WIN a set of Aztec Camera reissues

Win a set of Aztec Camera deluxe reissues


Edsel records have this month reissued all the Aztec Camera back catalogue, producing a set of six quality casebound book deluxe editions. All the albums include bonus tracks, with half the set delivering extra discs with remixes, B-sides and live tracks. 107 tracks in total. Full details and track listings can be found here.

YOU CAN WIN all six album reissues, Hard Land, Hard Rain; Knife (not pictured); Love(2CD); Stray(2CD); Dreamland(2CD) and Frestonia by entering our Aztec Camera competition! To enter simply follow the instructions below. The competition is open to all.

To be in with a chance of winning the Aztec Camera deluxe reissues simply:

  • 1. Subscribe to the weekly SuperDeluxeEdition newsletter – click here.
  • 2. Leave a comment below – maybe why you’d like to win?
  • 3. Head over to Edsel’s Facebook page and give them a ‘like’.

Simple! If you already ‘like’ Edsel, and/or already subscribe to our newsletter, than it’s even easier, simply leave a comment below. When leaving a comment, please enter the same email address as used to subscribe to the newsletter.

GOOD LUCK! A winner will be selected at random on Wednesday 3 October 2012 and informed via email. The winner will also be announced on this blog.



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Antonio Fabbri

already done on fb wall…

John Elliott

I need these because I’m too poor to buy them. Also, too ugly!

Rafael Jimenez

I love Aztec Camera/Roddy Frame from the first Postcard single.
Yes, I’m that old!

Alejandro Mayol

I would love to win because I really like Aztec Camera’s music from long time already, it’s an elegant Brit Rock style, really first class music.

Alfonso Saez

“Love” is the first vinyl I remember to buy for myself when I was a kid. I can´t remember the reasons for this choice (Aztec Camera wasn´t a hit in Spain…), but it was touching, I discovered REALLY the beauty of music, the greatness that a tune could bring, listening to this album once and another. So it would be kind of the close of a circle to have Aztec Camera sounding again at home now that I have two childs who are starting to ask what´s on my stereo!!!!

Michel Drolet

I have a radio show in a community radio (it’s voluntary work) where I play this kind of music…we reach 75 000 people a day on average, a really nice way to promote these (and other) re-issues…and Aztec Camera are a really great band who should get more airplay everywere!!!
Thank you!!

Ian Ryder

Well, I’ve already bought two of them (High Land….& Knife, if I win give those two to someone else), would love the rest. Have been buying Roddy’s music since the Rough Trade days (didn’t quite get on the postcard train), lovin’ Edsels reissues, Suede, JAMC, EBTG, McCulloch etc. Roddy’s solo stuff has been great too, especially ‘Winter Haven High’ from ‘The Reason For Living’ single set, up there in my all time fave tracks. That’s it really, would also love for those Postcard tracks to be collected up with maybe some early demo’s etc…..


I am very pleased with these deluxe editions. May this be the beginning of a Roddy Frame revival. Well done, Edsel!


shame, can do 2 of them but as not on facebook and never wish to be, cant complete the third… have pity please!


Love the Aztec Indian culture & taking pictures so this band is PERFECT for me! Can’t wait to catch up on their back catalogue….


The album I started with was Dreamland. “How sweet to fly/ To touch the sky”. Really really love the book look of the reissues.


I deserve to win as I met Roddy at an Unbelievable Truth gig at LA2(London.)Obviously this gives me extra hipster points and as I was the first to recognise him at the show deserve the walkover win:)
Thanks for the opportunity to win this great looking set of reissues.

Juan Luis

I’d love to win this!!!!!!!

Sean O'Brien

I loved the pop of Aztec Camera’s first couple of records. Then Good Morning Britian blew me away combining their deft lyrics with political urgency. This made me a fan for life.

will rodgers

would love to have these!


Has any record sounded as fresh and hopeful as “High Land, Hard Rain”? These reissues look truly beautiful.


Its funny how men are, they can be so oblivious but somewhere in my heart I know that all I need is everything (by Aztec Camera that is).


