy in bulk and sell in smaller quantities.
That would be such a great service for SDE readers…


I see all the artists come here to comment on the SDE website Paul. Keep up the good (no, excellent) work my friend!


Hi Klaus

Thanks for the information! will also searching on Medimops.
….and lucky you (-:

Saar Freedman

Well Piet, to be honest “Last Christmas” (Pudding mix) is already overused on so many compilations that I, for once can and would totally accept a “so Christmas” with that one missing, if that is the only obstacle. :)


Piet, thank you especially for Climie Fisher. Is that the ‘ballad’ extended please ? I note there is a long version of Mental Block on the photo, can we have that next :) can I also ask if the ABC mix is rare and first time on CD please?

piet blank

hello mike, yes, that julian mendelsohn mix of abc’s vanity kills is a cd premiere. we were actually working on a complete so8os abc artist edition two years ago with universal germany…sadly it never happened due to many internal industry reasons we don’t really know/understand…anyway, we had some masters transferred already, so we wanted to share it with you anyway…sadly it looks like the abc artist edition is not likely to happen…

Saar Freedman

PIET, Will you ever release your exclusive kim wilde remix that (if memory serves) was a bonus digital only on vol3? It really desrves a physical release
And hey- a bit of room on cd1 here;) hint hint

piet blank

thank you very much for the kind words…”kids in america” was my very first single at the age of 10…of course i was madly in love kim as well…so getting the chance to work on that tune was pure heaven…as emi was sold back then, somehow everything fell apart…not even sure if universal knows that they own the mix ; )
it was released on the CD though: back in 2011 we did the “RMX” series for EMI…it also includes some other great rare mixes like the mark ronson mix for lovelight or the amazing eric prydz mix for pet shop boys…not to forget the great moby mix for omd…check it out:

Larry Davis

Interesting… That RMX series…they are only single discs?? And about a So80s Kim Wilde collection, is one coming or did that fall apart too??

Saar Freedman

Wow, was totally unaware this RMX series existed. Snagged Vol 1 and vol 2 on the amazon. de marketplace, these are also on the way towards becoming extinct it appears:)
so glad to have your Kids in America remix on CD. and Yes, we were all hot for Kim wilde
who can resist the Love blonde era.:) although she was soon eclipsed by my biggest 80’s crush : that title is definitely reserved for Belinda Carlisle.

Saar Freedman

Well at least pretty much all of Kim Wilde’s 12″ versions were curated on the Edsel and MCA reissues ( Up to “close” anyway…) although they probably did not enjoy the Blank& Jones tender loving care remastering approach… but I think they are all there , with the exception of the extended “Rocking around the Christmas tree” [With Mel Smith , AKA the other Mel&Kim]

Piet – if you ever plan a so 80’s Christmas compilation make sure to include that one ! I think there would be a good market for a blank&Jones So Christmas compilation don’t you think? and I can think of plenty festive 80’s hits and misses that had a 12″ version and can fill up that sock :)

piet blank

@saar: great that you found it. it was quite an exciting project to do the RMX series back then…
re: your christmas idea: we wanted to do that already 4 years ago, but had to learn that universal and sony keep on blocking each other with the two 80s classics “last christmas” and “do they know it’s christmas” at least here in germany…so we thought without these two essential 12″ mixes it is really not worth to dig deeper….


I love these So80s collections and have most of them on CD, but would love for them to be released as hi-res downloads.

The ZTT album (which was in hi-res) sounds absolutely fantastic and is one of my reference recordings to show off my various players. Is this because this one was “re-built” from the master digital files that allowed it to be done in hi reps and if so, any plans for any similar such recordings ?

piet blank

hey chris, you guess is right: as we had the original parts of all ZTT tracks we started building them from scratch with todays technology. so we were able to record everything in the highest possible bit rates. with the old analog masters it is quite difficult to create “real” hi res…plus we get all 22 tracks from different sources….
thank you for your kind words on the sound of ZTT album…it was really the most exhausting project we ever did….but a dream come true for us : ) still very proud of the result years later….glad you play them from time to time…


Thank you for taking the time to reply to us minions on sites like this Piet Blank! You’re input on forums like this are much appreciated! Super Deluxe Edition – The site the artists comment on!


