Black Friday Music Deals on 25th Nov

More Black Friday Deals, on the day itself! This post will be updated, added to and refreshed throughout the day!

Note: Time-limited ‘flash’ deals will return quickly to a higher price when it reaches 100%, so if you don’t see the price you’re expecting, that is probably what has happened!


germanyflag  The Who / My Generation 5-disc super deluxe – £59



germanyflag  Marc Almond / Trials of Eyeliner (10CD box) – £56


R.E.M. / Out Of Time / 25th Anniversary Deluxe Edition

germanyflag  R.E.M. / Out Of Time super deluxe – £34



spain_flag  Bruce Springsteen / The Album Collection (VINYL) – £119 £82



germanyflag  Pink Floyd / The Early Years (27-disc box) – £340


The Kinks / Mono Collection vinyl box

italyflag2  The Kinks/ The Mono Collection (vinyl box) – £120



UPDATE: germanyflag  Bob Dylan / The 1966 Live Recordings (36CD box) – £76



ukflag  Gillan / The Vinyl Collection (Amazon exclusive) – £80.00 now £45.99




spain_flag  The Rolling in Mono / / 15 CD box set – £83


Kate Bush / Before The Dawn 4LP vinyl

germanyflag  Kate Bush / Before The Dawn (4LP vinyl) – £43




spain_flag  Ramones 40th anniversary super deluxe – £30

Led Zeppelin / The Complete BBC Sessions super deluxe edition box set

spain_flag  Led Zeppelin / Complete BBC Sessions (super deluxe) – £78



italyflag2  Nina Simone / The Phillips Years (7LP vinyl box) – £69



italyflag2  The Rolling Stones / Sticky Fingers (super deluxe box ) – £55



DEALS you may have missed (now finished):

italyflag2  U2 / iNNOCENCE + eXPERIENCE super deluxe – £66 (time-limited deal)


David Bowie / Who Can I Be Now? 1974-1976

spain_flag  David Bowie / Who Can I Be Now 1974-1976 VINYL BOX – £134



spain_flag  David Bowie / Who Can I Be Now 1974-1976 (12CD box) – £72



spain_flag  Bruce Springsteen / The Ties That Bind (4CD+3DVD) – £48



italyflag2  Sting / The Studio Collection (11LP vinyl box) – £85



franceflag  Jean-Michel Jarre / Electronica 1 & 2 collector’s box (2CD+2LP etc) – £68


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tried the r.e.m link seems that you can not order to the uk :(

Chris Squires

Just raided the german Vinyl store for 190 Euro

The Phil Collins Take a look at me now Box is quite a bit cheaper than the UK store and so are the individual albums… also as David says above Sign o the Times at 13e

David Scott

Some good deals on Prince vinyl on Amazon Germany.
Purple Rain 11 euros, Controversy 11 euros and Sign of the Times double a stunning 13 euros. Happy hunting.


The Beatles’ Mono Box CD set is available right now at its cheapest price of 87.20 Euros over at Amazon.de:



It was Ebay (UK). There have been some really cheap Immersion’s on there recently. I guess demand is less now a few years on, so prices have softened up.


I keep a look out


Hey Joe,

DSOTM and WYWH Immersion boxes currently both available at Burning Shed for 62 GBP each. Adding p&p you’d come to about 70 GBP for one of them, 135 GBP for both.

I own all three of them (incl. The Wall) since “jpc” here in Germany sold them about a year ago for about 60 EUR each and i can assure you they’re not only useful if you like to play with marbles…


Not a Black Friday deal, but I have picked up a new sealed PF DSOTM Immersion box tonight of ebay for £55 inc p+p. So I am happy bunny.


Which site did you get the DSOTM, thanks

Simon F

Well I got the Gillan box set and it arrived at lunchtime today just under 24 hours after ordering so well done Amazon! I am, as they say, “chuffed”.


Amazing! Having only ordered Before The Dawn vinyl from Amazon Germany yesterday afternoon, it arrived this morning!


My order of who, Lou reed and R.E.M. Box sets from Amazon.de arrived today! Less that 24 hrs after ordering now that was fast! Saved 40£ and got it in 24hrs which is excellent. Though proving what the lord giveth with on hand he takes with the other I got hit up by our friends at parcelforce for 40£ import duties on the soundgarden box set. So I end the weekend evens I guess!


I’ve received orders from Amazon.de and Amazon.it within 24 hours. The only logical explanation is that the orders are fulfilled by Amazon.co.uk


Black Friday has been a total damp squib across the board…I think people have realised it is a worthless exercise in fake discounts. I am pleased about that as it is just cultural hegemony from US multinationals disguised as business.