Seriously awesome. Aztec Camera are my fave band ever and even though I’ve probably already got all the extra tracks in one from or another, great to see them all coming out again in CD quality. Excellent!!


High Land, Hard Rain is an all-time classic album. No more need be said.


I remember going nuts for Good Morning Britain back in the day and it was one of the first 7″ singles I bought. Would love the chance to explore more of their work.

Gary Betourne

I love me some Aztec Camera!


I love these records, particularly Stray and High Land, Hard Rain. I REALLY want to have these…


Latter day fan. Would love to hear the early stuff.

Ian balentine

I am old enough to have been around when these came out on vinyl, and I always thought that Aztec Camera, along with Orange Juice and the Jazz Butcher, we’re the holy trinity of quirky, ’80s singer songwriters. Plus, I have never been able to find these albums as I live in north America. So give a yank a break, eh?

Yu Yi

For Aztec Camera ,I have never try their music before.But recently found their albums on web,so it’s interesting thing to hear new music from an old group.And i also like the new packaging for these 6 ablum packages.


Would it be a good reason to win the competition the dozens of hours and hundreds of euros I spent searching and buying some hard-to-find Aztec Camera’s releases on eBay through the years? Because I still remember that 1985 US-only 10” I finally didn’t get after a tough bid with, probably, somebody from above. Anyway, this release has made my day, so I’ll be happy anyway if I don’t win…

Steve (Louisville, KY, USA)

Well, I’ll throw my name in the hat.
Love the page, love Aztec Camera. Thanks for giving these re-issues some coverage!


Oh if I had a pound for everytime I enter one of your competitions and win hee haw :-( it hurts even more when it’s a ban I love like Aztec camera, being a Scot and living near where roddy frame hails from it would be amazing to win these reissues and take me back to my youthful tearaway days :-)

Iain McCarthy

Despite the somewhat 80s production, High Land Hard Rain is a complete classic!

Brenez Alain

I’d like to win as I was a big fan of Roddy Frame’s music in the 80’s and remember his humour at one concert in Brussels when he covered a Van Halen song.


Roddy Frame was a magical songwriter!


I can’t wait to hear them!


Oops. This is actually the email I used for the newsletter!


I had been planning to make my way through the Aztec Camera catalogue and then found out these were coming. Have yet to pick them up and would be terribly glad to do so…


i never win anything.


Oh, to hold these in my hands…


I’m not getting tired listening to and admiring the EBTG re-issues by Edsel. That said, the boy wonders if paradise is (half as nice) the release of this batch of Aztec re-issues. Somewhere in my heart I know all I need is everything of this incredible band to accompany me on my walk into winter. I’ll jump from pillar to post and even spanish horses if I should be picked. Not in the least because oblivious is obviously the best song of the 80’s!

Vince Williams

I had already liked the Edsel page as they have been bringing out some great stuff recently, looking forward to this set!

Eric Van Rysdam

Any of you planning on buying High Land Hard Rain, prepare yourself for a really nasty digital glitch on track 15. It’s on the master they used so all CDs have it. Thankfully, it’s a remix of Oblivious and not one of the songs on the original album

Maybe this site could look into this?


Never understood their greatness, or Roddy Frame’s for that matter.
Maybe it’s time to re-evaluate?

Barry Delve

I’d like to win because Love was the first CD I ever bought, back in 1987…

Mikael Tjarnhammar

These albums mean alot to me! I’ve been loved, dumped, drunk, happy, sad, all this and more to the sound of Aztek Camera

Raymond Hovey

I love Roddy Frame!

Mike Smith

These re-issues look fantastic, it would be amazing to win a set of them.

Stanley Murgolo

These look great! Edsel does a great job!

dave parker

Love those records and thanks for turning me on to the EDSEL page!


would love to own these —my vinyl copies are worn out!!

Jim Brady

Even if I dont win these, I will be buying them. My cassettes are long ago won out.

Will Johnston

Great comp!


I like free stuff

Darryl Jayson

I am interested in re-listening to a great band (Aztec Camera) from the 1980’s.