Hi Piet hope you also will find a box of so80s vol. 5 (-:


Hi Sören,

it can be worthwhile to keep looking for it on various re-seller sites, I waited ages (at least that’s how it felt) but was lucky enough to get one in really great condition on medimops.de for about EUR 15 a while ago.


I was always hoping for a so80s release Pet Shop Boys or Yello. But to say it in the words of Nazareth “Dream on” ;-D
Nice to see a Yello song on this one!

piet blank

yes…and it is the super rare version with the extra verse from billy mckenzie…originally only on the hmv limited edition vinyl…yello went to the archive and found the master for us!

John Lloyd

It’s comments like that that deserve a ‘like’ button on this site – until then, it’s a “big up” from people who approve musical endeavours and archival effort! (Still not convinced this set is for me, tho.)

Paul Chapman

that’s great to see, were you not putting together a Yello so eighties a while back?

piet blank

yes, but again…the catalogue was re-licensed to universal…plus the band decided to do new music…so somehow nobody was really into it…except us ; ) but we are on very good terms with the guys…maybe after their tour and live dvd etc…we will remind everyone for sure : ) the most needed thing when it comes to these kind of releases is PATIENCE : )


So pleased to see a promo edit of ‘Working in a goldmine’ appear ta last. I’ve often hoped that someone might put together a compilation of never-released-on-cd or rare 7” versions and promo edits in a similar vein to this amazing so80s series. Have you ever been tempted Piet?

piet blank

yes…as we are also fans and collectors we were so disappointed with the mess of the edsel deluxe of “love”…the mix up of the sax version…(reminds me that i never got a replacement disc)…but this “DJ Version” was always our favourite…so here it is courtesy from the archive of warner music japan…PS: the song is soooo good!


Interesting to see they have Forever dancing by the Beloved (originally on the Flim Flam label). Does this mean we can expect to see some other Beloved reissues in 2018? Maybe a reissue of their early Flim Flam material (including the excellent unreleased album), plus maybe a super deluxe issue of Happiness (surely long overdue)?

piet blank

yes, that track was on our wishlist forever! it was one of those “magic moment” records when we first heard the 12″ in the late 80s…a bit like new order – indie mixed with pop/electronica…jon marsh was kind enough to license the track to us personally. maybe this leads to more…let’s wait and see if anyone is interested in the early stuff…the later recordings are of course owned by warner music…
PS: one small nerd fact: we were able to repair the “skip” in the track at around 6:40 min just before the piano solo. i was on the original master, as you can re-listen on the original vinyl pressing as well…


For those interested in other releases by Blank & Jones you can order a copy of the long-deleted “So80s”-Kajagoogoo-CD via their own website for EUR 20 at the time of writing (I guess they found a box of those in the attic).
Also interesting and well worth listening to is the (so far) only “So90s”-3-CD-compilation they did, which their site offers for EUR 10.

piet blank

yes, we saw the crazy prices for the kajagoogoo so8os on the web like discogs…so we digged in our archive as we always purchased a few boxes of cds from emi back in the day when they were released. we had many requests for that release, so there it is…but please accept that we only sell one per customer. multiple orders will be canceled to keep “scalpers” away…


Unfortunately they do not ship outside of the EU (i.e. not to Canada) so no way to get a copy of Kajagoogoo unless someone knows a way to make this happen. Paul, maybe you could agree to order some and make it available via your shop and I can order both it and So80s 11.


Another Canadian that’s annoyed with NO Shipping to this beautiful country


How about a vinyl version of this with selected tracks?


Will there be a digipak version like the othes in the series?

Mario Andretti

CD1 65:49 and CD2 76:03

Why ?

Stephen smalley

Pretty decent collection of tracks I don’t have as mixes. For me it’s worth it for the picnic at the white house screamix as I have been searching for that for years! Mixed by hulls own disco mix club dj Paul dakeyne. You may have heard his awesome mixes such as the Sigue Sigue sputmix and blue Monday re ordered!

Matteo Leoni

The ‘Screamix’ of We Need Protection is not the one made by Dakeyne (that is available on the b-side of “East river” 12″) but a remix made by Ian Grimble & Ralph P. Rupert.
I’d love to have the Dakeyne’s marvellous mix on cd too..


I assume you mean 5 january 2018 instead of 17? Otherwise we would have had this great looking set already ;-)