Tracey Spivey

I grabbed the REM “Out of Time” box set from Amazon.de. Seemed to be a pretty good price. Thanks Paul!


uk site i meant


Thanks Paul for all your hard work i managed the Zep and the sabbath pus the bowie
Was waiting for all of them so a good score for me thanks to your site. All in all a very poor show for the amazon site .


I see the Blossoms album is the only Lightning Deal today advertised at 38% off £7.99 later today. Bought it earlier this week from Amazon for £4.99. Interesting to see if it reverts back after “the deal”.

DJ Boji

Hi to all The music lovers. Currently Amazon Germany is granting a 20 % discount on Most of The music releases. It’s worth checking. I was happy to See most of my items in my wish list discouted already and bougt some. This Applies to CDs, Vinyl and boxes.


have you a link please I don’t see 20% discount

Mark Carroll

My copy of Who Live At Leeds (£12.99) came today.. Many thanks for that Paul !

Chris Squires

Thanks for the day’s fun Paul. It was a bit of a damp squib, certainly in the UK.

My haul was the Springsteen Vinyl set from Spain and 5 Vinyl’s for 10 Euro each from France which weren’t necessarily Black Friday deals, but I wouldn’t have noticed if someone hadn’t posted here.

I hovered on the Sting set in my basket twice but went against it as I only like the first three…

The UK selection on deals was frankly pathetic, if Jack Savoretti can’t shift an album after two weeks in the same bargain bin then it just ain’t gonna happen….


Yeah pretty poor overall. Missed the Bowie vinyl so opted for the CD and then grabbed a few or right vinyls for £10 from Amazon Fr

Dean T

Wow..my who box set is due for delivery today..coming from uk Amazon not German..didn’t expect that …like a puppy at a window right now…


@Dean T, I don’t think you will be disappointed. The biggest surprises to me are the great sound on the stereo MG album and also the demo’s disc, outstanding stuff.

Stan Butler

Knock a couple of quid off an old ELO compilation and stick it up as a deal. Well done Amazon UK. Not so much Black Friday, more Bargain Bin Friday. At least the other countries made a fist of it.


And relax Thanks for all your good work Paul


This deal hasn’t been listed above and some may be interested in Kylie Minogue PWL Collector’s Edition for all 4 Box Sets. Were £29.99 each, Now 4 for £100 (£25 each) plus Shipping. I would love to buy these myself, but with shipping to Australia at £45, it is almost half the actual price of buying all 4.

Paul Kennedy

Thanks for the heads up on The Who box set …..That’s my Christmas present sorted…..just have to act surprise when the kids hand it to me on the day……

Paul Soper

If only I got commission for every Who box sold after I posted the link here as a heads up, maybe The Pink Floyd box would be a more reasonable price! :)

Donal Murphy

The Sound Of Vinyl, have some good deals still going.
A few that caught my eye:

REM 7″ IRS Singles Box for €49, also some of their vinyl lps for €15
Genesis Vinyl box Set 83-98 for €64
Roxy Music – Comple Vinyl Studio albums for €113
Trainspotting – Orange Double Vinyl , sold out on most websites, still here for €27
Grace Jones – 4 lp War Leatherette € 62


Gary Hunter

Regards music this Black Friday has been a complete washout, not found a single thing worth getting……


Ramones box set now GBP 28,67 plus shipping in Germany:


Kate bush Before the Dawn is presently for sale on JB HiFi website in australia for $44.98. About 26 pounds. An unbelievable figure for vinyl in australia. Not sure shipping costs to Europe but great for us expats.

Dean T

Just nabbed the who box set ….had this on the list but cancelled to make way for pink Floyd ..
But a good price ..cheers Paul …


Kate Bush-Before The Dawn 4LP for 49,95€
Pink Floyd-Meddle LP 13,99€
german Amazon knows how to enlight my Black Friday

But don’t blame Amazon.co.uk
Got my confirmation today that they shipped the Who-Live At Leeds 3LP Box for the bargain of 15, 77 € :-)

Paul Soper

The Pink Floyd Early Years box is £353.29 including shipping on base.com (I’ve used them many times – very reliable).


Amazon.de looks good right now, just got the who set, also Lou reed box set up at 95 euros and out of time deluxe 4 disk set at 40 euros, all three for £180GBP, so essentially got out of time free when compared to U.K. Amazon. Just imagine if we had noted voted out of EU, could have been another 30£ cheaper again!

Simon C

The Who box a great deal from Germany, thanks for the update! U.K. Amazon has been very poor, kicking myself for missing Temple of the Dog 40% off a few days ago on U.K. Amazon. A lightening deal that was there disappeared and then I missed it!


Very good price for the Elvis Complete Collection on Amazon France at the minute – €127

Charles Hodgson

It’s after half-five now. Nowts going to happen with Amazon.co.uk now, is it?
Truly pathetic.
Nearly everything they have is cheaper from Marketplace Sellers these days. And they have to pay for the privelige of listing on there. It’s the old Stagecoach business model. Undercut your competitors and force them out of business. Then raise your prices.


Not one penny have I spent on this years UK Amazon Black Friday deals. After trawling through the first few pages of utter crap I gave up. It would be interesting to see this years sales figures compared to last years.


I agree, I haven’t bought anything either, last years was much better.


I don’t who your source was a few weeks ago, but that Dylan box set is clearly not that limited at all!

Justin Isbell

I came across an interesting article from the ‘Rolling Stone’ site from 17 Oct.(http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/inside-bob-dylans-massive-new-36-album-1966-live-box-set-w444654).

It read, quote….’Unlike other recent archival Dylan packages, this one is not a limited set. Early sales have been extremely strong. (Amazon UK sold out of their entire 1,000 box allotment in a single day.) “We’ll make more of them if the marketplace demands them,” says the source. “They won’t be available digitally. It makes it very confusing if you go to Bob’s iTunes and see the same show 35 times. But the Royal Albert Hall show will become available digitally and every other way.”

So not limited at all now. Still glad to have bagged mine though, from Italy, at a good price (and my wife didn’t mind). Also agree with everyone else’s comments that the UK Amazon has run a really crappy Black Friday (at least in terms of music). Got a nice screwdriver set for £20 though :-)


‘Nothing Has Changed’.

RRP is the equivalent to a wet shower blanket, to be avoided at all costs, but at large never the less.

Black Friday my fkin arm.


donna summer: the cd colletion boxset = 37 pounds (amazon UK)


JLS for 1 pound – still a rip-off! :D


The Bruce Springsteen box on the Spanish Amazon is the regular DVD version (as opposed to the Blue Ray), correct? My Spansh isn’t what it used to be but I cant find the words Blue Ray anywhere.


I think we’ve been spoilt by Paul. We’ve been that used to getting bargains all year that we’re getting blasé about the offers today. Thanks again Paul.


I’m being thick but how do you select the free postage option? Trying to order Before The Dawn vinyl on Amazon Germany.


Thanks. I wondered if something like that might be the case. Still a good deal even with postage though!

David Scott

Amazon Germany does free postage to some nearby countries if order is above a certain amount, 29 euros I think. I doubt this extends to the UK though.


Agree the UK is very poor Just noticed Springsteen Chapter and Verse starts at 12.14PM for Prime members so deals not confined to Black Friday perhaps? I also noticed Lazurus only went back up to £9.99 after deal ended yet was a reduction from £12.99 when deal was live


Germany isn’t much better… only if you really want to buy those Scorpions deluxe editions that they now try to sell for the 3rd time during this Cybermonday week (and last week).

Simon F

As far as Amazon UK is concerned this has been a really piss poor Black Friday so far. A whole heap of rubbish on their site. The only thing that grabbed my attention was the Gillan vinyl albums collection @ £45. Might go for that. Remember the fun last year? You dared not leave your computer for a second in case you missed something, and I ended up with the excellent When Slade Rocked The World set. What’s gone wrong in the UK this year? Hardly any lightning deals or anything else. I blame Brexit.


Agree Amazon UK piss poor for music indeed, just like that Prime Day boll&cks

David M

And the pound has plummeted since last year …


That Slade box set you mentioned is now 95.99€ on amazon.de


Phil Wilson

Dylan has ended on Spain website, but now live on Italy, same price (12.57)


A few more price drops on amazon.de:

New Metallica Album 3LP&CD deluxe box 52,79€

Pink Floyd – Meddle LP 13,99€

Black Sabbath – The Ultimate Collection 4LP 29,59€

Rammstein Vinyl Box 215,20€


Any suggestions on how to handle website problems. I had Bowie and Zep at low prices. I went to purchase and the Bowie had jumped back up (I don’t think it had timed out). I deleted Bowie and then tried to purchase again. It wanted me to buy Bowie (Zep was gone). Bowie was now slightly above Paul’s price above. I bought Bowie and then tried to rebuy Zep. No luck, at 100%. Any idea who I could contact? (I took screen grabs if it helps.)

Justin Isbell

Thanks Paul. I went for the 36-disc Bob Dylan from Germany and cancelled my 2-disc UK order. It should work out about £72ish (when taking my cancelled order into account). Now to gently break it to my wife that I’ve ordered 36 CDs as my Christmas present :-)

Justin Isbell

Brilliant… just cancelled my German order and re-ordered from Italy. Now about £62ish :-)


What a black Friday … for national product. Wasted a lot of time chasing after gone deals. Now 11 Sting vinyls for 99 Euro are mine. Bought it out of frustration after missing the Bowie vinyls ;-)


ok, good that you mentioned as I didn’t know that the similar items would be later on sale at some different Amazon with the same kind of deal prices. Will keep on looking here often.